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Drawstring Backpack Tutorial AKA The D Bag

D asked me to make her a drawstring backpack. She hardly ever asks me to make her ANYTHING so I jumped right on it. LOL

You will need –

1/2 yard of main fabric

1/2 yard of contrast

ribbon, rick rack, something for the drawstring 😉

Step 1 – Measure how long you will need your straps to be. Fold fabric over to where you have 4″ below the fold. Cut 2.

Step 2 – While still folded in half with right sides together, press, pin and sew.  Do the same to other strap.

Step 3 – Press flat with seam in the middle. Fold in half again, press and pin.  Do the same to the other strap.

Step 4 – Sew 2 straight lines down the straps, one on each side.  Do the same to the other strap.

Step 5 – Pin your straps to the outside of the main bag fabric.

Step 6 – Sew the end of the strap to the bag using a finishing stitch. Do that to all 4 ends.

Step 7 – Fold the strap down and sew a square with an X to reinforce it. Do that to all 4 ends.

Step 8 – Pin and sew the 2 sides of your bag.

Step 9 –  Cut a piece of contrast 4″ wide by the width of both sides of your bag.

Step 10 – Fold in half and press.

Step 11 – Fold up 1/4″ of one side and press. Do that to the other side.

Step 12 – Fold in ends and press.

Step 13 – Open the casing you just made and pin to the top of your bag.

Step 14- Sew the casing to the top of your bag, leaving the ends open.

Step 15 – Grab your drawstring, if uncut DO NOT CUT! Pin one end and insert into casing.

Step 16 – Pull out a good bit of the drawstring. Cut and sew the ends together. I used a tight zig zag stitch.

Step 17 – Knot.

You’re DONE!!!!

Let me know if you found this easy to follow!! And if you make one LET ME KNOW!! 🙂

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