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Well… I guess it turned out OK. I am NOT crazy about the fit in the shoulders. I am not a linebacker, people.. LOL I maybe have a little extra (OK, A LOT extra) fluff to me but it’s not in my shoulders! LOL Well, maybe a little bit but not THAT much. 😉

Anyway, the pattern was extremely easy. Easy to follow, easy to sew, easy all the way around. If you are looking for a retro pattern to start with this would be the one I suggest. The bodice is fully lined so it makes it much easier. No rolled hems! 😉  The fit is great everywhere (EXCEPT THE SHOULDERS).

I really like the fabric I used. I like the way it feels and they way it “took”, if you know what I mean… LOL  I will definitely be making this one again in the future. And next time I will know to add a couple of darts! 😉

I wish the pictures would show the colors better. :/ That yellow is awesome with the red flower detail!! LOL

Here, this shows the fabric better –


And here is the dress actually on me. (Cringing at pictures of myself.)


Yep, I have the ARMS of a linebacker, just not the shoulders. LOL!!

Snot!! She didn’t get my shoes in the shot!! I got them FREE from Sears and I ❤ them!!!




Tonight I will be working on something for c1. I have no idea what to call it… Maybe a skort all??? Just a skort? A dress/skort with a vintage feel?? Maybe you can help me with the name tomorrow. I’ll be putting up a tutorial for it. 😉

This is fabric I’ll be using-

I hope it turns out the way I have it in my mind…. LOL

And that the cats leave me in peace… SNORT! That will never happen! Who am I trying to kid?????

So, what are YOU working on??? Leave me a comment!


Comments on: "Retro Butterick ’53 5708 Is DONE!!!" (11)

  1. Actually, Stacy, I like it much more on you, than on the hanger.
    And you do not look like a linebacker in any way. 🙂

  2. I want to make this dress. I am worried about the fit though, plus I do not know what type of fabric to use. I will let you know if I actually get around to it.

    I am still fighting with the Colette Jasmine pattern. I am hoping the arms fit. In my hurry to finish it (it’s a UFO) I did not check the arm holes.

    • I would use something woven for sure. I don’t think knits would hold the shape well.
      It fits VERY well except for the neckline/shoulders but I am going to put in a couple of darts and that ought to fix it right up. I was worried about it the whole time because it just looked so low and wide… Seems I was right… LOL
      Good luck with the Jasmine!!! Fingers crossed!!
      And DEFINITELY let me know if you try this one out!!!

  3. The dress turned out great and I agree, it looks much better on you than the hanger. Seems to me from what I can see you have a very vivacious and curvy figure and supple shoulders, lovely!

    The bouquet print looks lovely too, can’t wait to see the finished result of that one also.

  4. I love the look of the 2 tone top (and you were worried about your oops, lol!). It turned out very nice, and like the others said, looks better on you than on the hanger:)

  5. punkmik said:

    Love the fabric combination! And it is a very cute summer dress! 🙂 I have joined a sew along for a shirt or wrap dress but I am making a shirt dress in a simialr fabric to yours. 🙂 just gives it that retro summer feel!

  6. I love the dress.Looks great on you.. [ dont look like a linebacker ,at all..]
    I cant wait to see what the other fabrics are going to be..All of it , is so pretty..
    You are sewing soooo much and so fast.. And you have only been sewing a few months..
    I am so impressed.. Happy sewing.

    • Thank you SO much, Judy!!

      It came as a complete shock to me how fairly easy sewing has been for me to learn. But ALWAYS learning more… LOL It must be the genes… Both my grandmothers were wonderful seamstresses. 🙂

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