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Easy McCall’s M5135

Yep, I’ve been playing with PicMonkey… LOL

Easy is right! LOL It was SUPER easy! Very easy to follow instructions and the pieces went together very well. Except the sleeves… Now, that was probably my fault since I lined the top and it called for bias tape…. Oh, well, I like the lace ties and so does c1! 😉

BUT I am not that crazy about the gauchos… I’m thinking I should have chosen a less busy print for THAT MUCH pant…. LOL Live and learn… LIVE and LEARN! 😉

If I were to rate this one I would give it 5 of 5. It was simple and easy. The only issue I had (besides the sleeves) was that the pattern ink was soooo faded that I could barely make it out in some parts. And I bought it brand new! :/ Not sure what was going on there. If it had been a harder pattern that really could have made a big impact.

Today’s my busy day. Pay bills (BLECK) and do the main grocery shopping. Fun, exciting stuff there… Yawn. I also started a swap game over at PaperbackSwap. If you have’t stopped in to check the site out, you really should. They have TONS and TONS of books. Even books about crafting and sewing! And if you are a homeschooler PBS is a DREAM resource! I have even found Abeka there! Yes! And Saxon math!!! Seriously!!!

Today is also the day I start on THIS!!! 🙂


Still a little scared of it, though… ALL those buttons and that collar!! YILES!!!! Heaven help me!

But after that, maybe this??? It looks simple and easy. And yes, it says EASY on the pattern! LOL


McCall’s M6313 – thinking about the dress……..

With this fabric????

Not sure…. What do YOU think???

And somewhere along the way I REALLLLLY need to make those purses and pjs….. LOL

I’ve also been thinking about making another gingham jumpsuit but in green this time! 😉


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