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Monkey Business



My latest set for Sewing to Rebuild has been taken over by monkeys!! LOL


Monkey Business 008





Monkey Business 004





Monkey Business 003



Next up (and last for the Sewing to Rebuild) will be another boy’s set.



After that I will be getting busy sewing for MY kids. LOL Colin has been complaining that it has been too long since I made him something. It will be a part of Hopeful Threads June sewing project.

Hopeful Threads

I have some really cute knit that I have been thinking about making into PJs for Colin and a nightgown for Cailey. Colin also needs some new shorts! Then I think I will break out some patterns that I have been meaning to get to.






Sew Busy Sewing



SHEW!!! I took a break from sewing yesterday. It was just one of those days. Fibro. 


Here is what I have so far on the next set for Sewing to Rebuild.



Sewing to Rebuild 3005





Sewing to Rebuild 3007



For the little rabbit, I used a template from Crafty Cupboard.   It was very easy to make. I think I might need to make a bunch in spring prints for Easter decorations!! LOL 

The only thing this set needs now is an outfit. I am thinking about making the Sunshine Days outfit in pink.  I hope to get started on it today after I get all my errands done. 


Look what we say the other day!!


Rainbow 001


I wish the photo would show how bright and beautiful this was!! It was just behind our neighbor’s house across the street. 



Hope you are having fun sewing!!! 😀





I Am a Sewing Machine!

Yep! That is what I am! LOL I finished 3 sewing projects today!! And I am patting myself on the back a little bit…. LOL 😉


Here they are!!


12-7-12 003


I made these pajama pants for a friend of mine. Another friend sent me the fabric just for these.  I hope they make her smile when she gets them. She has had a REALLLLY hard time lately. 😦


12-7-12 004


I had enough fleece left over to make her a matching tote bag.



12-7-12 012


Then I made these Toy Story pajama pants for Colin. He had a Buzz Lightyear pajama shirt given to him by a friend but she couldn’t find the pants. Enter a sale at Joann’s! LOL I have had this fabric sitting in my pile for a while now.


12-7-12 013

One happy boy!!! Score a point for mom!!! LOL



And I wanted to show you Cailey’s latest artwork. Usually she prefers to draw with ink so this is rare… LOL


12-7-12 008



I have a few ideas brewing. Hopefully I can get them worked out and have a few new tutorials coming up for you! 🙂



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