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Vintage Coolness

I have reallllly been hating on my kitchen lately. It’s a VERY VERY VERY bright green. At first I thought THAT was the problem. Now, I’m not so sure. I think it might just be that the curtains in there are AWFUL with the bright green. So, I’ve been thinking about making over the kitchen without painting it.

I have some green gingham and some bright white fabric that will make very cute curtains (and will MATCH). Then I started thinking about how to style the kitchen. I was thinking about my bathroom as well. I think it’s a special bathroom that still has it’s original 1920’s feel with claw foot tub and stained glass (faux) window. I need to work WITH that. 😉

As I was perusing Pinterest I came upon a ton of vintage ads. PERFECT!!!! I am thinking about printing some of them out and using them in the kitchen and bathroom.  I have a couple of Norman Rockwell prints already and I am going to use those, too.

Here are a few that caught my eye.











































These are just a few that I am thinking about using.

I am probably going to use vintage ads/prints throughout the hallways, as well. Might as well make a thing of it! 😉



Once I get the kitchen done (after the Sewing to Rebuild) I will take some pictures and show you what I come up with!



In sewing news, I am humming right along. I have another bag and toy made. Today I will be working on the clothing to go with them! I will be showing you all of them tomorrow!





Comments on: "Vintage Coolness" (6)

  1. Pam Jones said:

    Stacy, I spent the longest time loving on all of your old ads on Pinterest!! I even saved some to print for the kitchen when it is finished. I guess we think a lot alike. And in other news, I got my package and am in love with the little pieced dresses! Everything is being shipped on to Thelma today!

  2. Can’t wait to see you kitchen make-over with before and after shots. I love old prints, they are comforting somehow.

  3. I love your prints.. Such a wonderful era .. Can’t wait to see your kitchen/bath and hall redo..
    sounds fun..

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