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My Goodness…..


It’s been a whole week since my last post!! MY GOODNESS!!!! I am SO sorry!!! It’s been crazy and hectic around here. I am still unpacking… I am working on my sewing room/library. That’s about all that’s left except for figuring out where to put some little things. I have most of MY books put up but there are still boxes and boxes and BOXES of the kids’ books. YILES!!!!!!

I have also been fighting yet another ear infection. MY GOODNESS!!!!! What is up with that????? And of course, we are in between insurance, again…. So I have just had to suck it up and deal with it. Thankfully it seems to be getting better now.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what my first sewing project ought to be once I get up and running again. I am in desperate need of some new clothes so I think the first few things will actually be for ME!!! LOL

I have been thinking a lot about this pattern-

Simplicity 2947

It looks SOOOO comfy and perfect for summer!!!


I wish I could remember what other patterns I have. They are still buried in a box somewhere.  MY GOODNESS!!!!


I think I am going to keep an eye on the Joann’s ads. I want some more patterns!! Like these…..


























OH!! I got a couple of books for Mother’s Day!! Right now I am almost finished with Ken Follett’s Fall of Giants. MY GOODNESS!!! It is sooooo good!! I have never read anything by Ken Follett before and if this book is anything to go by then I have seriously been missing out. I wish I had the next in the series!!!

The Hubby got me Dan Brown’s Inferno!!!! I should be starting it tomorrow! I just LOVE his Robert Langdon series and have been reading it from the beginning.

Joshua got me Charlaine Harris’s Dead Ever After. It is the very last Sookie Stackhouse book!!! MY GOODNESS!!!! WAH!!! It was a great ending to an awesome series and I just don’t know what I am going to do without any more!!! WAH!!!!!!!





Unpacking …. BLECK!!!!



We are alive!!! Buried alive in boxes, that is….. LOL


I have a little rant coming up….


The movers…. ARGH!!!! They managed to ruin 3 of my book shelves, break The Hubby’s desk and lose one of The Hubby’s DVD shelves…. AND we can’t do a thing about it because they were all made of pressboard. Nice…. ARGH!!!!!!


Not only that BUT they were REALLY late, like a whole DAY late. I started getting those Funny Farm feelings again….

When the movers finally got here they were really nice and seemed very horrified that so many of my shelves were destroyed… They blamed it on other guys. I guess it could have been. At least 3 different sets of people handled our belongings. SIGH….

Then the company tried to charge The Hubby’s boss too much. When The Hubby signed the papers on moving day, there were no charges listed, just a documentation of our stuff. Then miraculously the charges showed up afterward. We have the original set of papers to prove this. Just CRAZY!!!!

Some advice, if you are hiring movers go with a BIG company. One that has been in business for many, many, many years. Stay away from the small, recently in business guys. I usually don’t say that. I am all about small businesses but I think this is one of those times when you just have to go with the established, good reputation guys.


SIGH…. I need new shelves. I think The Hubby is going to commandeer one of book shelves. SIGH…..


On the bright side (you always need to find one), we are loving the house and the city. There are definitely some rooms that need painted (the kitchen is neon green) and I am itching to get started on that but I need some order in the house first! Wish me luck! 😉






I’m Still Alive!! ;)

SHEW! My goodness! What a week!! I have been super busy trying to get the house sorted. I have come to the conclusion that we have too much stuff…. Especially toys… LOL

I have 2 rooms left to finish, the toy room and my sewing studio/library. Right now that room is so full of boxes and shelves that you can barely move through it…..  Hopefully I can change some of that today.

I have a few more pictures to share. Let me see if I can find them. LOL





This will be my sewing studio/library. 😉 Right now it looks like this –



I am thinking about painting my desk a navy blue. Well, that is IF the paint made it this far… LOL








My walk-in closet. It is now completely full…. LOL






Well, gotta run!!! TOOOOOO much to do today!!! Anyone want to come and help???? LOL


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