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Cabin Fever



Cabin fever, we have it!!!!

They still haven’t moved our 2nd room closer to this one. Apparently they only have so many double rooms. SIGH….. At least there’s an elevator. LOL


Here are some of the things we have done this week to try to keep the cabin fever at bay!


Park April 2013


On Tuesday we went to a park that is near the house we are trying to get. We put in an application yesterday. Wish us luck!!!!!

This park was great. Not only did it have a great playground, it also had these huge rocks to climb all over. Better still, the park is right beside a library and a recreation center!! WOOO HOOO!!!!



Art Museum  010 Art Museum 002




This morning we went to the art museum. Like Richmond’s, it was free. Unlike Richmond’s, it was TINY!!! They have none of the masters but they still had some lovely pieces.



Art Museum 025



After the art museum we went across the street to a very cool park. It is one of the largest wooden parks that I have ever seen! Even the big kids got into it! LOL 😉


I think we are in for it this weekend, though…. Hopefully we can keep finding new stuff to do to keep from going completely stark, raving mad!!! LOL  There’s only so much TV the kids can watch (especially with only PBS and Cartoon Network) and only so many video games they can play…. They kept out the 2 DSs, 1 PS3, 1 PS2 and the PSP. Right now one is playing PS2 down in the 2nd room while one is reading, 1 is playing a Legos game on my iPhone and the other is playing a spelling game on my Nook in this room! LOL  I don’t know WHAT we would do without all of the gadgets!! I brought a crate of books for myself! 😉 Too bad we only have the one laptop. There’s always a scuffle over it!

We are still doing some school work and Deanna admitted to me today that she is glad of it, it’s something else to DO! LOL






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