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Fast and Easy Fab Mod Dress Tutorial


The Fab Mod Dress


Here it is! A new tutorial! 🙂


What you will need –

1 yard of fabric

2 buttons

Double fold bias tape

Scraps of coordinating fabric (for pockets)


Measurements – child’s chest, length for armholes and length of dress






Step 1 – Remove cats from fabric!!!



Step 2- Fold fabric 1/4 width of chest +1/2″. Fold going into a slight slant. (The dress is slightly A-line.)




Step 3 – Cut length, width and neck line



Step 4 – Cut armholes



Step 5 – Take front dress piece and  place over folded fabric. Cut back piece while using front piece as a guide.  You may want to pin it.



This is what you should have.



Step 6- Remove cat from your work area!





Step 7 – Take your scraps and find something to use as a guide to cut them in the shape you want them to be. Well, I guess you could just eye-ball it…. LOL  Cut 4.



Step 8 – Pin 2 pieces together and sew up 3 sides. Do the same to the other 2 pieces.

Turn right side out and press.



Step 9 – Turn down 1/2″ from the top and press.




Step 10 – Figure out where you want to place your buttons on the pockets. Sew the buttons on.


Step 11 – Pin the pockets on the front and sew the 3 sides.





Step 12 – Place the front and the back right sides together. Pin the tops of the dress and both sides. Sew them together.  Press your seams.




Step 13 – Open your bias tape and pin it around the neckline and armholes. Sew it in place and press.




Step 14 – Turn a 1/2 over on the bottom, press and turn it in another 1/2″. Press and pin.  Sew your hem and press again! (I pressed the whole thing one more time.. LOL)


Now you are DONE!!! You just made the Fab Mod Dress!! 🙂



I hope this was easy to follow! Let me know if you make it! I would love to see it! 🙂






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