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Slow Progress – McCall’s M4769

It’s slow going on the sewing for the past couple of days. With everyone being sick I just haven’t had much time. I thought The Hubby and c2 were getting better but this evening they are both feeling worse. I think c2 is on his way to an ear infection. WAH!!!!!

Here’s how far I have gotten with the McCall’s M4769.




I had to run out and get some more thread and look for a new light bulb for my sewing machine. I went to 3 places and none of them had the type of bulb I need. Looks like I will have to order it. BUT look what I found for $2.30/yd at Hancock’s!!!


C1 fell in love with it!! I got 4 yds (all they had) and I think I will use the same pattern I used for her cherry dress AND make her this-

McCall’s M6064 – views B and D – the first girl.


Here is the pattern I used for the cherry dress (with a few alterations ;)) I used the view with the girl in blue.


A girl can never have too many vintage style dresses! 🙂

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