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Fly on the Wall – September

Welcome to a Fly on the Wall group post. Today 14 bloggers are inviting you to catch a glimpse of what you’d see if you were a fly on the wall in our homes. Come on in and buzz around my house.


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OH, BOY!! Do I have some GREAT stuff for you this month!!! I remembered to write it all down AND I kept up with the list!! Am I on top of things or what???? LOL





Let me set the scene for you….

Deanna has gone out the front door to put the trash bag in the can. I am sitting at the dining room table typing away on my laptop.

She opens the front door to come back in the house. She then slams the door and has a look of absolute shock and horror on her face like she has just seen a horrible accident.

Me – Are you OK? What happened?

Deanna – I almost DIED!

Me – OMGOSH! Come here! Are you OK? What HAPPENED???

Deanna – I was.. I was… ATTACKED BY A SQUIRREL!!!

Me – Wha?????

Deanna – OMG!! I think it was rabid.

Me – WHAT happened???

Deanna – I was just minding my own business and taking the trash out. I heard a scratching sound but thought it was a stray cat. I tossed the bag into the can and then a NINJA SQUIRREL jumped out. It almost got me. It jumped on the tree all upside-down and ninja-like! I could have DIED!!!

Me – *hysterical laughter*

Deanna – What’s so funny???? I was nearly killed by a psychotic squirrel!!!! LOOK! It’s still out there??? What was it doing in the trash can anyway??? Squirrels are herbivores! It was DEFINITELY rabid!

Me – We do eat vegetables on occasion…..

Deanna –  Not that often.

The next day –

Deanna comes running through the door.

Deanna – It’s still out there! It’s trying to get me! I saw it trying to get into the chimney by my room!!!




Deanna – Every since I had that dream about Big Bird, I just can’t look at him the same.

(She apparently had a nightmare that Big Bird tried to kill her.)

Me – At least you didn’t dream that you had to shoot Dan Aykroyd with a crossbow in a biker bar!

Hey, he was trying to kill me!!!



So, I’m scrolling through Facebook and I happen to see a similar ecard to the one above. Only, this one didn’t have the German on it. I had to look that up.

ANYWAY, I start shouting “ICH LIEBE DICH!” Scared Deanna half to death. It was awkward for a moment.

Afterwards she got into the spirit and we freaked the rest of the house out. 😉




Cailey loves all animals and I do mean ALL. She came in from outside one evening with a handful of slugs! She was having a good ol’ time playing with them…. UNTIL she realized how hard it was to get all the slime off of her hands.



Deanna and I were watching America’s Cutest Pet when she says, “OMGOSH! I am so dumb!”

Me – What?? You’re not dumb!

Deanna – Oh, you have NO idea! You just have NO idea about what I almost did!

Me – Well, now you have to tell me.

D – No way!!!!

Me – Oh, yes! You can’t just say something like that and leave it hanging. Nuh, unh! You better spill!

D – Well….. SIGH….. OK….. I saw that cute little kitty and I ….. umm…. was getting ready to try to call it out of the tv….

Me – *hysterical laughter*  FLY ON THE WALL!!!!!


Jacob and Joshua were playing Timesplitters.

Joshua – I kept shooting and shooting! I couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t getting any points! THEN I realized…. I am ON the red team!!!




Joshua – I still can’t get over the name that Live gave me. SIGH….. Crabbyblock ***????? REALLY????




Setting the scene –

Cailey and Colin have a friend (we’ll call her K) over and they are running all over the house playing. I am sitting at the dining room table (yep, on my laptop) and Jacob and Joshua are in the living room playing a game.

K – Spell i puppy.

Cailey – I p u p p y. HUH???

Then the giggles start.

Jacob – What?? i-p-u-p-p-y???  (his voice holds a note of bewilderment) i-p  u-p-p y??? (you can hear his eyes rolling at this point)

Jacob to Joshua – That’s not even close! When we were kids we were cool. It was spell I cup. HA! MUCH better!

Me – *hysterical laughter*

The boys continue on in this vein for quite a while.



Joshua – Googley Elmo invented the radio.

Me – What?????

Joshua – Yeah, Googley Elmo.

Me – Marconi invented the radio.

Joshua – Yeah, Googley Elmo Marconi.

Me – OH, you mean Guglielmo Marconi.

Joshua – That’s what I said. Googley Elmo!




We are traveling back from Hilton Head when we see the above sign.

My Dad – Hey! Look! There’s the Bat Cave!

Colin – Na na na na na BATMAN!!!!



Sooo… Jacob and Joshua were playing against each other on Just Dance 4 the other night…. They actually got into an argument over who did better. Joshua seems to have skunked Jacob on Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up, while Jacob trounced Joshua on Selena Gomez’s Love Song. Yeah…. It was a strange, strange night.



The Fog at the Cabin in the Woods on Friday the 13th…. That’s where you can read the full story. Here are some of the parts that I left out.


Me, practically standing in the creek while yelling up at my phone – JOSHUA, IF YOU CAN HEAR ME, WE CAN’T GET OUR CELLS TO WORK. CAN’T CALL YOU!!!

Me, putting the worms on the hook for Cailey. Yes, I can bait my own hooks. I just don’t like to if I can keep from it. BLECK!!!!

Me, the look on my face the ENTIRE time we were there…….

Deanna  when she realizes no cell phone reception also means no wi-fi.

Cailey and Colin when they realize no cable.

Deanna’s face when she realizes that I was NEVER exaggerating about the humidity in Nashville.

The Hubby’s face when my mother-in-law pulled out a TON of baby pics of him and started passing them around. My fave was the one with him on the toilet. 😉

Poor Cailey at my mother-in-law’s house when her dog realizes that she is the only one scared of him. Poor Cailey was shaking like a leaf! Thor wouldn’t leave her alone.

Oh, and Thor looks like this

He’s at least part Min Pin.




Sooo, it was a little late when we started heading back home. Deanna was riding up front with me and we may have had a little too much caffeine…… Everyone else was asleep, which just proves my theory that they can sleep through ANYTHING!

Anyway…. We were listening to the radio and getting a little loopy and silly. We did the opera voices to “We Are the Champions.” Pretty soon things got out of hand and we started changing the lyrics to all the songs to stuff about pie. Yeah, pie….. Deanna outdid herself. 😉



So, did you make it through all of that? Still with me?? Then you most definitely want to check out the other blogs on the list. They are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!






The Fog at the Cabin in the Woods on Friday the 13th














Soooo, Deanna and I decided that our adventure last week deserved a name…. The Fog at the Cabin in the Woods on Friday the 13th.

We went for an overnight trip to see some family and friends. Instead of staying in a hotel like some of us (ME) wanted, we stayed at a cabin in the woods owned by a business associate of The Hubby. BIG BIG BIG mistake.

Before we left Thursday morning we were already making jokes about how it was going to be Friday the 13th and we would be staying WAY out in the middle of nowhere in a cabin….. We really didn’t know how close we were to the truth…..


Thursday started out great. We left early in the morning and got to the in-laws house around 9 their time. Pretty good. We had a very lovely visit and then headed further west.

This is where things start to get interesting…..

It was hot as blue blazes in Middle Tennessee that day. The humidity was AWFUL!! So, we weren’t in all that great of a mood to begin with. We stop and see some friends. THAT was good. Then we are going to have The Hubby’s business associate show us the way to the cabin. Well, he decided to take us on the scenic tour…. SIGH…. We started out going northeast. I start asking The Hubby, “Didn’t you say the cabin was at such and such???” Yes, he says. “Well, we are going in the COMPLETE opposite of such and such!!!!”

Then we went east. Then north. Then WEST!! And finally south!! GOOD GRIEF!!!

We keep getting further and further away from civilization. I mean the DEEP boonies!! BFE!!!!

THEN we pass the sign. The sign that said, “Welcome to CAMP blah blah blah!”

WHAT THE???????? WHAT did that sign say??? Yep. That’s what it said.

Unh, hunh….  Tomorrow is Friday the 13th. We are in the middle of nowhere. Next to a defunct summer camp. Just GRRRRREAT. Oh, and now the cell phones won’t work.

Yep. No cell reception whatsoever.

Sound familiar??? It did to me, too.

The Hubby says, “Good thing I brought my gun!” NOT HELPING!!!!

We finalllllly make it to the cabin. The air isn’t on. No central AC. Just 2 window units for a large cabin.  Great.

SIGH…. Is it too late for the hotel???

The Hubby keeps telling me to not worry, I’m going to LOVE it.

Yeah, right!

Now, I have to admit that the cabin was lovely. All antique iron beds and quilts and stuff.

The original log cabin parts are very prominent. Nice. Lots of history.


We go down to the creek for fish for a little while before it gets too dark. The fish just loved all worms but none of them were actually big enough to catch. YAY, worms guts in my fingernails. BLECK!!!!

We get driven back into the cabin by night falling.

Now, to keep the kids occupied until bed time. SIGH…….. NOT EASY!!!

FINALLY it’s time for bed. Everyone gets washed up and in to their jammies.  Time for bed!


Colin, “ARRRRRRRRGH!!!!!!!!! There’s a monster spider over the bed!!!!!!!!”

Kill the spider but the kids are completely spazzing out.

Is it too late for that hotel????

Colin is crying and keeps asking if we can just go home now.

We get everyone calmed down some and get ready to crawl under those pretty quilts…..


Me, “ARRRRRRRGH!!!!!!!!!!! MOUSE POOP ON THE BEDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

I continue to lose my mind for a while. Talking about some of us (ME) had wanted to go to a hotel…….

OK, there’s a comforter folded over the bottom of the beds. Maybe we can just spread those over the beds.

Except that the comforters are covered in at least a couple inches of dust.


There’s an armoire in the corner. I find some relatively clean blankets in them and spread those over the beds.

Ok, nighty-night!

We crawl on the beds, put our heads on the pillows and smell mold.

REALLY????? REALLY??????????


Grab towels from the bathroom to cover the pillows.

Crawl back on the beds. Lie down and……………

Cailey starts crying. She’s scared of mice and spiders.

I finally convince her that they are all gone but by then it’s after midnight and we are getting up at 5 am.


I can say that sleeping in the van crossed my mind several times that night. The only thing keeping me from it was the thought of psycho killers roaming the woods.



THE NEXT MORNING (now Friday the 13th)


One of The Hubby’s friends stayed at the cabin and we were to follow him out the next morning.

THAT is when we encountered fog like I have only seen in the movies.

Deanna, “This is horror movie fog!”

Me, “Well, we just lived through a horror movie of sorts. At first it was just The Cabin in the Woods on Friday the 13th. Now it’s The Fog at the Cabin in the Woods on Friday the 13th.”




I swear that all of this is true. You may ask if The Hubby lived through it. I can assure you that it was a VERY close thing. I thought of killing him several times that night while trying to go to sleep while thoughts of mice, spiders, snakes and psycho killers flitted through my mind.







I hope your Friday the 13th was MUCH MUCH MUCH better than mine!!!


There’s more to this story (MUCH MORE) but you will have to wait until Fly on the Wall. 😉

Oh, and if your Hubby ever tries to convince you to stay at someone’s cabin, RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!





The Crazy Things My Kids Do

Ok…. So today we were driving back from picking up take-out, just Deanna, Joshua and me. Joshua starts throwing himself around in the front seat. For a moment I thought he might be having some sort of fit! I ask him, “What the heck are you doing???” This was his reply, “I wanted to know if there was a tractor-trailer that went sideways and was headed for us, would I be able to get my body under the height of the dashboard where I would be safer.” Ummm……. OK…… But he is 6″2″ and 240 lbs……. Yeah…..

That reminded me of some of the crazy and strange things my kids have said and done. And some of the crazy things that have come out of my mouth in reply to the crazy and strange things my kids have done.

For instance, I was chatting away with my cousin one day (Hi, Amy!!) while the older 2 boys were building a fire in our outdoor fireplace. I see Jacob heading toward it with a gas can. He has on ear buds, so I KNOW he can’t hear me. I start yelling to Joshua to tell his brother, “to NOT throw GAS on the fire!” Yeah…. Who would have thought that I would ever have to say that????

Here is a list of things that have come out of my mouth-

“Don’t set that on fire!”

“Don’t duct tape the cats ears!”

“No, cats do NOT like to swim in the toilet!”

“Do NOT glue your sister’s mouth shut!”

“Take that outside to shoot it!”

“Don’t melt that!”

“No, you can NOT shave the cats!”

“Untie your brother now!”

“Who threw your sister’s glasses out the window???” (This was as we were driving down the road!”

“Who cut off the monkey’s tail???” (It was a stuffed monkey, I swear!) (And I found out YEARS later that it was Joshua.)

“No, you can’t shoot your brother in the butt…Or anywhere else!!!!”

“Get that firecracker out of your nose!”

“No, you cannot ride the goat.”

“Guinea pigs do not like to wear clothes.”

“Do NOT grab the snapping turtle by the tail!”

Then there are the things that I cringe when hearing….. Any time a child is in the bathroom, flushes the toilet and says, “Uh, oh!”

Anytime anyone yells for a towel, QUICK!

I also know that if someone throws goop at the ceiling and you don’t get it down right away it will dry like CEMENT! Same goes for silly string. Also, if you spray silly sting in the shape of a smiley face on aluminum siding, the smiley face will stay there even if you wash the silly string off quickly…..

Jacob was 2 yrs old and climbed into the washing machine while it was filling up with water. He has soap suds all over him.

Another time, also when Jacob was 2, he climbed into the dryer and couldn’t get out. All I could hear were his muffled cries of help.

When Joshua was 3 he climbed on top of the washer and got a box of cakes out of the cabinet. He ate EVERY SINGLE ONE.

At Christmas time when the older three were small, I would have to sleep in front of the Christmas tree after we put their presents out to keep them from getting into them. One year when Deanna was 3, Joshua 4 and Jacob 6, it didn’t matter that I was asleep in front of the tree. The little boogers grabbed presents and sneaked out to the garage. Deanna woke me up to tell on them. I go out there and they had already opened several presents. I took the ones that were left in the packages BACK to the store. The other ones I took away and never let them have them back. Rotten, rotten, rotten.

Those are just a FEW of the crazy things my kids have said or done….

Now for some great pictures I have taken over the last few days. 😉

The first few are Cailey and Colin dancing in the falling leaves.

And the next couple are of Cloud, the crazy cat…. LOL

The Ramblings of a Half Crazy Person

Soooo…. Jacob got a job today. He starts tomorrow. That’s good. BUT last night was his last night under our roof. He will be back tomorrow evening to get all of his things and move into his new place with his friend. My heart is broken. I can’t believe it. I mean, I knew it was coming… But that’s my head, not my heart. It’s realllllly going to hit hard tomorrow when he comes to pack up.


We now have appointments with 4 different moving companies. They will be coming out to give us estimates on moving us. Did you know that some of them offer CLEANING services???? Oh, yeah, I am ALLLLLLLL over THAT!!! LOL

We will be sending in the deposit for our house on Friday. Here are a couple of pics. I think these were taken a long time ago because I am almost certain one of those walls was painted red….


Living room



This room will be the sewing room/homeschooling room/library. The Hubby THINKS it will be his office… Umm… I don’t THINK so! He can have the garage!!! LOL I am SUPER excited to have a room for all of that!! 🙂 I wonder if I can fit all the bookshelves in there… Probably not….. LOL


One of the three bathrooms. I believe this is the one off the kitchen. It only has a shower, not a tub.


Another of the bathrooms.


The dining room.


There are 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. The master bedroom has 2 walk-in closets!!! Yes! 2!!!

The girls will be still be sharing a room. Cailey wouldn’t be able to do without Deanna. 😉 Joshua will still have a room of his own. Colin will still be sleeping in our bed BUT the 4th bedroom will be a playroom!!!! No more toys all over my room!!! WOOO HOOOO!!! No more stepping on Legos in the middle of the night!!! YIPPEEEE!!!

There’s also a large laundry room. That will be nice. We have a tiny one right now. There’s a cat door leading from the laundry room to the garage.

It has a gas stove, which I have never used before. I am a little anxious about that. I remember having one when I was little and my mom would tell me over and over to stay away from it because it would blow up. LOL Yeah, I’m a tiny bit anxious…..

The house has a nice foyer and the sewing room/homeschooling room/library opens off of it. There is also a door that lead from it to the living room.

I love that it has the vaulted ceilings and TONS of windows!! There are 3 different sets of french doors!! I might need some more curtains. LOL

There’s a brick floor in the dining room and a stone floor in the kitchen. Pretty cool.

Tonight for supper we had a turkey! LOL We are trying to use up everything in the deep freezer.

Just over 2 wks and we will be Georgia bound. Gosh, I hope our old van will make it! Good thing that we have friends and relatives on the route down!

Well, the tooth is still acting up but is is somewhat better. I’ll take what I can get!! I have still been sketching like crazy! I have filled up almost 2 whole sketch books! I’ll have enough stuff for at least 5 collections before this tooth is all better! LOL If I didn’t sketch like crap I would show you a few…. 😉 I have soooo many more projects floating around in my head!! I want to go to Goodwill and find some sweaters to work with. I would like to make Cailey a few sweater dresses. She has one sweater that I LOOOOVE. Unfortunately she has outgrown it. We called it the macaroni and cheese sweater. LOL It looks sooo much like mac and cheese!! I am going to try turning it into a skirt when I get the chance.

I have been looking online at churches in the new area. I think I found the one we will try first. They have youth meetings twice a week and children’s groups twice a week. That would certainly help the kids make friends quickly!

There’s a sewing group that meets once a week at the library. I am really looking forward to that!!!


Anyway….. I need some cheering up! So, here come the funny pictures and uplifting sayings!





















I am putting all my trust in the Lord. He will see Jacob through this. He will see me through this. He will see our family through this move.  I will rely on Him fully.




I Shoulda Had a V-8

Yep….I’ve had another one of THOSE days…. SIGH….

So The Hubby and I go off to do our family shopping trip on our own since the cs are sick. The js and d stayed home to watch them. We get through with our shopping and go to the check-out. The bagger looks at me and says, “Weren’t you just here yesterday with 2 carts full?” Me, “Why, yes, yes I was…. But we are a 3 cart a week family and only so much will fit in the van at one time.” PRICELESS look. ROFLOL!!!

We are on the way home when I look down at my shirt and see toothpaste. Yep. I have been out that whole time in public with toothpaste on my shirt. SIGH…

But wait… It gets better.

We stop at the local farmer’s market where I cover the front of my shirt with bags of produce. SIGH….

We get home and realize I have to run back out to go to Walmart. I forgot that I needed buttons for my dress!!!

We put the groceries away. I lean up against the counter and get grape jelly all over the front of the toothpaste shirt! Well, snot but I needed to change anyway…

I ask the js if they want to go with me. Of course they do and we head out.

Yep. I forgot to change my shirt….

As we leave I tell them we are also going to Bass Pro to pick up The Hubby’s Father’s Day gift. I still haven’t realized that I forgot to change my shirt. And of course NO ONE TELLS ME!!

I realize halfway there that I forgot my cell phone and I couldn’t remember if I had taken my medicine or not. (I still can’t remember)

We get almost to Bass Pro and I look down. CRUD!!!! I forgot to change my stupid shirt!!!

Well, it’s too late now. It’s too far to turn around and go back. SIGH…….So in to Bass Pro we go and then on to Walmart.

Good grief!!  But I got a great fishin’ pole (nope, you can’t say fishinG, it has to be fishin’) and some fishin’ stuff for The Hubby and some really pretty buttons for my dress! LOL Have to find the silver lining somewhere!

Here’s hoping the rest of the day is better. I need to get some sewing done!!! LOL


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