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Time to Catch Up a Little


Time Flies


Oh, my goodness!!! I have been gone almost a month!!!! Good grief!! How did that happen??? How have I not gone insane????

Well, we are all moved in but not quite settled. SIGH… I managed to fit my ginormous dining room table into our kitchen! There’s not much space to walk around it but who cares??? Well, actually it seems that everyone cares except me. LOL BUT this is one time they are just going to have to lump it.

I have about 1/4 of my books and 1/4 of the kids’ books on shelves. The rest are in boxes that are stacked in every available nook and cranny.

All my sewing stuff is packed away. I am going to HAVE to find a way to make that work…. There just HAS to be a way!! There has to be SOMEWHERE I can put all of it. I NEED to SEW!!! It’s an addiction, I swear.


ANYWAY, my next few posts will catch you up on what all we’ve been doing. In this one I bring you……




Thanksgiving 2013


Here are Cailey and Colin in front of the our house right before we left to go to my mother-in-law’s house.  And before anyone gets upset over the headdresses, The Hubby is about 1/2 Native American.  I think I’m around 1/16. LOL

Here are the crafts that they made for their grandma.


Thanksgiving 2013 004 Thanksgiving 2013 005


Cailey has some big ol’ feet so we had to use 2 pieces of construction paper. 😉 She’s a petite 9 yr old but she wears 4s and 5s!!! CRAZY!!!



And here is an updated picture of ME!


Me 052



I wish my hair color showed up better. It’s actually BRIGHT red! LOL

Y’know, before I started taking “selfies” I never realized that one side of my face was smaller than the other! Weird!! One of my eyes is even smaller, although you can’t really tell in this pic.


I have made my peace with the move and with the teeny tiny house. Probably with a lot of help from SAM-e. If you have fibro, I think you should take a look at it. It’s an over the counter supplement and it has helped me TREMENDOUSLY over this whole move. Once I started taking it, I kept my cool the entire time AND my pain levels have been drastically lowered!


In my next post I’ll give you some Christmas craft ideas for the kiddos!


SO SO SO SO SO SO HAPPY TO BE BACK!!! I can’t tell you how much I have missed y’all!!!!!



Fly on the Wall – November

Welcome to a Fly on the Wall group post. Today 13 bloggers are inviting you to catch a glimpse of what you’d see if you were a fly on the wall in our homes. Come on in and buzz around my house.

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Sooo, if you were a fly on the wall in my house this month you would have witnessed LOTS of crying, screaming, ranting, raving and fit throwing and that’s just by ME!!!!

Yes, we have moved… AGAIN!!!!!! Shoot me now.

I tell ya, I should buy stock in packing tape and boxes.

We moved from a city and house that I loved to a town and house that I DON’T love…. Trying to be diplomatic here. 😉

We are in temporary housing, read TEENY TINY HELL HOLE. Most of my books and all of my crafting/sewing are still in boxes. WAH!!!!!!!!! But we managed to fit it all in the house, sort of.  On the bright side, since we aren’t unpacking everything we are already done! LOL But the draw back of not putting stuff in storage? Yeah, we will have to repack it all and move it all again. SIGH….. Did I already ask to be shot? Can you shoot me again? Put me outta my misery!!!

The kids are all doing very well with this move. THANK GOODNESS!!! You see, we used to live here about 8 years ago. We have tons of friends and some family in the area and that helps greatly!

Oh, you are going to LOVE this. We live in such a tiny town that we (ME) had to install the cable, phone and internet ourselves! CRAZY!!! We kept calling and calling trying to get someone out here to hook us up. Apparently they only have 1 or 2 installers out here. Eventually they told us to just go in to the local office, pick up the equipment and do it ourselves. Niiiiice… We did it, though. We have cables and cords running all over but at least we are connected!

Apparently we have MICE!!! MICE!!!! BLECK!!!!! I saw evidence of mice when we first moved in but I was very hopeful that it might have been old evidence… Not so lucky. One of the cats caught and killed one the night before last. Can anyone say EXTERMINATOR???? YILES!! I swear, if I see bugs, I’m out and I’m leaving everything behind.

During this entire move all I have heard is WHY do I have SO many books??? Wah, wah, wah, nag, nag, nag. Wimps. LOL

So, I bet you want to know the juicy details, right? WHY did we move again??? Well, here ya go. The owner of the last company was a lying weasel. It took him 6 months to get our insurance and we never did get our HSA card. Then there were all the perks he promised that he never went through with. The Hubby was supposed to get a $15,000 bonus this month. All of a sudden the owner starts talking about how there will be no bonuses. WHAT??? Then there was the company vehicle that never really happened. Oh, we had one for about 2 wks and then the owner asked for it back because someone else needed it. WHAT???? Then there was the odd behavior and strange rumors. Is the company going under? Is the owner on drugs?? He started stiffing some of the parts providers (one of those providers is a good friend of The Hubby’s). Yeah. CRAZY!!! On top of all of that, he stiffed Jacob his last week and 2 days of pay. We may have to get the labor board involved. The Hubby was afraid this would happen, he had watched him do it to a couple of other employees.

I am so thankful that The Hubby has so many job opportunities. We are never stuck in a bad situation. It involves moving long distances but we don’t have to take crap. 😉 Besides, living in so many different places builds character. You get to see more of the country, meet new people, expand your horizons. Trust me, I should know! I’ve lived in 6 different states (or is it 7)! I’ve moved more times than I can count. Shoot, I went to 11 different schools when I was a kid and that doesn’t count bouncing back and forth between the same schools. LOL

Wish me luck!


Unpacking …. BLECK!!!!



We are alive!!! Buried alive in boxes, that is….. LOL


I have a little rant coming up….


The movers…. ARGH!!!! They managed to ruin 3 of my book shelves, break The Hubby’s desk and lose one of The Hubby’s DVD shelves…. AND we can’t do a thing about it because they were all made of pressboard. Nice…. ARGH!!!!!!


Not only that BUT they were REALLY late, like a whole DAY late. I started getting those Funny Farm feelings again….

When the movers finally got here they were really nice and seemed very horrified that so many of my shelves were destroyed… They blamed it on other guys. I guess it could have been. At least 3 different sets of people handled our belongings. SIGH….

Then the company tried to charge The Hubby’s boss too much. When The Hubby signed the papers on moving day, there were no charges listed, just a documentation of our stuff. Then miraculously the charges showed up afterward. We have the original set of papers to prove this. Just CRAZY!!!!

Some advice, if you are hiring movers go with a BIG company. One that has been in business for many, many, many years. Stay away from the small, recently in business guys. I usually don’t say that. I am all about small businesses but I think this is one of those times when you just have to go with the established, good reputation guys.


SIGH…. I need new shelves. I think The Hubby is going to commandeer one of book shelves. SIGH…..


On the bright side (you always need to find one), we are loving the house and the city. There are definitely some rooms that need painted (the kitchen is neon green) and I am itching to get started on that but I need some order in the house first! Wish me luck! 😉






Packing, Packing and More Packing


It’s been a week since my last post. I have been packing and packing and packing….. ARGH!!!! Anyone want to come help me with this????  I am sooooo worn out and I still have TONS of packing to do!!!! The master bedroom is almost done. My sewing room is almost done. The books are about 1/2 way done. We are getting there but now we are out of boxes. I had a feeling that I should have kept all the boxes from the last move. I did have some still in the garage, thank goodness!  We are  going to have to find the U-Haul place and BUY boxes now, the stores around here just don’t keep them.


beach in april 009

We took a break on Monday and went to the beach for the last time. That’s about the only part I am sad about! LOL I am going to miss being this close to the beach!! But at least I will have the mountains to make up for that. I really ought to move to mountains that are BY the beach! LOL

beach in april 001



beach in april 005



beach in april 007



beach in april 019


They made 2 castles with a moat between them. Actually, Cailey says hers was an evil tower and Colin’s was the good castle. LOL


beach in april 024


Joshua managed to get away without a picture on this day, but I got The Hubby, Deanna, Cailey and Colin! 🙂

I want to go back to the beach. Where are the packing fairies??? They can come and finish it up for me, right????





We Are Moving…. AGAIN!!!!


Yep. You read that correctly. We are moving, AGAIN!!!! But I can say that I am much happier about this move than I was the previous one. We are moving to the MOUNTAINS!!! YIPPPEEE!!! The Hubby is happy because we will be back in Tennessee. I am happy because we will be in the MOUNTAINS. Not to mention 3 hours closer to Jacob! We will only be 4 hours from my dad and my mother-in-law!

This time provides a different challenge, though. The job is set BUT we have no house!! We will be staying in a hotel until we can find a place. Now, I have been there and done that…. When we moved from Tennessee to Virginia (almost 7 years ago) we also had to stay in a hotel. OH MY GOSH!! 4 kids (this was before Colin was born) in 2 rooms (adjoining) for a month… I was going starkers by the end of it. The company there gave us 2 months to find a place… Yeah, there was NO WAY I was staying in a hotel with 4 kids for 2 months… The same goes today!! LOL

Not only will we have 4 kids in 2 rooms but 1 puppy, 3 cats and 10 kittens. Yes, you read that correctly. Pray for me, people! I’m obviously going to need it!!! LOL

A lot of people are shocked that we are moving again so soon. Well, if you check out the About Me button at the top, you will see that moving is NOTHING new to me! LOL I went to 11 different schools (not counting bouncing back and forth between the same schools)! I have lived in 6 different states! And I cannot possibly tell you how many times I have moved or how many houses I have lived in. LOL Yeah, I think I might have a bit of Gypsy in me. 😉

There’s a story that my dad’s family tells about how my grandpa came home one day to find the rest of the family had moved while he was work. Apparently a house that my grandma had been wanting came open that day. She didn’t wait around and moved everyone while grandpa was at work! LOL My grandparents had 9 children…. No clue how many were at home at that time. LOL

Now the WHY of the move. This job here was not what we were lead to believe it would be… The Hubby has had one issue after another there.  The working hours were different than was he was told (they said 4/10s and he has been working 5 to 6/10s). His job description changed… He wasn’t able to do the job he was hired for due to the hiring of a new manager than really had no experience with a millwork. :/ It’s just been a nightmare for him to see what needs to be done but not be able to do it because of poor management.

Anyway, WISH US LUCK!!! 🙂






I don’t normally make resolutions. I think they are a set up for failure from the word go. LOL That sounds very defeatist doesn’t it? But I think it’s true…. That being said, this year I am making a resolution. I think it will come as no surprise to learn that I realllllly did not want to make this big move from VA to GA. SIGH… I loved it there. Then add to that the fact that Jacob decided to stay behind and you have one very sad me. I have been in a very deep funk lately and it’s time for that to change.

This year I am making one resolution: to suck it up and deal. LOL I need to get over myself and move on with life no matter what it throws at me.

This is my new philosophy –


New Years Resolutions







15 Day Blogger Challenge – Getting to Know the Blogger – Days 4 & 5

I decided to combine a couple of days here and there. I *think* my Dad and step-mother are coming to visit next week and I won’t have much time to reallllllly get in deep with the topics. 😉

So for today’s questions I have :


4. What type of student were you in school?

5. Who were your closest friends as a teenager?


Oh, boy… that first one…. Umm… OK…. LOL Well, in K-4th I was MUCH more interested in socializing. I got into SOOOOO much trouble for talking. Big surprise, huh?? LOL And like I said before, my cousin Amy was in all the same classes as I was in those grades as long as we were in the same school. I can remember actually throwing a fit once when I came back from Indiana and was put in a different class. That did NOT go well and the principal gave in and moved me to Amy’s class. 😉 I can remember having to “stand on the wall” for recess many, many, MANY times for talking. “Standing on the wall” meant that you stood with your back to the schoolyard and facing the wall and heard everyone else having fun during recess. It was the WORST punishment. I can remember after having a few days in a row of standing on the wall and coming home to say, “Well, if you’ve seen one wall, you’ve seen them all.”

5th – 7th was a bit different. I ended up in a lot of advanced classes and did very well. Then I moved back to WV in 8th and all the advanced classes were full. I remember I had to take typing. OH MY GOSH! I was horrible!!!! And the teacher was sooooo mean!! I think that was the first time I had ever made a D.

In 9th grade I went into Honors classes. And then I bombed…. You see, I had discovered SKIPPING CLASS!!!!  Yep…. I was a truant! As long as I showed up to class I did pretty well. LOL But at this point I HATED school. AND I would much rather socialize….. LOL

So glad my kids don’t read my blog…… LOL

And now I homeschool. 😉


Now, on to the friends question. My 3 biggest partners in crime were Tina, Traci and Nikki. Oh, my goodness, we got up to some T-R-O-U-B-L-E. LOL

I practically lived at Traci’s house for a while and I literally lived at Tina’s. Tina’s mom, Momma Linda, threw my 16th Birthday party for me. I will never forget that. It was a blast!

I remember the first big dance of high school, the Snowball Dance. I was soooo nervous that I didn’t eat a bite all day. Then my date stood me up. He was such a jerk. BUT I had a killer dress so I went along as a third wheel with Traci and her date. And before the night was over I ended up with my first ever concussion. We went to the ladies’ room to smoke and I felt a little dizzy and sick to my stomach. Before I could call out to Tra to wait, I had passed out, hitting my head on the cinder block wall and again on the concrete floor. I scared Tra to death! She thought I was dead because my eyes were still open. She ran off to get the principal and by the time they got back I was already trying to stand up and figure out what the heck happened. The school called my mom and off to the ER I went.

Concerts and parties and hanging out at the mall (sometimes with day glow hair) and dances and trips to Camden Park. OH!! And the skating rink and dancing at River’s End! Good, good times.

I miss my friends.


I have to take a little break from the challenge here and tell you what happened to me yesterday. Oh, boy!!! I was finishing up 2 days of working on a certain bookshelf when the whole thing fell on top of me! I was sitting in the floor in front of the shelf and took some books off to switch them out with a different set, when the whole thing leaned forward and landed smack on my whole body! I have 2 knots on my head, a purple bruise under one eye and several other bruises and scratches. The shelf is 5 ft tall and 6 ft long. I had it packed tight with the kids’ science and history books and it was nailed to wall!!!! SIGH…. But if it had to happen I am glad that it happened to me and not one of the kids. All that work down the toilet. I took the rest of yesterday off from unpacking and I will probably do the same today. The dizziness and the aches and pains remain. AND I am in the middle of a HUGE fibro flare. SIGH…. Praying, praying, praying that it will go away soon!!!!! I still have so much to do!!! I feel like I will never get this house in order!


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15 Day Blogger Challenge – Getting to Know the Blogger – Day 2

15 Day Blogger Challenge – Getting to Know the Blogger – Day 2

2. Where did you grow up? Small town or Big City?

I think it’s safe to say that I grew up all over the place! LOL MOST of my childhood was spent in the small town of Oak Hill, WV. My paternal grandparents had a house in the country and I spent a lot of time there, but like me, they moved around a lot.

I went to 11 different schools growing up and that doesn’t count bouncing back and forth between the same schools. I even went to a private school for a while.

My first school was in Oak Hill. I went to East End Elementary. It was the same school that my mother went to.  (I even had the same 2nd grade teacher she had!)

I went to 2 schools in Elkhart, IN but I have no idea what their names were. In between those 2 schools I went back to East End.

Then I went to an elementary school in Beckley, WV. I think it was Central Elementary?? And then right back to East End……

After that I went to Collins Middle School in Oak Hill.

Then it was on to Hampton, Virginia to Robert E. Lee Elementary.

After that was Margaret Allen Elementary in Nashville, TN.

Then back to Hampton, Virginia to Mary Atkins Christian School.

Then BACK to Nashville to Two Rivers Junior High.

After that I went back to Oak Hill and back to Collins Middle…. LOL Keeping up???

Then on to Oak Hill High School.

I left there and went BACK to Nashville to Glencliff High School.

After that I went BACK to Oak Hill School.

Yep. That’s 11 different schools!

The first house I can remember was in Fayetteville, WV. We stayed there until my parents split up either right before or right after I turned 5. I can’t remember exactly how old I was, just that I hadn’t started school yet. I know we were living with my Grandma when I started school.

I moved around a lot as a kid and my Mother and I lived with my Grandmother quite often. She was our refuge. We always ended up back at her house.

I used to think that it would be nice to spend my life in ONE place, but now I don’t think so. I like the adventure of new places and new things. Maybe there is a bit of gypsy in me somewhere….  None of it is scary for me since it is the way I grew up. New faces and new places. I remember all the old places and faces, though. So many have left their mark on my heart in ways they could never imagine. It is easier these days to keep up with friends in other places. I have friends and family all over the place. I wish it would have been this easy back when I was a kid! LOL

I lived with my paternal grandparents for a while growing up. I stayed with them in VA and in TN. I leaned so much on them and my maternal grandmother. They were what counted as my stability.

I guess West Virginia will always be my “home place”, though. I miss those mountains so much. It’s been about 13 yrs since I went back.  My kids have never been. Well, I take that back. Jacob was 1 when my Mother passed away and we went to Oak Hill for her funereal.  The other time we went we left the older 3 kids with a sitter, not having the younger 2 at the time. I remember as we crossed into WV from VA “Country Roads” came over the radio. It was perfect.


I hope that works.

My Mother used to tell me how she would ride her bike to watch the men build the bridge.

I have I painting of the grist mill from Babcock State Park hanging on my wall right now. 😉

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I’m Still Alive!! ;)

SHEW! My goodness! What a week!! I have been super busy trying to get the house sorted. I have come to the conclusion that we have too much stuff…. Especially toys… LOL

I have 2 rooms left to finish, the toy room and my sewing studio/library. Right now that room is so full of boxes and shelves that you can barely move through it…..  Hopefully I can change some of that today.

I have a few more pictures to share. Let me see if I can find them. LOL





This will be my sewing studio/library. 😉 Right now it looks like this –



I am thinking about painting my desk a navy blue. Well, that is IF the paint made it this far… LOL








My walk-in closet. It is now completely full…. LOL






Well, gotta run!!! TOOOOOO much to do today!!! Anyone want to come and help???? LOL


Y’all Aren’t Gonna Believe THIS!!!


Well, we are moved. We are now Georgians. The moving company loaded us yesterday and delivered TODAY!!!!

So, we left Virginia around 5 pm and drove as far as Florence, SC last night. I go to plug my laptop up in the hotel room and BLEW A FUSE!!!! No power in the hotel room. SIGH… We call down to the front desk and they say to come up and get another room. As I was backing out to go to the front desk, BAM! I hit a big ole bush…. SIGH… No damage to the vehicle or the bush. SHEW!!!!!

So, we get into the new room and we let the cats out of the big box they were travelling in. They went INSANE!!!!!

This morning it takes 5 of us to try to get the cats back into the box and NONE of us were unscathed! I think I might still be bleeding!!

Anyway, we are driving down the interstate and all of a sudden Cloud figures out how to get out of the box! Then Bonnie and Pammy shoot out. We were then doing 80 on 95 with 3 cats loose in the van. SIGH……

OOOH!! And we passed a GIANT shoe driving down the road! I swear!! A GIANT SHOE!!! I made sure I wasn’t the only one that actually saw it. 😉

We are in another hotel tonight. Even though all our stuff was delivered today we have no utilities…. I will be taking care of all of that in the morning.

I have some GREAT pics of the house to show y’all!!



See the palm trees that I circled?? We have 4 of them in the yard!!

Colin is checking out the pea gravel in the driveway. 😉





My other 2 palm trees!!! 🙂




The wood underneath that circled part is cedar! It smells soooo good!!!!
















These are just a few of the pics that I took today. I will post some more tomorrow.

SOOOO tired and I still have SOOO much to do!!!


Praise the Lord for getting us safely to Georgia!!!!!


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