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Never Cut Your Patterns AGAIN!!!

Have you ever had a pattern that you thought you would use more than once and for different sizes??? Well, I have found a simple solution to NOT cutting the pattern!!

When I was making the monkey pajamas for my friend Lisa’s granddaughter, I knew that I was going to use that pattern again later for Cailey. Lisa’s granddaughter needed the smallest size and Cailey would use the largest size. What to do????

Here is my idea.


Patterns 001


Iron out your pattern (not like the picture LOL). Place it over ironed paper and put down paper weights (I usually use my owl figurines).  Take a Sharpie (or other marker) and trace the pattern lines.


Patterns 003


The marker will bleed through the pattern tissue and leave very good markings on your paper.

I used left over packing paper but you can use any kind. If you need bigger pieces than what you have, just tape them together on the back. Dollar Tree used to sell brown paper for packages, that would be perfect!


Patterns 006


Write the number on each piece and any of the instructions you think you will need. I am going to go back and write the pattern name and the size on these so I will remember. 😉


There you go! Never cut into a pattern again!




My Goodness…..


It’s been a whole week since my last post!! MY GOODNESS!!!! I am SO sorry!!! It’s been crazy and hectic around here. I am still unpacking… I am working on my sewing room/library. That’s about all that’s left except for figuring out where to put some little things. I have most of MY books put up but there are still boxes and boxes and BOXES of the kids’ books. YILES!!!!!!

I have also been fighting yet another ear infection. MY GOODNESS!!!!! What is up with that????? And of course, we are in between insurance, again…. So I have just had to suck it up and deal with it. Thankfully it seems to be getting better now.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what my first sewing project ought to be once I get up and running again. I am in desperate need of some new clothes so I think the first few things will actually be for ME!!! LOL

I have been thinking a lot about this pattern-

Simplicity 2947

It looks SOOOO comfy and perfect for summer!!!


I wish I could remember what other patterns I have. They are still buried in a box somewhere.  MY GOODNESS!!!!


I think I am going to keep an eye on the Joann’s ads. I want some more patterns!! Like these…..


























OH!! I got a couple of books for Mother’s Day!! Right now I am almost finished with Ken Follett’s Fall of Giants. MY GOODNESS!!! It is sooooo good!! I have never read anything by Ken Follett before and if this book is anything to go by then I have seriously been missing out. I wish I had the next in the series!!!

The Hubby got me Dan Brown’s Inferno!!!! I should be starting it tomorrow! I just LOVE his Robert Langdon series and have been reading it from the beginning.

Joshua got me Charlaine Harris’s Dead Ever After. It is the very last Sookie Stackhouse book!!! MY GOODNESS!!!! WAH!!! It was a great ending to an awesome series and I just don’t know what I am going to do without any more!!! WAH!!!!!!!





<3 Pattern Love <3



While we are packing and packing and packing, I have nothing new on the horizon. :/ It’s been sooooo long since I did any kind of sewing!! I am starting to go through withdrawals now!!! LOL To tide me over, I have been looking at and Pinning patterns. I thought I would share some of them with you! 🙂 You know, I am SUCH an enabler!! LOL



Isn’t that DARLING????? Butterick B5901

It’s under things but I’m thinking it would be cute as an outfit if the bodice was lined!




McCall’s M6689

I love this silhouette!!




McCall’s M6735

That looks perfect for summer!!


Now for the grown ups! 😉


Butterick B5881

Not crazy about the color but I love the silhouette!! I would probably pair it with leggings. 😉




McCall’s M6758

I LOVE THIS!! It has a definite 60’s Megan Draper vibe, don’t you think???




Butterick B5895

There is absolutely NO WAY that I could ever pull that look off BUT I love it!!!!!  And I reallllllly want those shoes!! LOL




Simplicity 1609

This is a remake from the 60s…. Yeah, I’m going to have to get this one!! LOL



Here is a link to my sewing board on Pinterest where you can find tons of patterns and sewing inspiration! 😉




Sewing and Craft Ideas for Easter and Spring

I have a confession to make. I haven’t sewn a single thing this week! GASP!!!! I don’t know what has gotten into me! I do have tons of ideas floating around in my head but….. I think I need a trip to a fabric store. My stash just isn’t cutting it anymore.

Some of the ideas I’ve had are for Easter! It’s right around the corner!!!! Colin keeps reminding me because it’s on his Birthday this year!


Here are Easter sewing ideas from around the Web!


Little Girls Bunny Rabbit Vintage 1940s Apron Pattern

Little Girl’s Bunny Rabbit Apron – Etsy Shop




Bunny Pillow Made Using this Free Pillow Pattern

Bunny Pillow Pet




easter basket

Bunny Easter Basket from Disdressed




Free Pattern from Allsorts for this fabulous Fluffy Stuffy Bunny!

Fluffy Stuffy  Bunny from  Allsorts




Simple Simon & Company: The Cotton Candy Skirt--A New Tulle Skirt

The Cotton Candy Skirt from Simple Simon & Co.



Sheep Pillow  @Chris O'Rourke

Sheep Pattern – Count the Sheep




McCall’s M6642



simple and sweet bunny.  Site is in Italian but Chrome translates it.  Free pattern available.

Easter Bunny from Apine Industriose (It’s in Italian but Chrome will translate.)




A Kid Designed Dress from A Home, Made




Spring Wreath

A Spring Wreath from Four Girlies




Max Dress Sewing pattern for little girls!

Emmaline Dress Pattern – Violette Fields Threads




letters maybe make larger & cut out initials

Ruffled Easter Egg Tee – Positively Splendid




Modern Folksy Bunny Pattern – Gingercake




Spring Chick Skirt – iCandy Handmade




Cute quick dress

Simple Easter Dress – Mommy by Day, Crafter by Night




Tutorial for this cute little girls' dress

Easter/Spring Dress – Sew Dang Cute Crafts




This is so cute and so simple!!

Vintage Spring Dress – The Valencia’s 




Stitch a Basket of Marshmallow Bunnie Plushies

Marshmallow Bunny Plushies – We All Sew 




I need to check these out.... Time to decorate the casa for Spring!

101 Handmade Easter Craft Ideas – Everything Etsy 




Easter Egg topiary tutorial

Egg Topiary – She’s Kinda Crafty



DIY Too Stinkin' Cute: Bunny Wreath!

Bunny Wreath –  Too Stinkin’ Cute




Here’s a nice list from Dana Made It

A nice list from About.Com Sewing.






Flower Power outfit 1 - from my blog! :)

Flower Power – by me 😉



High-Low Dress – me 😉





Eyelet Tank – me 😉



Orange Crush 1

Orange Crush – me, again….




fox 1

Fox Trot Part 1

Fox Trot Part 2



Change the fabrics and the Gingerbread Dress turns into an Easter dress! 😉



Fab Mod Dress

Gosh, I miss our old house. :/


I hope these tutorials and patterns help to jump start your Easter and Spring sewing and crafting! 🙂


I have something coming up. Think eyelet and pink gingham.





Helpful Sewing Tips, Tutorials and Free Patterns

I am posting under the influence of pain meds so I am not responsible for what I might say. 😉 I ended up at the emergency room last night. The pain was just more than I could deal with. Thankfully the doctor gave me a prescription for antibiotics and pain killers! Hopefully this will all be behind me in a couple of days.

I have noticed that my blog views have gone WAAAAAAAAAY down over the past 2 weeks. I know it’s because I haven’t had a new tutorial to post. SO SORRY! I have been so busy with costumes and life in general that I haven’t had time to do any sewing for tutorials. 😦  BUT after I finish Snoopy I will be working on Tinkerbell for Cailey. This costume will definitely be all out of my own head so I will be posting a tutorial for it, as long as it turns out… LOL

SOOOO, to tide you over until then I thought I would share some free sewing tips, tricks, tutorials and patterns that I have found. Sound good??

If you Pin any of them, please go to the original source and Pin from there. 😉

First off, I want to share SewSet with you. It’s a great site where people can upload their patterns and tutorials to share with others. Some of them are NOT free but most of them ARE free! I have uploaded all of my tutorials there.

Another awesome free site is Freeneedle. I have sent them links to all of my tutorials and they have been wonderful to include them all on their site!!! 🙂

All Free Sewing is another site with free patterns and tutorials. I have a couple of mine on there. They send out great newsletters, too!


Here is a very cute, free pattern for a seahorse pillow! Isn’t that adorable??


Main Image

Here is a tutorial on how to slip stitch.



Here is a tutorial for a 90 minute shirt from Made. SO cute!!! I am definitely going to try this one out!! It’s so hard to find cute stuff to make for boys!!!! Why is that???


Little Red Jumper

Here is a very cute jumper tutorial from Once Upon a Sewing Machine.



How cute are those??? And if you are like me, you have a ton of fleece scraps lying around! What a perfect idea for them! They would make great presents, too!!! The tutorials are all free and are from I am definitely thinking of making some up for Christmas presents…. LOL



Here is a great tutorial for adding a faux fly. This is from The Haby Goddess.



Ok, this isn’t sewing but it is SOOOO awesome!!! What a great idea from I Am Momma – Hear Me Roar!!! The house we will be moving too has hardwood floors in the living and dining rooms, so I can see this tutorial coming in VERY handy!!!



This is a tutorial for making your own wrap dress!! SO cute!! It comes from I Heart Jenny’s Art.



Here is an awesome tutorial for making a peplum top. They are very “in” right now. This tutorial comes from Scared Stitchless. I love that name!! LOL



Auburn Tigers Pawprint Tshirt Scarf Tutorial & Pattern

Here is another cute idea for Christmas presents!!! I know some Auburn and Clemson fans that would LOVE this!!! And I could definitely see doing different shapes and things for other teams. The tutorial comes from Kevin & Amanda and she got part of the tutorial from Make It – Love It.



How cute is that?? I love the layered look for skirts! I can totally see this as wearable for something other than a costume depending on fabric choices! This come from Sew Easy Being Green.



With Christmas coming up I know that boys are going to need their Christmas outfits!! Here is an amazing tutorial for the Classic Johnny Vest from Elegance and Elephants. She is one of the lucky few that was chosen for this season’s Project Run and Play!



Measure yourself around waist, hip and from waist to hip then hem

This is GREAT!! It shows you how to create ANY skirt pattern by using your measurements! Thank you, I Sew!!!



Kitten of terry

Isn’t that ADORABLE??? Here is a free pattern for making that cute kitty from Doll Maker. More Christmas presents?? I think so! 😉



I LOOOVE this SOOOOO much!!! My Grandpa always wore that type of hat and I think it looks SOOOOO cute on little guys!! My cousin puts her cutie patootie in hats like that all the time! SOOOOO stinkin’ cute!!! Thank you Melly Sews!!!!! I am definitely going to be making one for Colin!!



This is GREAT!!! Tags are expensive!!! I was looking them up and comparing prices.  OUCH!!! But here is a cheap way to make your own. from Bug & Bird.



Yes, that says 92 FREEEEEEE dress patterns and tutorials!!!!! YIPPEEE!!!! Thank you, Max California!!!!



Yes, again, your eyes are NOT deceiving you! LOL 1000 FREEEEEEE tutorials!!!!!! YAY!!!!! AMAZING!! Thank you, Everything Your Mama Made, for cleaning out your bookmarks! LOL



This is wonderful! I have the WORST problem with my bobbin tension!! So, now whenever I replace the bobbin I always do this to check the tension!!! This comes from  Cool Cottons.



This site has a ton of free applique patterns. They are all so cute! I love to add appliques! Thank you, Wee Folk Art!!!



My friend over at Squiggly Twigs Designs has a TON of tutorials, not just for clothing but for sewing techniques, too!!! She has really amazing stuff! You should definitely check it allllllllll out!!!! 🙂



This site has 30 Top Sewing Secrets tip and tutorials!


Another cute tutorial for boys!!! Running with Scissors has this awesome tutorial for her Oxford Gent Trousers!! They would go perfect with the Johnny Vest! 😉



Free Sewing Patterns

This site has a big list of free sewing patterns and tutorials. They even have separate lists for the Holidays!!! The site is aptly named Sewing Freebies! LOL



Customized Walker Caddy

This would be an awesome charity sewing project. has the tutorial for making this wonderful walker attachment!



OK, that’s all for today, folks! I hope you enjoy these tips, tutorials and free patterns! You can always check out my Pinterest boards for more. Just click the Pinterest button at the top of the page! 😉

AND you can find all of MY tutorials by clicking the Tutorials button up there at the top. 😉







Sewing Wish List

So, yesterday I shared just a smidgen of my homeschool wish list. Here is just a tad of my sewing wish list! 😉




McCall’s M6642 

It has Halloween, Christmas, Easter and Valentine’s Day! I’m thinking I could maybe do it without a pattern… maybe… 😉



Dinosaur Dig Cotton Knit Fabric

Dinosaur Dig cotton knit from The Fabric Fairy. You KNOW Colin would LOOOVE that!!! LOL




Butterick’s B5045 – LOVE this! All the views look so comfy!! And if I am going to be living in Georgia, I’m gonna need cool and comfy… LOL



LOVE this fabric!!! It is London by Amy Walters for sale on Spoonflower!


Red/Beige Floral Jersey Prints  Product #:	FC19737C  Price:  	$8.00/Yard - Mood Fabrics

This is a floral jersey print from Mood!!!  One day I would love to go to Mood. SIGH… This would be after I win the lottery, of course…. 😉



Hollywood Monster Robert Kaufman Fabric

How cool is this Robert Kaufman print???? I have NO clue what I would make out of it but I love it anyway! LOL Ohhh, maybe some curtains for Joshua’s room??




Retro Vintage Fifties Kitchen Dishes Tea Pots BY YARDS Michael Miller Fabric

This is from Micheal Miller on sale on Ebay.  I can just see a kitchen done in this!!! SIGH…..



Paul Frank!!! This is at Joann’s! SOOOOO cute!!



Holiday Inspirations-Believe In Chocolate Glitter Fabric

I would LOVE to make some book covers and tote bags out of those!!! They are also at Joann’s.


I ❤ this print but it’s no longer available at Joann’s!!! WAH!!!!!!



Vintage 1950's Girl's Teen's Junior Misses Walk-Away Dress Extremely Rare Sewing Pattern Butterick 6204 Size 12

SIGH… I love this so much! I have the adult pattern for this! This one can be found on Etsy.  It would be sooooo cute to matchy-matchy with Cailey! LOL



Wildflower Trees with Red Birds on Cotton Fabric

I am in love with this pattern from Hancock’s. It is just PERFECT for winter!! Can you see the cardinals in the trees?? AND it’s on sale right now!!! WAH!!! I need some money people…. LOL



1930 Kitchenette Pajamas

SIGH……. SIIIIIIIIIIIIGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH………. I want this pattern in a BAD, BAD way. It is the 1930’s Kitchenette Pajamas from Decades of Style pattern company.



1960s Girls' dress or jumper Vintage sewing Pattern, Simplicity 6903 size 7


1960’s Simplicity 6903 for sale on Etsy and terribly cute!!!!!


I'm dying to make a Halloween quilt from this collection. Ghastlie's Family Reunion in Mold Green by Alexander Henry

This is Ghastlie’s Family Reunion by Alexander Henry for sale on Fabric Envy. It’s supposed to just be for Halloween but weirdo that I am, I would use it any ole time of the year! LOL




Lounging at the Lido- 1930s Beach or Lounging Pajamas and Eton Jacket - $24

Wearing History Patterns, SIGH………… I want ALLLLLL of their patterns!!! LOL But especially this one!!




McCall’s 6159 I think this is such a cute look!!!! So great for fall and winter!!


B7227 Burda Style Jumpsuit & Shirt & Pants  A: Jumpsuit with straps, casual cord casing and big pockets. B: light top with straps. C: shorts with elastic casings. Three styles to enjoy your vacation.

I absolutely LOVE the overalls here. SO stinkin’ cute!!! And, yes, I would definitely wear them!!! LOL  I know it says Burda YOUNG, but really, young by whose standards?????



Playing Kimono Girls in Red - Japanese Fabric Kawaii, Half Yard

This is such a darling print!! I know exactly what pattern I would use it with!!! It’s Playing Kimono Girls in Red by Mwendas.

And this is the pattern I would use it with, I already have it in my stash. 😉


Simplicity 3588 It would look SOOOO cute with view B!!!



Soft Satin Fabric #UU-91

Soft satin fabric from Y’know… this would look fabulous with that pattern, too!!! LOL



To DIE for!!! This is from The Scientific Seamstress. SOOOOOO cute!!!



This is the Miss Elizabeth pattern from Squiggly Twigs Designs and it is gorgeous!! I am really loving it in the toile!!!!! Just fabulous!!


Anyway, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to my sewing wish list! LOL I hope you enjoyed it and found some things to add to YOUR wish list!! 😉



OHH!! Maybe I should do my book wish list next??? LOL


Right now I am working on the Snoopy costume for my friend! It is going VERY well and the backside looks soooo cute with the little tail poking out! LOL

After that I will be working on Cailey’s Tinkerbell costume and I plan on posting a tutorial for it. I’ll be flying by the seat of pants on that one!! YILES!!!!









Fabric Buying FRENZY!

I went on a major fabric buying frenzy today!!! My goodness!! I found some GREAT deals and some GREAT remnants. I ended up going to Joann’s AND Hancock’s! LOL I also picked up 6 new patterns!!! YIPPEEE!!!


Here are some of the fabrics I picked up. I can’t show you all of them because I have a couple of surprises planned for friends and they would figure it out just by the fabrics I bought. LOL

But here are the ones I CAN show you. 😉




The zebra print is actually a dark purple.

Isn’t that Day of the Dead fabric cute???? LOL

And the one beside I LOOOOVE. Not sure what I am going to do with it but I got 2 yards! LOL

More cute owls, too!


The top middle is actually a pale yellow… I need to play with the setting on my phone. Not sure why it makes the colors all weird.

I plan on using the baseball and the weird bug stuff for the Bags of Hope and Love.

The monkey fabric is knit!! That’s going to be fun!!!


Here are the patterns I bought –


Simplicity 2154


Simplicity 1942


Simplicity 2947


Simplicity 3588


Simplicity 1925


Simplicity 4647


As you can tell, Joann’s had the Simplicity patterns on sale 5/$5. LOL And if I had had more time I would have gotten more. I can tell you that is the LAST time I take J1 with me. LOL That boy nearly drove me batty while I was trying to shop!


I think I might actually have enough fabric to keep me busy for a little while. I am so proud! I have a fabric stash! LOL


OHHHH!!!! Did you see???? I was FEATURED today!!!! WOOO HOOOO!!!!!! Danielle (SUCH a sweetie!!!!) over at Blissful and Domestic  featured 10 different fabric products today and my High Low Dress was one of them!!!! YIPPPPEEEE!!! THANK YOU, Danielle!!!!!  You should go check out her blog and leave her some lovely comments!!!!


I will be back hard at work tomorrow on a new tutorial. 😉  See you then!


Upcoming Projects

I have a few projects that I am very excited about!! 🙂 One of them will be a tutorial for book covers that will be part of a Christmas in July blog hop that will be hosted by Stringtown Home that will start next week!! 🙂 YAY!!! I can’t wait!

Another project that I am excited about is another purse! I had an idea hit me last night like a bolt of lightning and had to immediately sketch it out before I lost it. LOL A friend has asked me to make a purse for her so the first one I do will be a trial run. 😉

Then I will be making another gift… But it’s a little hush, hush right now. 😉 Don’t worry, though. As soon as it gets to the recipient I will post a tutorial. 😉

FINALLY after all of that I will be starting on McCall’s M6362. It came in the mail a couple of days ago!! WOO HOOO!!! 🙂


I will be making view A. Right now I am thinking about going with madras… What do you think??

Don’t forget about my giveaway!! You have until Friday Noon Eastern to follow and leave a comment! 🙂

GREAT NEWS!!!! A Giveaway!

YAY!!! I have already had over 500 views today!! :)) That’s the most in one day! Soooo, in order to celebrate I am going to host a giveaway!!!

The Rules!

1- You have to be a follower! Because how else are you going to know if you won???

2- You have to leave a comment on this post!


One winner will receive all 3 patterns!

The first pattern –

See & Sew B5170 in Size A


See & Sew B5443  Size A


Easy Stitch ‘n Save M5292 Size A


So, leave a comment and tell me what you love most about sewing!!!

The contest will be open until Friday Noon Eastern. 🙂


The winner will be determined by and their name will be posted no later than midnight of that same Friday.

My Pattern Wish List

I haven’t done a bit of sewing yet today. I’m still having bobbin issues… But I have also spent the day running errands and playing in the water with my little ones. We are thinking about getting a pool but living way out in the boonies with a well we will have to pay someone to fill the pool up. The Hubby is supposed to get a phone number to one of those places tomorrow so we can check on the prices. Fingers crossed!! I REALLLLLLY want a pool!! LOL

So, anyway, I thought I would show y’all some patterns that are on my wish list. If you are like me you can’t look at enough patterns!! LOL Or fabric, either! 😉

V1111  Misses' Tunic and Pants

Vogue 1111




V8402  Misses' Tunic and Pants

Vogue 8402




M6116  Misses' Dresses In 2 Lengths and Sash

McCall’s The Perfect Shirt Dress




V1089  Misses' Dress

Vogue 1089




M5672  Misses' Tunics and Pants In 2 Lengths and Dress  Out of Print  Our Price: $16.95  Sale Price: $1.99

McCall’s 5672




B5315  Misses' Dress and Belt  Easy  (About Sewing Ratings)  Out of Print  Our Price: $15.95  Sale Price: $1.99

Butterick  5315




Image 1
The 1940’s Sailor Girl Playsuit from Wearing History Patterns
I want that one SOOOOOOOOOOO much!! It will be mine!!! One day!! 😉
B7227 Burda Style Jumpsuit & Shirt & Pants  A: Jumpsuit with straps, casual cord casing and big pockets. B: light top with straps. C: shorts with elastic casings. Three styles to enjoy your vacation.
Ok, I KNOW this says Burda Young on it but I LOOOOOOOVE the overalls!!! I want it!! LOL
3673 Miss & Miss Petite Dresses  Misses/Miss Petite 1950's Retro Dress or Jumper
I almost picked this one up at Hancock’s the other day. LOL
3688 Misses' & Plus Size Sportswear  Misses or Plus Size Blouse, Skirt, Pants & Lined Jacket: Retro 1940's
I LOOOOVE this one but I never tuck my blouses in…. I doubt it would look nice if it was untucked… Maybe if I lost a pound or 30… 😉
Don’t you just LOVE the vintage rereleases??? AWESOME!!!
2207 Misses' Steampunk Costume  Steampunk fashion. Misses' Victorian era inspired costume sewing pattern. Arkivestry Collection.  $10.75
Steampunk!!!! SQUEEEE!!!!! I LOVE STEAMPUNK!! I’ve read a lot of steampunk books over the past couple of years. Gail Carriger, Cherie Priest, Cassandra Clare just to name a few. 😉
 6130 Misses' Sportswear  Misses' peplum top with neckline and sleeve variations, slim pants, pencil skirt and tie belt. New Look sewing pattern.
I have been drooling over this one for a while. I have the perfect red and white polka dot fabric  for the view the model is wearing. I just keep forgetting to look for the pattern! LOL I get caught up in all the vintage/retro rereleases!
B7494 Burda Style, Jacket & Dress
I love this one. SIGH…..
Have you all seen the Sew Weekly Make This Look???
I’ll just give you a little taste. 😉
Click on the link to check out more Make This Look!! And then sigh and drool over them like I do.
OHHHH!!! Those SHOES!!! And the hats!!! AND the bags!!!!!
Ok, now I need to mop up the drool off my keyboard! 😉
You can always check out my Pinterest for more patterns!! I have GOBS of vintage patterns Pinned on there!
Now, off to try to figure out why my bobbin is acting stupid… Maybe my sewing machine is possessed, again!

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