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Native American Unit Study (with free notebooking pages)

_Native American Unit Study graphic

(graphic – The Graphics Fairy)

The next in line that I’m planning for is Native Americans. We *might* diverge from our path and study this around Thanksgiving. Maybe….

Our study will focus on BEFORE the discovery of America and just after. Later on when we study the westward expansion, we will study more about Native Americans.

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As always, I try to add things for a variety of ages.

All the books should be easily found at your local library, on Amazon or Paperback Swap.

All the printables I list are free unless marked with $$$ (and then they should be CHEAP).

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The pictures are clickable links to Amazon.

kindle graphics

Charles Rivers Editors – Native Americans – a BIG list

printables graphics


Homeschool Share – Connections – Lapbooks, Units, etc.

DLTK-Kids – Printables and Crafts 

Activity Village – Printables and Crafts

Dynamic 2 Moms – Lapbook and Lapbook

Craft Jr. – Printable Mask

Susan Kae – Printable Native American Homes

Squidoo – Lapbook

Cynce’s Place – Squanto Lapbook

Scholastic – Printables, Lessons, Crafts

Apples 4 the Teacher – Printables, Lessons, Ideas, etc. Homeschooling – Worksheets

Teacher Vision

 First Palette – Printable Crafts

Life’s Little Adventures – Notebooking and more – Printable Crafts

School Express – Activity Sheets

Plimoth – Coloring Pages and Activities

Noah’s Ark Homeschool Academy – Printables and Unit Study – Worksheets

$$$ – Currclick

Native Americans Unit Study Part 1  and   Part 2

Native Americans Unit Study


online graphic


Mr Donn – lessons

Crayola – lessons, crafts, ideas

Squidoo – 4 Part Hands on Lesson 

Squidoo – Unit

Squidoo – Unit Study

A to Z Teachers Stuff – Lessons, Crafts

Artists Helping Children – Crafts

Enchanted Learning – Crafts

Teacher’s First – Crafts

Loving 2 Learn – videos 

A to Z Home’s Cool Homeschooling

No Time for Flash Cards – crafts

Adventures in Mommydom – crafts and activities

Busy Bee Kids Crafts

Deep Space Sparkle – Art Lesson Plans

Mr. Nussbaum – interactive map

Native Languages – Info for Kids

Ducksters – Info

Kids Konnect – Info

Social Studies for Kids

Brain Pop

The Crafty Classroom

Discovery Education – lesson plans








Top 10 Homeschool Posts

000000 AAAA TOP 10




Since we are now done for the year I thought I would post my top ten viewed homeschooling posts! As I plan for next year I will be adding more. That should be coming up sooner than I want to think about! LOL

My homeschool posts don’t have nearly as many views as my tutorials. That’s OK. I don’t mind… MUCH! LOL At least I will always know where all the info is located. Much easier for me to find if when we revisit certain topics. 😉

Speaking of view numbers, I’m not sure why but my views have done down DRASTICALLY!! I used to get 10 times the views I get these days. I guess the 2 moves took a toll. :/ I need to pick up on my tutorials, I think might be the biggest difference. LOL But no matter. Even if I only got 1 view a day, I would still blog. 😉




Number 10 – Electricity Study Theme – February 7, 2013 – 182 Views





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Russian Fairy Tales





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Number 2 – Aztecs, Incas and Mayans Unit Study –  January 21, 2013 – 575 Views

Vector warrior in style of the Maya on white Stock Photo - 11176943





NUMBER 1 – Plant Unit Study – March 11, 2013 – 1,030 Views 






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