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Pillowcase Dresses

All the pillowcases harmed in the making of this post were thrifted for 50 cents a piece!! These are such simple, easy, fast dresses to make. It takes about 15 -20 minutes to make one of them.

This is the one I made last night. C1 is trying to hide the fudge pop that she dropped down the front of it. LOL

Here’s another one.

And now for my FAVORITE!

Not only thrifted but VINTAGE!!! It had a tiny hole in the side so I patched it up and covered it with a gingham and eyelet (<3 <3) pocket! I just love green and pink together!!!

Next up for me is a one hour sundress. McCall’s Easy M6074-


In this fabric –

The fabric is light pink with SPARKLES!!!  Yes, I am a girly girl. I LOVE pink and sparkly things. 😉

A word to the short people out there that might want to make this….. If you are like me, 5′ even and you want a LONG dress cut it a little shorter than the 2nd longest view…. LOL Seriously…

So, anyone else think that pattern has a 70s feel to it?? It reminds me so much of the 70s maxi dress patterns that I have seen lately. But maybe that’s just me…. 😉

What kind of projects are YOU doing?? Leave a comment and I will check it out! I always follow back. 🙂


I WON!!! 🙂 WHAT did I win???

Jump over to this link Handmade by Hilani and you will see that I won THIS!


Enter to win the below fabric from my good Friend Jennifer at Sisboom
I have a little over 1/2 a yard to gift.
check out this awesome bag I made from it! Summer Purse

Pillowcase Boy’s Shorts and a Pillowcase Dress

I have just made c2 some cute shorts! I am so excited!! So far it’s been PJs, PJs and more PJs… Well, there was ONE other pair of shorts… But you see what I mean! LOL

Here they are!

There’s not really pink on them…. Something weird happened over at PicMonkey… LOL

And here is c1’s pillowcase dress! My gosh those things are quick and easy! A 50 cents pillowcase and 30 mins and she has a new dress! Can’t beat that! LOL

I was trying different things out at PicMonkey…. Not sure I like the way look when they are that big… LOL They looked much better when they were smaller.  I’ll take some better pics in the natural light tomorrow.

If you are new to sewing go the Goodwill and grab some pillowcases! Pillowcase shorts and dresses are VERY simple and easy to make. The shorts are made just like the pants in my pajama tutorial.  Just be careful when you are dealing with vintage linens. They can be very delicate.

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