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Fly on the Wall – April



Welcome to a Fly on the Wall group post. Today 13 bloggers are inviting you to catch a glimpse of what you’d see if you were a fly on the wall in our homes. Come on in and buzz around my house.


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OMGosh!! Do I have some good ones for you this month!!! ROFLMBO!!!!!




I have been having Joshua and Deanna help out with supper a lot lately. The fibro has NOT been kind to me….

ANYWAY, I am resting in my room when the following happens.

Deanna opens the door and walks in. She has a beater from the mixer STUCK IN HER HAIR!!!!

Deanna – Momma, Momma!!! Help me get this out!!!!

Me – *hysterical laughter* Can’t breath!!! *more hysterical laughter* I’ll help you….. Just give me a second. *more hysterical laughter*

Deanna – This is going on your blog isn’t it?

Me – You better believe it.

I almost grabbed my camera…. LOL 😉




Deanna and I are in my room chatting when Joshua walks in.

Joshua – Did you know if you smack a bonkey’s mutt…

Deanna shoots Sprite out of her nose.

I collapse in a fit of laughter with tears streaming down my face.

We never did find out what happens if you smack a monkey’s butt…..




While we were at The Wilderness at the Smokies we had to get on the elevator about a thousand times.

Deanna – You can run out of air in an elevator!!!

Me – Ummm… NO, you can’t!

Deanna – Yes!! You can!

Me – Ummmm… NO, YOU CAN’T! It’s isn’t air tight or anything!!  Air can still get in!




Cailey to Deanna – I am just so unappreciated.






The Hubby’s friend talked him into playing Farmville 2. Then the rest of us were roped in. SIGH…. And now we are all addicted.

At least a few times a day you can hear The Hubby on the phone with his friend having serious conversations about crops and livestock. Trust me, it’s freakin’ hilarious!!!!


On more Farmville 2 news……

The Hubby to me – Your farm is a mess! There are animals everywhere! You know what that means…. Animal sh*^…..

Me to The Hubby – You realize it isn’t a real farm, right???? There is NO animal crap!!!!




We are watching The Voice on DVR when The Hubby starts fast forwarding.

Me – What are you doing? I want to hear the stories!!

The Hubby – I don’t! I don’t want to hear about some “unique, 2 armed, one legged man”. They will only get by because the audience feels sorry for them. (There was actually no story of the kind. He was just being facetious.)

A few days later we are watching The Walking Dead with Joshua and Deanna. Hershel comes on the screen and Deanna busts out laughing!!

Deanna – OMGOSH!! It’s a unique, 2 armed, one legged man!!!!!

The Hubby was not amused…. But the rest of us thought it was hilarious!! 😉




Colin and Deanna are playing Harry Potter Legos together.

Colin lets one rip.

Colin to Deanna – That wasn’t in the game!

He then starts laughing hysterically.



Deanna – Oh! Hey! I can lick my armpit!!!


Cailey – I can make my neck fart!!!!!!


Colin to Cailey – Cailey, just look at the predicament you got us into!!!


Colin – She means that wigglerly. (He meant literally.)


There’s more but dumby me forgot to write them down!!


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