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Polar Bear Unit Study Resources



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I promise that one day I WILL get back to sewing. I miss it so so so so much!!!! SIGH…….  I need The Hubby to put some shelves over my washer and dryer. Then I need a new machine. I think this last move was the last straw for my old one!


ANYWAY!!! February 27th is Polar Bear Day!! I put together a list of resources for you!


As always, I try to include resources for a variety of ages. All books can be found at your local library, on Amazon or Paperback Swap (you should really check out this link).

All printable resources are free unless marked with $$$.

Let me say that I am NOT affiliated in ANY way with ANY companies. I don’t get a dime for you clicking over to Amazon or CurrClick or any other site. I am just trying to put together as many great resources as I can find to give you and me plenty of options. ;)

Also, you really don’t HAVE to use books with most of these units. I always provide links with information about the topics. But the books are always too fun to pass  up. 😉


books graphic

Product Details


Product Details


Product Details



Product Details


Product Details


Product Details


Product Details


Product Details


Product Details


Product Details


Product Details


Product Details


Product Details


Product Details



kindle graphics

Product Details


Product Details


Product Details


Product Details


Product Details


Product Details


Product Details


Product Details


printables graphics

Lapbook – Homeschool Share

Lapbook – The Schroeder Page

Notebooking Pages – Look We’re Learning

Notebooking Pages, Coloring Pages, Activities – Activity Village

Coloring Pages – Best Coloring Pages for Kids

Coloring Pages – Hello Kids

Coloring Pages and Crafts – DLTK-Kids

Coloring Pages and Worksheet – One World One Ocean

Coloring Pages, Crafts and Activities – Making Learning Fun

Coloring Pages, Worksheets and Activities – Animal Jr.

Magic School Bus Polar Bear Patrol Lapbook – Yee Shall Know

Polar Bears Past Bedtime Unit Pack – Teachers Notebook

Printable Mask – Nick Jr

Printable Polar Bear Tracker Unit – Polar Bears International

Printables for a Diorama – First Palette

Printables and Activities –

Printables and Activities – Kids Soup

Printables, Arts and Crafts Ideas, Lesson Plans – Crayola

Puzzles, Mazes, Activities – Print Activities

Puzzles and Word Searches – A to Z Teacher Stuff

Worksheets and Printable Activities – Kidzone

Worksheets and Activities – TES




Teachers Pay Teachers  (Some FREE)



online graphic


Activities – Preschool Homeschool

Activities and Crafts – Preschool Express

Crafts – Artists Helping Children

Crafts – The Crafty Crow

Crafts – Danielle’s Place

Crafts – Spoonful

Info –

Info – Discovery Kids

Info – Nat Geo

Info – Science Kids

Info and Pictures – Arkive

Online Activities – San Diego Zoo

Polar Bear Cam – San Diego Zoo

Units and Lesson Plans – Polar Bears International

Video – YouTube – polar bear cubs

Video – YouTube – story “The Little Polar Bear”


other graphic


Colin's Polar Bear


Here’s a picture from the last time we studied polar bears. We used puffy paint made from one part shaving cream to one part school glue.

I drew the shape of a polar bear and he filled it in with the paint. Then he made paw prints with the paint brush.


Polar bear Cupcakes

These are the polar bear paw print cupcakes that I made. I used Thin Mints for the big part and Junior Mints for the small parts.






Squirrel Appreciation Day – Resources

squirrel appreciation day



Squirrel image – TheGraphicsFairy

I had written up a unit on penguins for Penguin Awareness Day (tomorrow) but then I realized, so had everyone else! LOL Do you really need another one? Probably not right now. So, I decided to go ahead and post the one I did for Squirrel Appreciation Day (January 21st). I haven’t seen any of those yet! LOL

The thing is, a lot of bloggers do the same theme around the same time. Right after I posted the one for Winter Olympics, I saw dozens of others. DRAT!! If I had waited just a little longer I could have added them to my list! LOL The same with the penguins. I had my list all written out when I started seeing all the others. Now I’ll just wait until the rest are done, add them to my list and post at a much later date. LOL Turn it from Penguin Awareness Day to just a study on penguins. 😉

I am at a loss as to what to do about the Iditarod unit. It has been really hard to find a lot of resources for it. Do I wait and see if any more come out? Or do I post it soon? Hmmm….


As always, I try to include resources for a variety of ages. All books can be found at your local library, on Amazon or Paperback Swap (you should really check out this link).

All printable resources are free unless marked with $$$.




books graphic


Product Details



Product Details



Product Details


Product Details


Product Details


Product Details



Product Details



Product Details



Product Details



Product Details



Product Details



Product Details



Product Details

One of our favorites


Product Details

Another favorite


A lot of the above books are also available for Kindle but are probably cheaper in paperback.


kindle graphics


Product Details


Product Details


Product Details



Product Details



Product Details



printables graphics


Lapbook – Homeschool Share

Unit Study and Printables – St Aiden’s

Coloring Pages – Animal Place

Coloring Pages, Crafts, Worksheets and Activities – Twiggle Magazine

Coloring Pages, Crafts and Worksheets – DLTK-Kids

Coloring Pages, Crafts and Worksheets – Activity Village

Coloring Pages, Crafts, Worksheets and Clip Art – Scholastic Printables

Early Learning Printables – Making Learning Fun

Printable Craft – Learn Create Love

Printable Activity Pack – Nature Detectives

Worksheets and Coloring Pages –

Worksheets and Notebooking – A to Z Teacher Stuff

Worksheets and Notebooking – Kidsparkz  (some members only)

Anatomy Nomenclature Cards and Food  3 Part Cards – Montessori Mom



Currclick Items

Teachers Pay Teachers 



online graphic


Activities – Squidoo

Activities – NWF

Art Project – Deep Space Sparkle

Crafts – The Crafty Crow

Crafts – Artists Helping Children

How to Draw a Squirrel – Art Projects for Kids

Info – All Ab0ut Squirrels

Info – Nat Geo

Info – Kids Play and Create

Info and Activities – Kids Discover

Research Activity –






Bat Unit Study Resources

Bat Study Pic

In the days leading up to Halloween I will be posting different resources for a bunch of different studies that you could do. I’m starting with bats and will also try to get spiders, Salem Witch Trials, Romania and Halloween in general up in time.

As always, most of the resources I list are free unless marked with $$$. I try to cover a variety of ages. All the books can be found at your local library, on Amazon or Paperback Swap.

books graphic

The pictures are clickable links.

There is a whole series of these. Bats at the Beach, Bats at the Ballgame, etc.

kindle graphics

printables graphics

Nocturnal Animals Lapbook – Homeschool Share

Stellaluna Lapbook – Homeschool Share

Bat Coloring Pages –

Printable Bat Templates – First Palette

Life Cycle and other printables – Kidzone

Bat Printables and activities – Activity Village

Bat Coloring Page and activities – Classroom Jr.

Bat Printables –

Bat Mini Helper – Currclick (free, even though it’s on Currclick)

Bat Printables and Activities – A to Z Teacher Stuff

Printable and Info  and Bat Info and Activities  – Scholastic

Printable Crafts and Activities – DLTK-Kids

Coloring Pages and Art Ideas – Crayola

Printable Bat Craft  and Other Bat Craft   – Learn Create Love

Bat Coloring Pages –

Worksheets, Lesson Plans and More – Teacher Planet

Bat Activity Sheets  – School Express

Printable Bat Diagram – Vintage Printable

Printables and Info – A to Z Kids Stuff

$$$ – all things below this line are NOT FREE

Bat Nomenclature – Pinay Homeschooler

HOAC Bat Lapbook – Currclick (check the price on HOAC first)

Bats and Spiders Unit Study – Currclick (check the price on Amazon first)

Bat Notebooking Pages, Lapbook and more – Christian Homeschool Hub ($25 a year for unlimited downloads)

online graphic

Games, activities, crafts, etc.

Bat Unit –

Bat Lesson Plans – Bats Live

Bat Crafts – Squidoo

Bat Facts – Squidoo

Wild Kratts – Going Batty and Building a Bat Home

Bat Crafts – Family Crafts

Bat Catcher Game – Zoom

Bat Lesson Ideas – Education World

Bat Info and Activities – Bat Conservation International

Bats! Why Should We Care?

Bat Educational Resources –

Bat Info, Games and Quiz – Bats 4 Kids

Bat Video – Nat Geo

Bats Facts and Videos – Kids Nat Geo

How Bats Work – How Stuff Works

Bats – Animal Planet

Bat Facts – Bat Rescue

Listen to Bats –

Bat vidoes, activites, x-ray and more –

What Do Bats Do in the Winter – YouTube (look over on the right for more great bat videos)

Bat Crafts – Spoonful

Bat Crafts – Artists Helping Children

Montessori Bat Unit – Just Montessori



SHEW!!! There you go! 😀






Elephant Animal Study w/FREE Notebooking Pages

elephant study



My newest unit is elephants! This would go along with the India study very well!

As always, I try to add resources for all age ranges.

All the printables are free unless otherwise noted with $$$.

The books should be easily found at your local library, on Amazon or Paperback Swap.



notebooking graphic




books graphic
















kindle graphics




printables graphics



Elephant unit study and lapbook – Homeschool Share

Coloring pages, crafts, printables and videos – Activity Village

Coloring pages and crafts – DLTK Kids

Coloring pages and activity sheets – School Express

Coloring pages –

Printables, activities, crafts – Scholastic

Printables and crafts – Craft Jr., Classroom Jr.

E is for Elephants printables and activities – Confessions of a Homeschooler

Printable curriculum and info  –

Worksheets and coloring pages –


Currclick –

Elephants! A Fun Study

Elephants – Speedy Lapbook

Elephants – An Animal Unit Study and Lapbook

Understanding Animals – Elephants




online graphic


Lesson plans and crafts – Crayola

Elephant quiz – Squidoo

Elephant info – Squidoo

Indian Elephants – Squidoo

Carnival of Animals – Elephant – Squidoo

Elephant unit study –

Elephant facts –

Elephant info – WWF –

Activities and crafts –

Elephant cam –

Facts, videos, photos – BBC

Facts, videos, photos – Nat Geo Kids

Elephant videos – YouTube

Elephant crafts and activities – Danielle’s Place

Elephant crafts – Busy Bee Kids Crafts

Elephant crafts for kids and adults – Squidoo



Hope there’s enough here to get a great study out of!!







Taking Requests

Since I have been posting units WAY ahead of when we will actually use them and since I had a friend request a theme yesterday, I thought that I would put the request out there! Do you have a theme or unit that you would like some help with??? I am ready to help you out to the best of my ability! Need some notebooking pages? I can make them (I’m getting MUCH better, I promise).

So, what do you need??? Just comment or use the Contact Me button and shoot me an email!

I am always more than happy to help someone out in whatever way I can.

Have any homeschooling questions? Ask me! If I don’t know the answer, I’ll try to find it! 😉

Here are some units that I am working on now –

Simple Machines (tomorrow)

Fireflies (day after tomorrow)


Native Americans


I’ve also been thinking about put up a syllabus of sorts for some of the older kids’ courses this year. Both Deanna and Joshua want to take History of Science. Yep, I’ll be making that one up. LOL I’ve already started a list. Mostly we will be focusing on the scientists from different time periods and their contributions.

Joshua wants to do military history, another off one. 😉 I’ll be working on that as well. He has done some military history in the past but….. Well, some of the kids slacked a bit last year. I don’t blame them. It was definitely a crazy year! But that means that they will be carrying some classes over. No biggie.

I am definitely more of a laid back homeschooler.  I am not what you might call an unschooler, but I am fairly close. 😉

I am NOT a lover of text books… My kids do use them to some extent, mostly for math. I like to do research and I like for them to go deeper into subjects than text books usually go. So, that is why I make most of my own stuff. We use a lot of notebooking, sometimes made by me, and lapbooks, sometimes made by me.

So, any requests??? Any questions???



Coral Reef Unit

Our new science and animal study unit will be coral reefs! Instead of having separate units I am combining this one. 😉


Life – we will be using the portions about fish and creatures of the deep

Planet Earth – the section about the ocean

Magic School Bus Takes a Dive – we will also be using the book by the same name

Finding Nemo 😉


Kindle –

Life Forms In The Sea And Oceans (Kids Fun & Learn Series)

Click HERE

Ocean Animals (Discover Series Picture Book for Children)

Click HERE

Joe Joe the Sea Turtle

Click HERE

The Sea Animals Book - A Smarty-Pants Series Picture Books For Children

Click HERE

Sea Turtles: Amazing Photos & Fun Facts on Animals in Nature (Our Amazing World Series)

Click HERE 

Seahorses! Learning About Seahorses - Seahorse Photos And Facts Make It Fun! (Over 45+ Pictures of Different Seahorses)

Click HERE

Seahorses! Learn About Seahorses While Learning To Read - Seahorse Photos And Facts Make It Easy! (Over 45+ Photos of Seahorses)

Click HERE 

Sea Urchins! Learn About Sea Urchins and Enjoy Colorful Pictures - Look and Learn! (50+ Photos of Sea Urchins)

Click HERE

Coral and Coral Reefs

Click HERE 

Coral reef fishes (First animals)

Click HERE

All of the above books were once free for Kindle. Keep checking back because they will probably be free again! 😉

DK Readers: Fishy Tales book cover  free to read online

Sea Creatures book cover

Watch Me Grow: Turtle book cover

Magazines –

National Geographic Kids – March 2012

National Geographic Kids – May 2010

Ranger Rick – May 2012

Printables –

Coral Reef Unit from Dynamic 2 Moms

Coral Reef Animal Study and Lapbook from Homeschool Share

Coral Reef Coloring Pages

Coral Reef Cards from The Pinay Homeschooler

Learning Pages – Oceans

Coral Reef worksheets from School Express

Squidoo Coral Reef Page

Online Resources –

National Geographic

Videos from National Geographic

Nat Geo Kids Coral Reef Pictures

Reef Life

Crafts –

Fish Crafts and Activities from Brilliant Bundles

Sea Turtle from 3 Dinosaurs

Jelly Fish Art and Write from Deceptively Educational

Sea Animal Crafts and Activities from No Time for Flash Cards

Coral Reef Diorama

Ocean Crafts from DLTK 

I will also be doing a Google search for crafts for any animals the kids seem really interested in. 😉

I hope this gives you a nice starting point! 🙂


The Crazy Things My Kids Do

Ok…. So today we were driving back from picking up take-out, just Deanna, Joshua and me. Joshua starts throwing himself around in the front seat. For a moment I thought he might be having some sort of fit! I ask him, “What the heck are you doing???” This was his reply, “I wanted to know if there was a tractor-trailer that went sideways and was headed for us, would I be able to get my body under the height of the dashboard where I would be safer.” Ummm……. OK…… But he is 6″2″ and 240 lbs……. Yeah…..

That reminded me of some of the crazy and strange things my kids have said and done. And some of the crazy things that have come out of my mouth in reply to the crazy and strange things my kids have done.

For instance, I was chatting away with my cousin one day (Hi, Amy!!) while the older 2 boys were building a fire in our outdoor fireplace. I see Jacob heading toward it with a gas can. He has on ear buds, so I KNOW he can’t hear me. I start yelling to Joshua to tell his brother, “to NOT throw GAS on the fire!” Yeah…. Who would have thought that I would ever have to say that????

Here is a list of things that have come out of my mouth-

“Don’t set that on fire!”

“Don’t duct tape the cats ears!”

“No, cats do NOT like to swim in the toilet!”

“Do NOT glue your sister’s mouth shut!”

“Take that outside to shoot it!”

“Don’t melt that!”

“No, you can NOT shave the cats!”

“Untie your brother now!”

“Who threw your sister’s glasses out the window???” (This was as we were driving down the road!”

“Who cut off the monkey’s tail???” (It was a stuffed monkey, I swear!) (And I found out YEARS later that it was Joshua.)

“No, you can’t shoot your brother in the butt…Or anywhere else!!!!”

“Get that firecracker out of your nose!”

“No, you cannot ride the goat.”

“Guinea pigs do not like to wear clothes.”

“Do NOT grab the snapping turtle by the tail!”

Then there are the things that I cringe when hearing….. Any time a child is in the bathroom, flushes the toilet and says, “Uh, oh!”

Anytime anyone yells for a towel, QUICK!

I also know that if someone throws goop at the ceiling and you don’t get it down right away it will dry like CEMENT! Same goes for silly string. Also, if you spray silly sting in the shape of a smiley face on aluminum siding, the smiley face will stay there even if you wash the silly string off quickly…..

Jacob was 2 yrs old and climbed into the washing machine while it was filling up with water. He has soap suds all over him.

Another time, also when Jacob was 2, he climbed into the dryer and couldn’t get out. All I could hear were his muffled cries of help.

When Joshua was 3 he climbed on top of the washer and got a box of cakes out of the cabinet. He ate EVERY SINGLE ONE.

At Christmas time when the older three were small, I would have to sleep in front of the Christmas tree after we put their presents out to keep them from getting into them. One year when Deanna was 3, Joshua 4 and Jacob 6, it didn’t matter that I was asleep in front of the tree. The little boogers grabbed presents and sneaked out to the garage. Deanna woke me up to tell on them. I go out there and they had already opened several presents. I took the ones that were left in the packages BACK to the store. The other ones I took away and never let them have them back. Rotten, rotten, rotten.

Those are just a FEW of the crazy things my kids have said or done….

Now for some great pictures I have taken over the last few days. 😉

The first few are Cailey and Colin dancing in the falling leaves.

And the next couple are of Cloud, the crazy cat…. LOL

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