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Worm Unit Study with FREE Printables!

worm unit study




***FREE*** Notebooking Pages (made by me) –

wormnotebookingpagesstacysewsandschools   and   wormnotebooking2stacysewsandschools


As with all my units, I try to add resources for a variety of ages.

The books can be found at your local library, Amazon or Paperback Swap.

The printables are free unless otherwise noted.



worm books















































worm kindle














worm printables



***FREE*** Notebooking Pages (made by me) –

wormnotebookingpagesstacysewsandschools   and   wormnotebooking2stacysewsandschools


Earthworms Unit and Lapbook – Homeschool Share

Worm Coloring Pages –

Worm Worksheets – Buglife

Worm Classification Cards 

Worm Coloring Pages and Worksheets – Worm Farming Revealed

Worm Journal Pages and Activities – Spell Out Loud

Worm Classification Picture Cards – Ellen J McHenry 

Earthworm Lapbook and Activities – Lapbook Lessons

Earthworms! Mini Science Project

$$$ – Earthworm Investigation Unit – Teachers Pay Teachers

$$$- Worm Nomenclature Cards

$$$ – From Currclick

Earthworm Mini Study

Earthworms! A Fun Study!

Earthworms – Speedy Lapbook



worm online


Worm Unit and Activities – STEM Mom

What Do Worms Like to Eat? –

Wiggly Worms – A to Z Home’s Cool Homeschooling

JELL-O Worms – Squidoo

About Edible Worms – Squidoo

Diary of a Worm Lesson Ideas – Squidoo

Life Cycle of a Mealworm – Squidoo

Annelids Info – Squidoo

Earthworm Montessori Unit – Homeschool Den

National Geographic Kids

Worm Facts – The Adventures of Herman

Worm Activities and Crafts – No Time for Flashcards 

Worm Unit – No Doubt Learning

How Earthworms Work

Animal Planet

Discovery Kids

Worm Activities

Learn About Earthworms

Worm Crafts 



worm other


How I make worm pudding cups and worm cupcakes. (I wish I had taken a picture.)

Usually I make these every year for Halloween.


For the pudding cups-

JELL-O Cooked Pudding (I usually use 2 packages but there are 7 of us!)

1 Package of Oreos – crushed

2 Bags of Gummy Worms

Make the pudding as directed and poor into plastic cups.

Add the crushed Oreos on top.

Now add your worms. (If you want worms in with the pudding, mix them into the JELL-O)


For the cupcakes –

1 box of chocolate cake mix

1 container of icing

cupcake liners

2 packages of Gummy Worms

1 package of Oreos – crushed


Bake the cupcakes as directed.

When cooled, ice as usual then roll the tops in the crushed Oreos.

Take a straw and insert it into the middle of the cupcakes. This will remove a small section.

Poke a Gummy Worm into each hole.




Wild Science Worm Farm

Earthworm Life Cycle Stages

Worm Vue Wonders


I was a bit disappointed that I couldn’t find more on worms. SIGH… Oh, well… Maybe I will make some more printables before we get to this theme. If I do, I will be sure to share them! 😀







Pirate Unit Study with FREE Printables!

(graphic – The Graphics Fairy)


I am still planning away and I still have TONS to do. I have barely scratched the surface with Joshua and Deanna! YILES!!! Cailey’s is maybe 1/4 done and Colin’s is more than 1/2. With Colin I plan on using Easy Peasy All in One Homeschool for math and reading. For science, history, geography and animal studies, he will be following along with Cailey. 

After I get some more concrete ideas for Joshua and Deanna, I will share them here. Joshua is going into his senior year and Deanna is going into her junior year. My goodness!!! These kids grow up so fast!! MAKE THEM STOP!!!!

Here are the things I have found for a study of pirates. Most things are free and the books can be found at your local library, Amazon or Paperback Swap.

I try to provide resources for a variety of ages. Sometimes it’s easy and sometimes it’s not! 😉

For this study I made some notebooking pages. All the graphics used were free. I used to make notebooking pages for the kids all the time but I sort of got away from it for a while.

My FREE  done

MY FREE NOTEBOOKING PAGES –  piratenotebooking2stacysewsandschools     AND    PirateNotebookingPagesStacySewsandSchools (some of the clip art comes from The Graphics Fairy)

BOOKS blog pic done

(the book covers are clickable links)




















































Kindle Books Blog pic done

(some are FREE)




























Pirates books by Charles Rivers Editors – a large list of Kindle books about individual pirates



Printables blog pic done

MY FREE NOTEBOOKING PAGES –  piratenotebooking2stacysewsandschools     AND    PirateNotebookingPagesStacySewsandSchools (some of the clip art comes from The Graphics Fairy)


Pirates connections – Homeschool Share

Pirate Lapbook – Homeschool Creations

Pirate printables and crafts – DLTK-Kids

Pirate coloring pages – First-School

Pirate printables –

Pirate printables – Making Learning Fun

Pirate printables – Busy Bee Kids Printables

Pirate printables –  2 Teaching Mommies

Pirate printables – Fleece Fun

Pirate coloring pages –

Pirate printables – 1+1+1=1

Pirate unit study – The Home School Mom

Pirate coloring pages and crafts – Squidoo

Pirate lapbook and notebooking – Dynamic 2 Moms

Pirate Pre-K Pack – Over the Big Moon

Pirates coloring pages – Fantasy Jr.

Pirate coloring pages, crafts and lesson plans – Crayola

$$$ Pirate Lapbooks and Notepacks – Hands of a Child

$$$ From Currclick:

Pockets of Time – Pirates Past Noon

All Pirates: A Fun Study

Pirates Bundle

History Scribe – Age of Discovery

Pirate Tales



Online Resources blog pic done

(crafts, activities, info, games, fun links etc.)

Ahoy Mates! A Pirate Unit Study – Squidoo

How to make a treasure chest – Squidoo

Pirates Past Noon – Study Guide – Squidoo

A to Z Home’s Cool Homeschooling


Craft Jr.

National Geographic

The Kid’s Window


Lesson Pathways

Busy Bee Kids Crafts

Pirate Timeline


other ideas done

Hobby Lobby and The Dollar Tree often have pirate themed items very cheap!

Treasure Chest Cakes –   one     two   three

Pirate Costume DIY –   one   two   three

Pirate movies for kids –   Kids TV Movies     and     Common Sense Media




Upcoming units –


Simple Machines


And possibly some grammar printables



This was my first time making notebooking pages to share. I used to just make them one at a time… I hope it works out! LOL Let me know if there’s a snag, please! 🙂





Back to School Sewing Round Up




It’s about that time!!! Even though we homeschool, we still need to get ready for that time of year. For some school starts NEXT WEEK!! CRAZY!!! Thankfully, as a homeschooler, we can decide when our school year is as long as we have 180 days! And I don’t plan on starting for at least a few more weeks, probably not until after Labor Day!!!

Anyway, I have had school stuff on the mind lately and I want to make a lot of stuff for the kids this year.



Back to School and Back to You – 25 Sewing Tutorials – 


Here is a round up of ides for all ages – Shop Martingale



Here is a list of free tutorials and patterns for back to school from About. Com Sewing


Back to School patterns  – Sew Thankful


Another BTS round up – In Stitches


BTS Sewing Tutorials – The Crafty Mummy


More BTS Sewing Round Ups – A Sewing Journal


As far as my own tutorials go, I have:

The D Bag (draw string backpack)

Book Covers

Plus I have TONS of clothing tutorials!  Just click the tutorials tab at the top of the page! 😀






Fly on the Wall ~ July


It’s that time, again!! YIPPPEEEE!!! Fly on the Wall!!! Thought up by the marvelous Karen at Baking in a Tornado!


Welcome to a Fly on the Wall group post. Today 12 bloggers are inviting you to catch a glimpse of what you’d see if you were a fly on the wall in our homes. Come on in and buzz around my house.



Buzz around, see what you think, then click on these links for a peek into some other homes:


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                               Sorry kid, Your Mom Doesn’t Play Well With Others




This month I decided to do something a little different…. Just a little. As you may know Jacob, our oldest son, has moved back home! YAY!!!!!! And since then we have dredged up a bit of an old family tradition. We call it “The Music Game”. In The Music Game, The Hubby will play a song and the rest of us have to name the band and the song title, extra points if you know the year. We do songs from almost all genres and spanning at least 6 decades. The older kids LOVE it and the little ones love to listen along.

So, if you were a fly on the wall at my house over the past month, here are a few songs you might have heard.




























Hope you had fun!!!! These are just a few of my favorites that we have heard while playing The Music Game! 😉

It definitely helps with the kids’ musically knowledge. Maybe one day I will do a list of their favorite classical pieces. LOL

Don’t forget to check out all the amazing bloggers on the list!!!!





Mexico – A Country Study

I am starting to plan out the next school year for Cailey and Colin. SHEW!!! I have A LOT to do!!!! We are still a little behind on our units from last year due to all the moving but no worries! 😉

Here is another country study!

As always, I try to incorporate things for all ages! Most of the books can be found at your local library, Amazon or Paperback Swap (I ❤ Paperback Swap).  Most of the printables are free unless otherwise mentioned.









(The pictures of the books are clickable links)











Lapbook – Homeschool Share

Coloring Pages – Squidoo

Printables –

Printables and Crafts – DLTK-Kids

Printables – Activity Village

Notebooking and Mini Books – HS Launch

Printables – abc teach – some free

Printables, Lesson Plans and Activities – Teacher Planet

Printables – Homeschooling

Coloring Pages, Lesson Plans and Crafts – Crayola

Countries of the World Activities and Copywork – Mexico – Currclick – $2

Expedition Mexico – Amanda Bennett Unit Studies– $8.95





Learn About Mexico City – Squidoo

Fun Facts About Mexico for Kids – Squidoo

Lesson Plans and Crafts – A to Z Teacher Stuff

Crafts – Craft Jr.

Unit Study and Lesson Plans – Homeschool Creations

National Geographic Kids

Mexican Music – Squidoo

Time for Kids – Mexico

Fun Facts About Mexico for Kids – eHow

Mexico for Kids – Kathi Mitchell

Facts and Links – Kids Konnect

Mexico – eThemes

Traditional Kids Games from Mexico

Mexico Montessori Unit – Montessori Moments 

Craft Ideas – Walking By the Way

Lesson Plans, Games, Activities – Mr. Donn



SHEW!! There you go! That ought to get started! 😉










What I’ve Been Reading

000000_owl cute vintage image graphicsfairy004c2


Clip art courtesy of  The Graphics Fairy


Yesterday I told you how we are down to one computer. That’s left  A LOT of down time for me… I SHOULD be sewing or planning the next school year but I’ve been reading instead. LOL We now have the best library system that I have EVER seen, and I have seen a lot. I am taking full advantage of it and reading books that have been on my wish list for a very long time. Well, I’ve also found a couple of new books that I didn’t know about.

Here’s a list of the books that I have read in the past week.



NOS4A2 by Joe Hill

WOW!! If there was ever any doubt that Joe Hill was Stephen King’s son, it would be gone before the end of this book! I compared it to a mix of It and Christine but I think I would also mix in ‘Salem’s Lot. Major creep fest!!!




His Majesty's Hope

His Majesty’s Hope (Maggie Hope, Bk 3) by Susan Elia MacNeal 


This is the 3rd in the series (the 4th isn’t out yet BOOO).  If you like history and mysteries, then this series if for you! It is SOOOOO addictive! Set in WWII, Maggie Hope must solve some serious mysteries while protecting the British empire.



The Body at the Tower (The Agency, #2)

The Body at the Tower (The Agency, Bk 2) by Y. S. Lee


Another historical mystery and another female lead. This one is set in the Victorian Era and is NOT your average YA novel. LOVE this series!!!!




Supernaturally (Paranormalcy, #2)

Supernaturally (Paranormalcy, Bk 2) by Kiersten White


This is the 2nd in a YA paranormal series. It’s not your typical YA. It’s very funny and suspenseful!!! Very intelligent. A lot of YA authors dumb their books down. I think that is a HUGE disservice and LOVE it when a YA author passes on the dumbing down.



Glory in Death (In Death, #2)

Glory in Death (In Death, Bk 2) by J. D. Robb (Nora Roberts)


This is the 2nd In Death book written by Nora Roberts as J. D. Robb. In the 1st book you are introduced to Eve Dallas in the year 2058. Eve is a tough as nails police detective with a heart of gold and a haunting past. Not to mention the flaming hot Rourke!!! 😉




The Diviners (The Diviners, #1)

The Diviners by Libba Bray

This is a book that I found by accident. LOL I LOVED Libba Bray’s Gemma Doyle series so when I saw this sitting on the library shelf I grabbed it right up!!!  I’m only about 100 pages in but I am already CREEPED completely OUT!!! LOL  I can’t wait to see where it goes.


After that I have a LONG list just sitting and waiting. The hardest part is figuring out which one to read next! LOL



I seem to have lost some of my creativity lately. Not sure what is going on. I need some inspiration, people!!!!! LOL






Busy Summer!!!

WOW! Have we been BUSY!!!! We’ve had more company and we’ve been checking out our new city more. We’ve gone to 2 block parties and back to one of our favorite places!


Block Parties 2013 001 Block Parties 2013 002 Block Parties 2013 003 block parties 2013 006


These are pictures from the first block party! My goodness it was hot last week!!!


Block Parties 2013 007 block parties 2013 008


And here are pics from the 2nd block party!

The kids had a lot of fun and we think we’ve found our new church! 😀


block parties 2013 011 block parties 2013 017


We also went back to the World’s Fair Park. The kids love it there. We took Jacob up in the Sunsphere. He thought it was cool. 😉 Then we hit the fountains. Last week was a broiler so they really needed a place to cool off. 😉



Another reason that I have been so quiet is that we are done to one computer! YILES!!! HEEEEEEEEEEELP!!! Our desktop is acting crazy and has been going out on us, this time it’s been 6 days!!!! We think we have a loose connection and have been trying to find someone to look at it for us.




Never Cut Your Patterns AGAIN!!!

Have you ever had a pattern that you thought you would use more than once and for different sizes??? Well, I have found a simple solution to NOT cutting the pattern!!

When I was making the monkey pajamas for my friend Lisa’s granddaughter, I knew that I was going to use that pattern again later for Cailey. Lisa’s granddaughter needed the smallest size and Cailey would use the largest size. What to do????

Here is my idea.


Patterns 001


Iron out your pattern (not like the picture LOL). Place it over ironed paper and put down paper weights (I usually use my owl figurines).  Take a Sharpie (or other marker) and trace the pattern lines.


Patterns 003


The marker will bleed through the pattern tissue and leave very good markings on your paper.

I used left over packing paper but you can use any kind. If you need bigger pieces than what you have, just tape them together on the back. Dollar Tree used to sell brown paper for packages, that would be perfect!


Patterns 006


Write the number on each piece and any of the instructions you think you will need. I am going to go back and write the pattern name and the size on these so I will remember. 😉


There you go! Never cut into a pattern again!




When a Book Takes You Hostage


Have you ever been taken hostage by a book?? From the first sentence you are hooked. You can’t put it down and when you are forced to put it aside, it stays in your mind. You can’t stop thinking about it. You feel as if you KNOW all the characters like you know your friends.

THAT is how I feel about Ken Follett’s  first 2 books in the Century Trilogy. I was hooked by the first one, Fall of Giants  and Winter of the World just kept my obsession going.

Once you start the Fall of Giants, you are on a whirlwind adventure, going back in time to just before WWI. In Winter of the World, the adventure continues, taking you to just after WWII. You see the ins and outs of everyday life in those times from the points of view of several members of families from Russia, England, Wales and the US. You see the points of view from coal miners, maids and the upper crust.

You are drawn in as much from the politics and fighting as you are the characters’ stories.

I absolutely cannot wait for the next in this series, Edge of Eternity. Unfortunately I will have to wait until the end of next year! WAH!!!!!!

I was taken hostage by Winter of the World on Wednesday and was just released this morning. LOL SIGH…. I guess now I can go back to regular life. 😉


Speaking of regular life, I have decided to make some cosmetic changes on the blog. See allllllllll of those blog buttons on the right side??? Yeah, I plan on taking most of those down. Most of them are from linky parties that I participate in. Bloggers are always trying to get new readers and linky parties are supposed to be great ways to do that, in theory. What usually happens is this: you link up your outstanding post to the party and it’s supposed to draw people to your site, generating new followers. You are supposed to click on other people’s links and comment on their posts. This rarely happens. What really happens is this: you link up your outstanding post and it gets lost in all the other outstanding posts. Very few people actually visit someone else’s blog. You don’t really generate new readers. SIGH…..  So, while I am cleaning up the side over there, I will also be looking for new and better ways to try to expand my readers. Any ideas??????

I will be leaving some of the buttons up. There are a few blogs that I feel I have a genuine friendship with the blogger and I will be leaving those up. 😉



Secret Subject Swap – July – Take One

Welcome to Take One of July’s Secret Subject Swaps. This week, 12 brave bloggers picked a secret subject for someone else and were assigned a secret subject to interpret in their own style. Today we are all simultaneously divulging our topics and submitting our posts.

Here are links to all the sites now featuring Secret Subject Swap posts.  Sit back, grab a cup, and check them all out. See you there:

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Evil Joy Speaks     

My subject is “If my life were a cartoon..    ”.  It was submitted by Just a Little Nutty .  Here goes:

If???? What do you mean IF???? My life definitely resembles a cartoon!!! Or at the very least, a screwball comedy. 😉

Here is my interpretation of my life in cartoon.

Funny mom cartoons

Hilarious Stressed Mom Cartoon Image Joke

Funny cartoon kids not me parenting

Yes, my life is definitely a cartoon…..

PLEASE check out all the AWESOME blogs!! You will be sure to laugh yourself to death! 😉


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