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Sewing Hannah’s Pillowcase Bubble Romper Pattern


I am still doing Sewing to Rebuild! 🙂 My latest project was Hannah’s Pillowcase Bubble Romper from Create Kids Couture. The pattern can be found free for a short time on



Sewing to Rebuild 5011



This was a super easy, super fast pattern to do. I was able to make it in just a couple of hours.

Now I am going to have to make Cailey one!! LOL The pattern only goes up to a size 6 but I already sized it up to an 8 for her. 😉

I decided to leave off the sash. It looks more comfy this way. 😉 

I now have 3 complete sets to send. I need 3 more!!! 😀 I am going to be sewing up a storm this weekend!!!

Next up, a bag, PJ pants and a toy for a little boy!! 





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