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Weather Activities

Weather Activities




We are still studying weather around here. We have had QUITE the variety to study, too. LOL Snow, sleet, freezing rain, ice, rain, sun, freezing cold and regular cold. LOL 

Here is a link to the resources that I put together for a weather unit study and you can click HERE for some more activities for studying weather. For ALL of my homeschooling resources and activities click HERE.


Now on to our most recent weather activities!!


Make a Cloud


We made a cloud!!! It was sooooo hard to get a picture of it!! I hope you can tell where it was! LOL 

I got the idea from HERE. I didn’t have a pie tin so we used a cake pan instead. 😉 HERE is another one. Darn! I wish I had some matches! LOL 


weather cloud activity 005 weather cloud activity 006

Before creating the cloud in a jar, we made the 3 main types of clouds out of cotton balls. 



weather atmosphere activity 003 weather atmosphere activity 004



I had them draw and label the atmosphere, marking where weather happens the most. 

Well, I labeled Colin’s for him. 😉


Next, for our weather unit, I plan on using more of the Young Scientist Kit that we have. LOVE those kits!!!!!! 


Coming up tomorrow (if it all dries in time) I should have a REALLLLLLLLLLLY cool Middle Ages activity for you! Cailey and Colin had so much fun creating them! 😉







What We’ve Been Up To (Besides FREEZING!!!)

We have been SO busy and SO cold!!! Single digit highs for the south?? INSANE!!!! Our sliding door on the van was frozen shut for DAYS!! It finally opened yesterday afternoon!  Thank goodness!

So, just what have we been up to???


Carousel 011 Carousel 013


We went to the mall last weekend. Cailey and Colin loved the indoor carousel!

It’s a bit different for us here. It takes almost an hour to get to a mall!!! WHAT??? Crazy!!!!

We then headed over to the huge used book store. Unfortunately someone decided to have a massive meltdown so he and I ended up sitting it out in the van. SIGH….. I did manage to snag some great freebies from the free box, though!


Water Cycle Collage


We have been studying the weather. Cailey and Colin drew the water cycle.


Weather 030


We made a wind vane!! An actual working wind vane! LOL It was accurate and everything!



Motte and Bailey Castle 021 Motte and Bailey Castle 022


We also started our middle ages unit. We were going to make actual dirt, grass and wood models of motte and bailey castles but the GROUND IS FROZEN!!!!!!  So they drew them instead. 😉


Shield and Sword Papier Mache 016


Yesterday we started making papier mache shields and swords. I’ll be posting the finished products soon! 😉


What have you been up to???



Weather Unit Study

Weather Unit Study

I know, I know, another unit study. I promise that by Friday I will have my next sewing project up! It will my pattern remix of Me Sew Crazy’s Spring Fever Pattern for Project Run & Play’s Pattern Remix Party.

There are tons and tons of resources out there for weather units. It’s almost overwhelming! Here are the ones I plan to chose from when we do our weather unit study.

Everything we use for our units can be found either FREE or cheap. 😉


When it comes to science kits my favorites always come from The Young Scientist Club or Magic School Bus.

Young Scientist Club kits 4 – 6 (you can opt for the monthly club but it is cheaper to buy 3 kits in one set on Amazon)


Adventure Science Series – Wacky Weather (Young Scientists Club)






There are quite a few Magic School Bus books on weather. We will definitely be using more than one! 😉



Twister on Tuesday (Magic Tree House, No. 23)

Magic Tree House – Twister on Tuesday



Magic Tree House Fact Tracker #8: Twisters and Other Terrible Storms: A Nonfiction Companion to Magic Tree House #23: Twister on Tuesday

Magic Tree House Fact Tracker – Twisters and Other Terrible Storms



Tornadoes!  (Scholastic Reader, Level 4)

Tornadoes! Scholastic Level 4 Reader



DK Eyewitness Books: Weather

DK Eyewitness Weather



Storms and Hurricanes (Usborne Understanding Geography)

Storms and Hurricanes 


Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs



Oh Say Can You Say What's the Weather Today?: All About Weather (Cat in the Hat's Learning Library)

Oh Say Can You Say What’s the Weather Today?






What's the Weather Like Today?

What’s the Weather Like Today? – FREE for Prime members



Hurricanes & Storms Unit Study

Hurricanes and Storms Unit Study – FREE for Prime members



National Geographic Readers: Storms!

National Geographic Kids Readers – Storms – this one is toss up of which would be cheaper, the Kindle edition or a used paperback



Weather Detectives, The

The Weather Detectives – $3.99




Clouds – FREE for Prime members – 99 cents



What Happens When it Snows: Three Snowy Stories for Kids

What Happens When It Snows – FREE for Prime members



Alert! Wild Weather (Spectrum® Readers)

Alert! Wild Weather – $1.99



FREE on We Give Books


DK Eye Wonder Weather

The Snowy Day

DK Readers Twisters!

Groundhog Weather School





Here is where the list can get reallllllllly long!


Weather Words Lapbook – Homeschool Share

Tornado Lapbook – Homeschool Share

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs Lapbook – Homeschool Share

Hurricanes Unit Study and Lapbook – Homeschool Share

Weather Lapbook – Homeschool Helper Online

Weather Lapbooks – Weather, Tornadoes, and Hurricanes – Squidoo

Magic School Bus Based Weather Lapbooks – Yee Shall Know

Weather Project Pack – Hands of a Child – $7

Extreme Weather Project Pack – Hands of a Child – $9

Weather Unit – Living Life Intentionally

Weather Printables –

Weather Printables and Crafts – DLTK-Kids

Weather Printables – Scholastic

Weather Pages – School Express

Weather Theme – Make Learning Fun

Weather Printables –

Weather Printables – Busy Bee Kids Printables

Weather Tracking Cards – Montessori Print Shop – FREE

Whatever the Weather – Teacher’s Book Bag – Currclick – FREE

My Weather Journal – Teacher’s Book Bag – Currclick – FREE

Science Scribe Weather – Currclick – 96 cents

Weather Folklore – Happy Scribe Copybook – Currclick – 96 cents

All About Weather – Simple Schooling – Currclick – 99 cents

Tornadoes & Thunderstorms – Simple Schooling – Currclick – $1.99





Montessori Inspired Weather Unit  – Living Montessori NOW

Weather Crafts and Lesson Plans – Crayola

The Weather Channel Kids

How Clouds Work

Pine Cone Weather Station

Weather Related Science Projects – Squidoo

Weather Wiz Kids

Fun Weather Facts for Kids – over on the right side you will find more weather facts links

Discovery Kids – Weather

Weather for Kids! – NOAA

Weather Experiments – Steve Spangler

Books About Weather – No Time for Flash Cards

Weather Crafts – No Time for Flash Cards




Schoolhouse Rock – Greatest Show on Earth




Weather for Kids – Part 1




The Magic School Bus Kicks Up a Storm


There are other Magic School Bus Videos, just do a search! 😉


As always, Discovery Streaming has tons of videos for weather. Just search for it! 😉


Hope you enjoy the weather resources! 😀




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