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Spider-man Pajama Tutorial

Here’s another surprise tutorial for you! c2 realllllly wanted me to make him some Spider-man p.j.s today so here they are! I figured while I was about it I might as well make up a tutorial for them! 🙂


I started with 1 1/2 yds of Spider-man flannel and used every last bit of it! LOL You will also need some 1″ elastic and possibly a button…. I think I will be going back and adding one to his. 😉


Step 1- Find a shirt that fits your child well. The one I picked was a little smaller than I wanted for his p.j.s. I wanted to give him a little room to grow.


Remove the cat.


Remove BOTH cats…..

Step 2- Lay your t-shirt down on the fabric matching up the folds. Use the shirt as a guide and cut around it.


Step 3- Folding your fabric the OTHER way use your newly made front as your guide and cut around it.


Also, I cut a little notch in the back to make sure I could pull it over his head. He HATES buttons… SIGH… So I was hoping to get by without adding any


Step 4- Find a pair of pants (or shorts if you prefer), fold them in half and pull the crotch ALL the way out.


Step 5- Lay the pants/shorts on the fold and use them as a guide to cut around.

Remove the cat so you can finish cutting…….

Step 6- Again, folding your fabric in the other direction, use your newly made leg as a guide and cut.


Sleeves!! I almost forgot to tell how to make the sleeves!! LOL

Lay your top over fabric with the fold at the top. Use your sleeve “hole” as a guide line to cut the sleeve, coming out and down a little past your guide. Do this for both sleeves.

Now that you have all your pieces you can get ready to sew them up!


Remove the DARN CAT!!!!

Step 7- Pin front of shirt to back of shirt, right sides together and sew together


Step 8- Pin and sew the hem of your sleeves, then fold the sleeves right sides together to sew the bottom of the sleeve.


Step 9- Pin your sleeve to the sleeve hole with the shirt and sleeve right sides together. Sew them up!


Step 10- Pin and sew the hem of the shirt


Step 11- Roll the neck line and pin. Sew it up! But take this sloooowly…..


Remove the DRATTED CAT!!!! Good grief!


Step 12- Take one leg and pin the side with right sides together sew up from the bottom to the point of the crotch. Do the same with the other leg.


Step 13- Turn ONE leg right side out and stuff it down the other leg, matching up seams. Pin in place and sew from the top of one side, down to the crotch and up to the other side.


Step 14- Turn pants wrong side out and pin 2″ from the top to make your elastic casing

Step 15- Sew your elastic casing, leaving an opening to thread the elastic through

Grab your child and measure the elastic around the waist. Other people will say to add a little for seam allowance but I find that always makes the pants/skirt/shorts a little too big. 😉


Step 16- Put a safety pin in both ends of the elastic and thread one end through (you can either hold tightly to both ends OR pin one end to the fabric (Thanks, LaVonne)


Step 17- Sew ends of elastic together.


Step 18- Sew the opening closed.

Step 19- Pin and hem the bottoms of the pants! (I forgot to take a pic of this but I figure if you’ve made it this far…. ;))

Now your done! YAY!! Your little one has new p.j.s!! :)) You could always do it this way for grown-up p.j.s, too. 😉

I Shoulda Had a V-8

Yep….I’ve had another one of THOSE days…. SIGH….

So The Hubby and I go off to do our family shopping trip on our own since the cs are sick. The js and d stayed home to watch them. We get through with our shopping and go to the check-out. The bagger looks at me and says, “Weren’t you just here yesterday with 2 carts full?” Me, “Why, yes, yes I was…. But we are a 3 cart a week family and only so much will fit in the van at one time.” PRICELESS look. ROFLOL!!!

We are on the way home when I look down at my shirt and see toothpaste. Yep. I have been out that whole time in public with toothpaste on my shirt. SIGH…

But wait… It gets better.

We stop at the local farmer’s market where I cover the front of my shirt with bags of produce. SIGH….

We get home and realize I have to run back out to go to Walmart. I forgot that I needed buttons for my dress!!!

We put the groceries away. I lean up against the counter and get grape jelly all over the front of the toothpaste shirt! Well, snot but I needed to change anyway…

I ask the js if they want to go with me. Of course they do and we head out.

Yep. I forgot to change my shirt….

As we leave I tell them we are also going to Bass Pro to pick up The Hubby’s Father’s Day gift. I still haven’t realized that I forgot to change my shirt. And of course NO ONE TELLS ME!!

I realize halfway there that I forgot my cell phone and I couldn’t remember if I had taken my medicine or not. (I still can’t remember)

We get almost to Bass Pro and I look down. CRUD!!!! I forgot to change my stupid shirt!!!

Well, it’s too late now. It’s too far to turn around and go back. SIGH…….So in to Bass Pro we go and then on to Walmart.

Good grief!!  But I got a great fishin’ pole (nope, you can’t say fishinG, it has to be fishin’) and some fishin’ stuff for The Hubby and some really pretty buttons for my dress! LOL Have to find the silver lining somewhere!

Here’s hoping the rest of the day is better. I need to get some sewing done!!! LOL


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