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6 People, 3 Cats, 10 Kittens and a Dog





SHEW!! We made it to Tennessee… 6 people, 3 cats, 10 kittens and a dog… Sounds like the start of a joke! Well, we are talking about MY life so joke fits!! LOL

Seriously, 2 days, 400+ miles all while crammed into a van, it’s a wonder ANY of us are still sane!!!

BUT we’re not done!!! LOL Ooooh, noooo!!!!

We stopped over night in Columbia on Friday and got to see my aunt and uncle. We stayed in one hotel room for all 6 of us (plus animals). We slept 3 to a bed. YILES!!!!

BUT wait, we’re not done yet!!!!!

Saturday night we stayed at a hotel with adjoining rooms. MUCH MUCH MUCH better!


Tonight (Sunday night) we are staying at an extended stay hotel. It’s nice enough. It has a kitchenette…


The owner of the company ordered the rooms online. They are NOT adjoining!! They aren’t even on the SAME FLOOR!!!!! YILES!!!!

AND there are only 2 TWIN beds to a room….

We were promised that as soon as 2 rooms beside each open up then we will be moved. As of now we have to split everyone up.


AND there is no hope of bigger beds. They only have TWIN beds!!!

We are here until we find a house! SIGH…..



Pray for me, people!! I am going to need it!!!

Pray that we find a house QUICKLY!!!!!


At least I ought to have plenty of material for next month’s Fly on the Wall!!!  LOL




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