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Native American Unit Study (with free notebooking pages)

_Native American Unit Study graphic

(graphic – The Graphics Fairy)

The next in line that I’m planning for is Native Americans. We *might* diverge from our path and study this around Thanksgiving. Maybe….

Our study will focus on BEFORE the discovery of America and just after. Later on when we study the westward expansion, we will study more about Native Americans.

notebooking graphic







As always, I try to add things for a variety of ages.

All the books should be easily found at your local library, on Amazon or Paperback Swap.

All the printables I list are free unless marked with $$$ (and then they should be CHEAP).

books graphic

The pictures are clickable links to Amazon.

kindle graphics

Charles Rivers Editors – Native Americans – a BIG list

printables graphics


Homeschool Share – Connections – Lapbooks, Units, etc.

DLTK-Kids – Printables and Crafts 

Activity Village – Printables and Crafts

Dynamic 2 Moms – Lapbook and Lapbook

Craft Jr. – Printable Mask

Susan Kae – Printable Native American Homes

Squidoo – Lapbook

Cynce’s Place – Squanto Lapbook

Scholastic – Printables, Lessons, Crafts

Apples 4 the Teacher – Printables, Lessons, Ideas, etc. Homeschooling – Worksheets

Teacher Vision

 First Palette – Printable Crafts

Life’s Little Adventures – Notebooking and more – Printable Crafts

School Express – Activity Sheets

Plimoth – Coloring Pages and Activities

Noah’s Ark Homeschool Academy – Printables and Unit Study – Worksheets

$$$ – Currclick

Native Americans Unit Study Part 1  and   Part 2

Native Americans Unit Study


online graphic


Mr Donn – lessons

Crayola – lessons, crafts, ideas

Squidoo – 4 Part Hands on Lesson 

Squidoo – Unit

Squidoo – Unit Study

A to Z Teachers Stuff – Lessons, Crafts

Artists Helping Children – Crafts

Enchanted Learning – Crafts

Teacher’s First – Crafts

Loving 2 Learn – videos 

A to Z Home’s Cool Homeschooling

No Time for Flash Cards – crafts

Adventures in Mommydom – crafts and activities

Busy Bee Kids Crafts

Deep Space Sparkle – Art Lesson Plans

Mr. Nussbaum – interactive map

Native Languages – Info for Kids

Ducksters – Info

Kids Konnect – Info

Social Studies for Kids

Brain Pop

The Crafty Classroom

Discovery Education – lesson plans








Bee Unit Study

Well, I am FINALLY getting better! The crud is nearly gone and the fibro flare is trying to wind down. SHEW!!!!! Now I am busy planning and working on my look for the first sew along challenge of Project Run & Play’s All Stars Season.  YAY!!!!! And that means I should have a new tutorial coming soon!

On to the unit study! 😉

As always, I try to incorporate resources for all ages and most of those resources are either free or cheap. The books can all be found at your local library, on Paperback Swap or on Amazon.





















Honey Bee Lapbook – Homeschool Share

Bee Lapbook – Squidoo

Bee Paper Crafts, Coloring Pages and Worksheets – DLTK-Kids

Bee Life Cycle Printables – Teacher Resources Galore

The First Book of Bees

Bee Worksheets –

Bee Printables – First-School

Bee Anatomy – A Kid’s Heart

Bee Preschool Unit – 2 Teaching Mommies

Bee Notebooking  – HS Launch – scroll down

Bee Worksheets –

Honeybee Lapbook – Hands of a Child – $6

Bees & Wasps Study Starter – Currclick – 50 Cents

Simple Schooling All About Bees – Currclick – 99 Cents

Honeybees Notebooking – Currclick – $1.99

Bees! A Fun Study – Currclick – $1

Bees – Speedy Lapbook – Currclick – $1






Make a Honeycomb – Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational

Bee Unit Study – Lesson Tutor

Bee Info – Bee Magic

Bee Info – San Diego Zoo

Bee Anatomy – How Stuff Works

All About Bees – Buzz About Bees

The Importance of Bees – CC Pollen

Bee Preschool Unit – Squidoo

Bees & Wasps Unit Study – Squidoo

Bee Types – Squidoo

Bubble Wrap Beehive – All Kids Network

Honeybees – National Geographic

Killer Bee Video – National Geographic

Silence of the Bees – PBS Video




Honeybees Life Cycle




Honeybees Drinking Water in Slow Motion





Marco Polo Unit Study


Our next history unit study is on Marco Polo! Here is a list of resources, some free and some low cost. 😉




Who Was Marco Polo?

Who Was Marco Polo?



Animals Marco Polo Saw (Explorer Series)

Animals Marco Polo Saw



The Silk Route: 7,000 Miles of History

The Silk Route: 7,000 Miles of History



Looking for Marco Polo

Looking for Marco Polo



Marco? Polo! #16 (Time Warp Trio)

Marco? Polo! Time Warp Trio



Marco Polo for Kids: His Marvelous Journey to China, 21 Activities (For Kids series)

Marco Polo for Kids



The Usborne Book of Explorers from Columbus to Armstrong (Famous Lives)

The Usborne Book of Explorers



DK Illustrated Book of Great Adventures: Tales of Real-Life Adventurers Throughout History

DK Illustrated Book of Great Adventures 



Explorer book cover

DK Eye Wonder Explorers (read for free on We Give Books)





School Express Marco Polo Activity Sheets

Explorer Unit  – Homeschool Share

Marco Polo Activity Book

To The Orient and Back with Marco Polo Unit Study – Currclick – $3.50

Marco Polo Lapbook – Hands of a Child – $6

At Your Seat Study – Explorers Marco Polo – Currclick – There looks to be 6 in this series for Marco Polo. $1 each






Marco Polo and Leif Erikson Lesson Plans – Squidoo

Silk and the Silk Route Lesson Plans – Learning Through History

In the Footsteps of Marco Polo

Explorers Part 2 – Living Life Intentionally

Let’s Study Explorers – Marco Polo – Lesson Tutor

Marco Polo – Ducksters

Marco Polo Interactive Map – Eduplace

The Adventures of Marco Polo Photo Gallery – National Geographic

Marco Polo Timeline

Marco Polo – Cyber Sleuth Kids

The Marco Polo Odyssey – National Geographic

Marco Polo Lesson Plans, Games and Powerpoints –




Owls Animal Study

For our next animal study we will be studying OWLS!! YAY!! LOL My favorite!

Once again, all the resources I use are either free or cheap. Most of the books can be found at your local library, Paperback Swap, or on Amazon (a lot of them free for Kindle).


Owl Babies: Candlewick Storybook Animations

Owl Babies

All About Owls (All About Series)

All About Owls

The Capture (Guardians of Ga'hoole, Book 1)

The Capture (Guardians of Ga’hoole, Bk 1)

Night Creatures (Scholastic Reader Level 2)

Night Creatures

Owls! Learn About Owls and Enjoy Colorful Pictures - Look and Learn! (50+ Photos of Owls)

Owls – Kids Look and Learn – 99cents – Kindle

A Picture Book of Snowy Owls

A Picture Book of Snowy Owls – $2.99 – Kindle

Owls (Read it book for Children 4 to 8 years)

OWLS – 99 Cents – Kindle

Little Owl's Night book cover

Little Owl’s Night  – read for free at

See How They Grow: Owl book cover

See How They Grow – Owl – read for free at

When Night Falls in Tinga Tinga Tales book cover

When Night Falls in Tinga Tinga Tales – read for free at


Your Big Backyard – Whoooo’s There – October 2010

Ranger Rick – Special Halloween Issue – October 2012


Owl Babies Lapbook – Homeschool Share

Owl Lapbook – Squidoo

Owl Lapbook – Hands of a Child – $7

Owl Coloring Pages

Owl Crafts and Printables – DLTK-Kids

Animal Research Organizer – The Curriculum Corner

Owl Activities, Crafts and Printables –  Activity Village

All Owls – A Fun Study – Currclick – $1

Owl Copywork & Fun – Currclick – 50 cents

Online Resources

Owl Videos on YouTube

Owl Nest Watch

Owl Pages – info and nest cams

Fun Owl Facts for Kids

Facts about Owls

Owl Crafts for Kids – Squidoo

Owl Crafts and Learning Activities – Danielle’s Place

To Buy

Owl Pellet Kits

If you don’t like the idea of REAL owl pellets, Hobby Lobby sells fake pellet kits. The kids LOVED them, even though they knew it wasn’t the real thing. 😉


Spain Country Study


Our next country study will be about Spain! 🙂 Here is a list of resources that we will be using!

All the things we use are either free or CHEAP! Most of the books can be found at your local library, on Paperback Swap or free or cheap on Kindle.




Guide to Spain (Highlights top secret adventures)

Guide to Spain – VERY cheap on Amazon!!!


Spain: Picture Book (Educational Children's Books Collection) - Level 2 (Planet Collection)

Spain Picture Book – Kindle (was free)



Spain. Its history in 1000 words. A great story for children and adults.

Spain: Its History in 1,000 Words – $2.99 for Kindle



Ella and Tom visit Spain. A Bill and Sarah Giles real life experiences for children story book. (4) (Ella and Tom storybooks.)

Ella and Tom Visit Spain – $1.60 for Kindle



Fairy Tales from Spain

Fairy Tales from Spain – $1.99 for Kindle (was free)



The Story of Ferdinand: 75th Anniversary Edition

The Story of Ferdinand



Geography Coloring Book (3rd Edition)

The Geography Coloring Book



Maps to Color and Learn - Europe

Maps to Color and Learn – Europe  



The Eyewitness Atlas of the World

The Eyewitness Atlas of the World





Spain Lapbook – Homeschool Share

Spain Coloring Page – Crayola

Spain – Activity Village 

Spain Coloring Page – The Color

Spanish Lady Coloring Page – Coloring Pages 101

Printable Crafts and Activities – DLTK-Kids

Spain Unit Study – Currclick – $3.50

Spain – Squidoo Around the World Coloring Pages

Country Notebooking Page – The Notebooking Fairy – Spain worksheets and coloring pages


Online Resources



Spain Tourism Video



National Geographic Kids – Spain Video

National Geographic Kids – Spain Facts and Pictures

TIME for Kids – Spain

Kids Konnect – Spain

Yahoo! Kids – Spain

ehow – Spain 

Fact Monster – Spain

A to Z Kids Stuff – Spain

Recipes from Spain

Spain – Kids Culture Corner



I hope you find these resources helpful! 🙂






Scientists and Inventors

Great Idea Lettering with Lightbulb Hand-Drawn Back to School Starbursts and Swirls Sketchy Notebook Doodles  Illustration Design Elements on Lined Sketchbook Paper Background Stock Photo - 10598806


We are going to start adding some inventors and scientists studies into our science lessons and I thought I would share some of the things we will be using. 🙂 This will probably be a looooong list…. LOL




From our personal library

DK Eyewitness Books: Invention

DK Eyewitness Invention


DK Eyewitness Books: Great Scientists

DK Eyewitness Great Scientists   (I don’t have this one yet.)


Women Inventors series by Jean F. Blashfield



MacMillan Profiles: Scientists & Inventors (1 Vol.)

MacMillan Profiles Scientists and Inventors



Inventors (Library of Congress)

Inventors – A Library of Congress Book 


Eureka!: Great Inventions and How They Happened

Eureka! Great Inventions and How They Happened 




Kindle Books – most free


Stories of Great Inventors Fulton, Whitney, Morse, Cooper, Edison


Stories of Great Inventors


Stories of Invention, Told by Inventors and their Friends

Stories of Invention, Told by Inventors and Their Friends 



Book 5: The Extra-Ordinary Scientist (Fassa Tails)

The Extra-Ordinary Scientist  – This was free. Keep checking back.

If you are looking for a specific inventor or scientist just search the Kindle store to see what is available.



 Printables –


Inventors and Inventions – Homeschool Share  – always free

Inventions worksheets – School Express – always free

Inventors Notebooking Pages – Unit Studies and Notebooking – free

Scientists Notebooking Pages – Notebooking Fairy  – free

Famous People Notebooking Pages – Activity Village – you will have to scroll through to find the ones you want – free

Inventors and Inventions Notebooking – The First Grade Parade 

Great Inventors Notebooking – Currclick – $10

The Great Inventors Lapbook – Currclick – $13

Inventor’s Daily Digest Magazine Activity Fun – Currclick – 50 cents


Online Resources and Activities –

Inventors Resources – The Home School Mom 

Play Dough Inventor’s Workshop – The Imagination Tree

DIY Young Inventor’s Kit – Desert Wind

Science and Technology Biographies 

Reverse Engineering – The Homeschool Scientist

Biographies for Kids – Garden of Praise

Scientists Lesson Plans




If you are wanting to learn about a specific scientist or inventor then you should Google, Google and Google! LOL Also, don’t forget to search SquidooPinterest, and Homeschool Share!



Thomas Edison’s Birthday is next month!

Thomas Edison: Young Inventor (Childhood of Famous Americans Series)

Thomas A. Edison – Childhood of Famous Americans – This is a large series! We have several of them and they are all great!



Who Was Thomas Alva Edison? (Who Was...? (PB))

Who Was Thomas Alva Edison?

This is part of a big series of books. We have several of them and they are wonderful!



Inventing the Future: A Photobiography of Thomas Alva Edison

Inventing the Future – A Photobiography of Thomas Alva Edison



Thomas Edison : The Great American Inventor (A Short Biography for Children)

Thomas Edison The Great American Inventor

This title was free for Kindle. Keep checking back. Also, there is a whole series of  books and they usually have one or two free all the time.


Thomas Alva Edison Curriculum

Thomas Edison Project Pack – In the Hands of a Child – on sale for $6







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