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Blog Star: Hi, I’m Stacy!

So since I am very new to the bloggy world I thought I would link up to

Mrs. Monologues

and introduce myself a bit.

I am Stacy. I am a homeschooling mom to 5 kids! J1 is 18, J2 is 16, D is 15, C1 is 8 and C2 is 5.  As if that’s not enough to keep me busy we also have 2 cats, Bonnie and Pammy, 2 goats, Butch and Sundance and about 30 rabbits…. I won’t list all of them. 😉

I just got a sewing machine in March for my 38th (GRINGE) Bday and have been having a BLAST ever since! I love sewing!!! Why didn’t I start years ago???? Well….. there was The Hubby who was convinced I would sew my fingers together (if you knew me in real life you would know this was a valid fear) and I actually almost did sew them together…. I sorta sewed ONE finger… No big deal, right??? There’s just a little scar. Don’t tell him but I almost did it again today… Scared me to death!! Thankfully it only left a little dent this time. 😉

I was born in WV. Yep! I’m a mountain girl!! But I have lived in Indiana, Tennessee, South Carolina and here in Virginia. I went to 11 different schools growing up and that doesn’t count bouncing back and forth between the same schools. Nope, not a military brat… Maybe just a bit of gypsy blood or a bit of an adventurer.

I am a bookaholic. I have more books than I know what to do with. They are taking over my house but I haven’t been able to part with any of them that I haven’t read yet! Actually, there are quite a few that I HAVE read and haven’t been able to part with, too! LOL Yep, no 12 step program for me!

I am now a fabric junkie. I can’t walk into any store without thinking of a way to walk out with something I can use to sew with. LOL Sheets? Sure! Pillow cases? Those, too! ANYTHING, really….. If it’s a sickness I don’t want to get better!!

So this is me –

I HATE pictures of myself…………

This is The Hubby

He’s not too fond of pics, either… LOL

Here’s a pic of the Js, D and C1. Hee hee hee! They are just gonna LOVE this. ;))

Clockwise from bottom right we have C1, J1, D and J2.

And here is C2-

I want to write about sewing, homeschooling and the craziness that is my life. Lately I seem to be more focused on the sewing with a sidestep toward craziness every once in a while….

I hope you enjoy my blog!

McCall’s M4769 and Vintage Pattern Finds

Making MUCH better progress on M4769! YAY!! I am hoping to finish it tonight! 🙂 Here’s where it stands now!



I can’t decide if I want to add the collar or not… I want to know how to so those collars so I may go ahead anyway. If I don’t like it I can always take it off!! That’s one of the great things about sewing your own clothing! You can MAKE it how you WANT it!!! It’s your own creation even if you are using a pattern!

I think the dress is definitely going to have a 1930’s/1940’s type feel to it. And I now find myself looking at modern patterns and thinking how I might be able to change them here and there to make look more vintage. LOL

Speaking of vintage and patterns… Have you seen this site???? OMGOSH!!! They have TONS of actual vintage patterns, not the re-releases but the actual vintage patterns!!

Mom’s Patterns

Here are some of the patterns I am drooling over!!

Hollywood 1007 Vintage 40's Sewing Pattern Sweet Versatile Girls Pajamas, Jacket Top & Pants, 4 Styles  Price:	  $6.50

Advance 2628 Vintage 40's Sewing Pattern SNAZZY Plus Size Swing Era WW2 Tailored Day Dress, Shirtwaist or Coat Style  Price:	  $22.99

And here’s another AWESOME site full of vintage yumminess!!!

Lanetz Living

And here’s a taste of what they have!

Simplicity 2003 Retro 1940's Girls Weskit Blouse Pants

Butterick 4208 Suit Jacket Skirt Retro 1960's

New York 1081 Retro 1940's Big Collar Wrap Dress 40

Simplicity 7099 Retro 1960's Mod Dress 40


Hey, Honey!! I need some money!!! Where’s the credit card???? LOL

Then Simplicity has a lot of re-released vintage goodness!!

B7253 Burda Style Dress & Jacket

B7248 Burda Style Suit

B7255 Burda Style Blouse

And here are some that have a vintage feel to them.

B7494 Burda Style, Jacket & Dress

B7517 Burda Style, Dress

B8072 Burda Style, Dress

Soooo, what are YOU working on??

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