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Weather Activities

Weather Activities




We are still studying weather around here. We have had QUITE the variety to study, too. LOL Snow, sleet, freezing rain, ice, rain, sun, freezing cold and regular cold. LOL 

Here is a link to the resources that I put together for a weather unit study and you can click HERE for some more activities for studying weather. For ALL of my homeschooling resources and activities click HERE.


Now on to our most recent weather activities!!


Make a Cloud


We made a cloud!!! It was sooooo hard to get a picture of it!! I hope you can tell where it was! LOL 

I got the idea from HERE. I didn’t have a pie tin so we used a cake pan instead. 😉 HERE is another one. Darn! I wish I had some matches! LOL 


weather cloud activity 005 weather cloud activity 006

Before creating the cloud in a jar, we made the 3 main types of clouds out of cotton balls. 



weather atmosphere activity 003 weather atmosphere activity 004



I had them draw and label the atmosphere, marking where weather happens the most. 

Well, I labeled Colin’s for him. 😉


Next, for our weather unit, I plan on using more of the Young Scientist Kit that we have. LOVE those kits!!!!!! 


Coming up tomorrow (if it all dries in time) I should have a REALLLLLLLLLLLY cool Middle Ages activity for you! Cailey and Colin had so much fun creating them! 😉








What We’ve Been Up To (Besides FREEZING!!!)

We have been SO busy and SO cold!!! Single digit highs for the south?? INSANE!!!! Our sliding door on the van was frozen shut for DAYS!! It finally opened yesterday afternoon!  Thank goodness!

So, just what have we been up to???


Carousel 011 Carousel 013


We went to the mall last weekend. Cailey and Colin loved the indoor carousel!

It’s a bit different for us here. It takes almost an hour to get to a mall!!! WHAT??? Crazy!!!!

We then headed over to the huge used book store. Unfortunately someone decided to have a massive meltdown so he and I ended up sitting it out in the van. SIGH….. I did manage to snag some great freebies from the free box, though!


Water Cycle Collage


We have been studying the weather. Cailey and Colin drew the water cycle.


Weather 030


We made a wind vane!! An actual working wind vane! LOL It was accurate and everything!



Motte and Bailey Castle 021 Motte and Bailey Castle 022


We also started our middle ages unit. We were going to make actual dirt, grass and wood models of motte and bailey castles but the GROUND IS FROZEN!!!!!!  So they drew them instead. 😉


Shield and Sword Papier Mache 016


Yesterday we started making papier mache shields and swords. I’ll be posting the finished products soon! 😉


What have you been up to???



Learn About Light – Resources for a Unit Study

Learn About Light




Science can be one of those scary things to teach but it doesn’t have to be! Science is all about hands on learning. Don’t be afraid of it! Have FUN with it!!!!! 

Science is one of my favorite things to teach and I think it’s one of the most natural things for kids to learn. Kids are so curious about the world around them and that’s exactly what science is all about. How many times have you heard your kids ask why?? Well, science answers most of those questions! LOL 

The resources I found for a light unit would be perfect to pair with an anatomy unit on eyes.

As always, I include resources for a variety of ages. All books can be found at your local library, on Amazon or Paperback Swap (you should really check out this link).

All printable resources are free unless marked with $$$.



books graphic























kindle graphics











printables graphics


Lapbook – Homeschool Helper Online

Printables and Activities – BBC

3 Free Printables – abcteach

Printable Worksheets – Primary Leap (sign up for free)

Worksheets –

Printables – Kid Friendly Homeschool Curriculum 

Science Terms Printables – Mrs Sandford’s 4th Grade Blog

Worksheets – Mr Collinson

Printables and Activities – Teach Engineering 

Worksheet, Coloring Page and Info – Science With Me


Teacher Book Bag Simple Science Unit – Sound and Light

Exploring Light Lapbook


online graphic

Science Net Links – info – activities

A to Z Teacher Stuff – Lesson Plans

Scholastic – Activities for Magic School Bus Gets a Bright Idea – info

Exploratorium  – Activities

Science Kids – Info and Activities

How Stuff Works – Info

WatchKnowLearn – videos

Physics 4 Kids – Info

Monster Sciences – Activities

Optics For Kids – Activities

YouTube – Learn About Light Video


other graphic


Magic School Bus Science Kit The Mysteries of Rainbows

Young Scientist Series – Light

Science Wiz Light Experiment Kit







Top 10 Posts of 2013

Top 10 Posts of 2013




It’s TIME!!! Time to ring out the old and bring in the new! 😀 Don’t you just love New Year’s?? You can kiss the mistakes of the last year goodbye and welcome a clean slate.

As I’ve said before, I never make resolutions. No way am I setting myself up for failure from the get go. 😉 BUT here are some of the things that I want to do more of in the new year.


SEWING –  It’s been 2 LOOOOONG months since I have sat at my sewing machine. That’s 2 months too long. I have GOT to figure out a way to unpack my sewing stuff in this tiny house!! We are only supposed to be here a few months (until the rental agent finds us a bigger place) but I am going through some heavy withdrawals already!!! LOL


CRAFTING – It has been forever since I made anything. ARGH!!!! I need my creative outlets!! I’ll go starkers!!!


READING –  I used to set myself reading challenges at the beginning of each year. It’s been a couple of years since I have done that. Just not enough time. SIGH…. BUT I am planning a couple of different challenges for 2014. One is the Alphabet Soup Challenge made by Escape With Dollycas Into a Good Book.  You can check my page for it out HERE.

The other challenge is to read 100 books. That used to be NOTHING to me. I could read 3 books a week. AHHH, those were the days.

I’ll be keeping up with that challenge over at Goodreads. You can click the Goodreads widget over on the right side. I think it will take you to my books.


Now, on to the Top 10 Posts of 2013!!!



worm unit study

My Worm Unit Study!!!

That was a fun one to make. We actually haven’t done it yet… SHHHH!!! That’ll be one for spring! 😉



My Rocks and Minerals Unit Study! That was a fun one. The kids love anything hands on. I made sure to save everything from our  kits so we can do it again. 😉



Apron skirt 1

Apron Skirt Tutorial I just love old fashioned clothes for kids!! Not all the time but it’s nice to have some pieces. This was such a quick and easy little skirt to make. It can be easily personalized for the little girl in your life.



DinoROAR 1

DinoROAR Tutorial Part 2 – Colin still loves this outfit. It’s holding up well, too! HA! Little boys can be so hard on clothes!!




Marco Polo Unit Study  

Another fun, hands on study. And another one that we have actually put to use. 😉



Plants Unit Study –  Ummm… another one that we will be getting to this spring…. I figure we’ll do plants and worms at the same time.  😉



Simple Machines

Simple Machines Unit Study

This is going to be SO MUCH FUN, when we actually get to it…. (Our next science unit will be weather, which I think is perfect for winter in TN.)




Tee to Short-all 1

Tee to Short-all Refashion Tutorial

This was so much fun to make for my cousin’s little guy.




Aztec, Inca & Maya (DK Eyewitness Books)

Aztecs, Incas and Mayans Study Unit

I think this one was so popular because it’s hard to find great resources for that topic. Not sure why… It’s so interesting! So much fun to learn about!!!



Drum roll, please.


Sharky Stuffed Toy 1

EASY Stuffed Shark Toy Tutorial and Pattern

My very first (and really only) pattern made to share! LOL

Y’know… I never get around to making one for Colin…. Something to add to my to sew list!! Not like it isn’t a mile long already!!


So, there you have it! My top 10 of 2013!!! I hope you’ve enjoyed them all!!! Please, stick around for 2014!!!! And invite some friends!! PLEASE!! LOL





Halloween FUN – Printables, Crafts, Activities and More

Halloween Fun




Here are some resources that would be great for a Halloween unit or just a fun Halloween themed break from the norm. 😉


printables graphics



Halloween Lapbook  and Notebooking Pages – Homeschool Helper Online

Halloween Printables and Activities – Spoonful

Halloween Printables, Crafts and Activities – Activity Village

Halloween Coloring Pages, Crafts and Lesson Plans – Crayola

Halloween Worksheets –

Halloween Printables and Crafts – DLTK-Kids

Halloween Coloring Pages –

Jack-o-lantern Theme Pack  and Halloween Theme Pack – Gift of Curiosity

Candy Corn Math Pack – Royal Baloo

Halloween Worksheets – School Sparks

Frankenweenie Activity Sheets – Saving Dollars and Sense

Halloween Counting Printables – Over the Big Moon

Halloween Worksheets – abc Teach

Halloween Printable Pack – 2 Teaching Mommies

Halloween Printable Tot Pack – The Intentional Momma

Halloween Activity Pack – Nick Jr.

Halloween Printables and Paper Crafts – Squidoo




online graphic



Halloween Activities –

40 Quick Halloween Crafts – The Country Chic Cottage

Halloween Chapter Books – What Do We Do All Day

100 + Halloween Ideas for Kids – My Small Potatoes

Halloween Books for Boys – Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy!

Halloween Activities – Apples 4 the Teacher

50 + Halloween Activities for Kids – Growing a Jeweled Rose

Halloween Poems – Squidoo

Halloween Crafts for Kids –

20 + Halloween Crafts – iVillage

Halloween Info for Kids – Smart Stat

Halloween History –

40 Halloween Facts – Random History

The History of Halloween – Social Studies for Kids




Halloween Science Projects – Chemistry

Halloween Chemistry – ACS

Halloween Science Experiments – Kitchen Pantry Scientist

Halloween Science Experiments and Ideas – Science Bob

10 Experiments for Halloween – Babble

Candy Experiments

Halloween Science Experiments – YouTube









Bat Unit Study Resources

Bat Study Pic

In the days leading up to Halloween I will be posting different resources for a bunch of different studies that you could do. I’m starting with bats and will also try to get spiders, Salem Witch Trials, Romania and Halloween in general up in time.

As always, most of the resources I list are free unless marked with $$$. I try to cover a variety of ages. All the books can be found at your local library, on Amazon or Paperback Swap.

books graphic

The pictures are clickable links.

There is a whole series of these. Bats at the Beach, Bats at the Ballgame, etc.

kindle graphics

printables graphics

Nocturnal Animals Lapbook – Homeschool Share

Stellaluna Lapbook – Homeschool Share

Bat Coloring Pages –

Printable Bat Templates – First Palette

Life Cycle and other printables – Kidzone

Bat Printables and activities – Activity Village

Bat Coloring Page and activities – Classroom Jr.

Bat Printables –

Bat Mini Helper – Currclick (free, even though it’s on Currclick)

Bat Printables and Activities – A to Z Teacher Stuff

Printable and Info  and Bat Info and Activities  – Scholastic

Printable Crafts and Activities – DLTK-Kids

Coloring Pages and Art Ideas – Crayola

Printable Bat Craft  and Other Bat Craft   – Learn Create Love

Bat Coloring Pages –

Worksheets, Lesson Plans and More – Teacher Planet

Bat Activity Sheets  – School Express

Printable Bat Diagram – Vintage Printable

Printables and Info – A to Z Kids Stuff

$$$ – all things below this line are NOT FREE

Bat Nomenclature – Pinay Homeschooler

HOAC Bat Lapbook – Currclick (check the price on HOAC first)

Bats and Spiders Unit Study – Currclick (check the price on Amazon first)

Bat Notebooking Pages, Lapbook and more – Christian Homeschool Hub ($25 a year for unlimited downloads)

online graphic

Games, activities, crafts, etc.

Bat Unit –

Bat Lesson Plans – Bats Live

Bat Crafts – Squidoo

Bat Facts – Squidoo

Wild Kratts – Going Batty and Building a Bat Home

Bat Crafts – Family Crafts

Bat Catcher Game – Zoom

Bat Lesson Ideas – Education World

Bat Info and Activities – Bat Conservation International

Bats! Why Should We Care?

Bat Educational Resources –

Bat Info, Games and Quiz – Bats 4 Kids

Bat Video – Nat Geo

Bats Facts and Videos – Kids Nat Geo

How Bats Work – How Stuff Works

Bats – Animal Planet

Bat Facts – Bat Rescue

Listen to Bats –

Bat vidoes, activites, x-ray and more –

What Do Bats Do in the Winter – YouTube (look over on the right for more great bat videos)

Bat Crafts – Spoonful

Bat Crafts – Artists Helping Children

Montessori Bat Unit – Just Montessori



SHEW!!! There you go! 😀






Solar System Unit Study

Solar System

As always, I try to add resources for all age ranges.

All the printables are free unless otherwise noted with $$$.

The books should be easily found at your local library, on Amazon or Paperback Swap.

books graphic



kindle graphics



printables graphics

Space Lapbook – Homeschool Share

Astronauts Unit , Comets, Meteors and Stars Unit, Planets Unit – Homeschool Helper Online

Astronaut Lapbook – Homeschool Helper Online

Solar System Printables     More Printables – HS Launch

Solar System Worksheets –

Solar System Printables –

Solar System Printables and Activities – 3 Boys and a Dog

Solar System Printables – School Express

Space Printables, Activities, Lessons and Crafts – Crayola

Lapbook based on Magic School Bus Space Explorers  – Yee Shall Know

Planets and Stars Printables – Mrs Home Ec

Phases of the Moon Mini Book – Frugal Homeschool Family

Space Printables – 2 Teaching Mommies

Space Printables (TONS and TONS of them!!) – Learning Pages (you have to sign up but it’s all free)

Life Cycle of a Star – Counting Coconuts

Preschool Solar System Pack – 1+1+1=1

Solar System Printables – A to Z Teacher Stuff

Cut and Build Models

Solar System Printables – Classroom Jr

Solar System Printables – Sparklebox

Solar System Printables – Jumpstart

Solar System 3 Part Cards –  Imagine Our Life

Solar System Nomenclature Cards and Mini Book – The Helpful Garden

Space and Solar System Printables – Pinay Homeschooler

Space Printables – Activity Village

Solar System Montessori Printables – Montessori Mom



online graphic

Solar System Experiments – A to Z Home’s Cool

Solar System Info –

Solar System Lessons and Activities – Scholastic

Solar System Lesson Plans and Crafts – Crayola

Space Crafts and Activities – No Time for Flashcards

Solar System Lesson Plan – Squidoo

Solar System Projects – Squidoo

Solar System Documentary List for Amazon and Netflix – Squidoo

Solar System Projects and Activities – Pink and Green Mama

The Universe Games, Videos and Activities – Study Jams

Space Crafts – Red Ted Art

Lego Solar System – Kitchen Counter Chronicles

Montessori-Inspired Solar System Unit – Living Montessori Now

Candy Solar System – E Is for Explore

Solar System Videos – YouTube

Interplanet Janet – Schoolhouse Rocks – YouTube

Virtual Field Trip – Fly Me to the Moon – Laurie Fowler

Star Gazing Network

Solar System and Interactive Star Guide – Astronomy for Kids

The Solar System Channel – How Stuff Works

Solar System Info – Nat Geo

Space Activities – NASA

Solar System Videos, Games and Lessons – Neo K12

Astronomy Themed Ideas and Resources – Homeschool Giveaways

Solar System Info – Discovery Kids

All About the Solar System for Kids – Mr Nussbaum

Outer Space Crafts – DLTK-Kids

Universe Info – Universe Today

Space Crafts – Busy Bee Kids Crafts

Windows to the Universe

Virtual Journey into the Universe – Kids News Room

other graphic

Magic School Bus Kit – The Secret of Space

Some rabbit trailing or expansion ideas –



Tycho Brahe


Galileo Galilei

Johannes Kepler

Space Program


Space Station



Volcano Unit Study w/FREE Notebooking Pages

Volcano Unit Study

The next unit up, VOLCANOES!!! Lots and lots of fun!!!

Here is pic of Deanna’s salt dough and papier mache  volcano that she made a couple of years ago.

Deanna's Volcano

Deanna had a lot of fun making that! She created the the lava from red food coloring, vinegar and baking soda.



As always, the links, printables, books and resources can be used with a variety of ages.

All the books should be easily found at your local library, on Amazon or Paperback Swap.

If you have any questions, just leave a comment, use the Contact Me button at the top of the page to shoot me an email or find me on Facebook or Twitter! 😀



notebooking graphic






books graphic





kindle graphics





printables graphics

Krafty Kids – V is for Volcano

Homeschool Share – Unit Study and Lapbook

Homeschool Helper Online – Unit Study

HS Launch – Mini book and Notebooking page 

abc Teach – worksheets

Homeschooling – worksheets

The Helpful Garden – volcano cards  and nomenclature cards

First-School – V is for Volcano

Sparklebox – banners and posters

Crayola – coloring pages, lesson plans, crafts

Twisty Noodle – handwriting sheets and coloring pages

Teach-nology – printable lessons

Hands on Homeschooler – counting cards

Enchanted Learning – printables and activities

School Express – activity sheets

Super Coloring Pages

ESL Printables – worksheets – worksheets

Scholastic – exploding volcano mini book

$$$ – Hands of a Child – the site was down while I was making this post.  You can find the Volcanoes Notepack on Currclick  and the Volcanoes Lapbook but they are usually cheaper on the Hands of a Child site.

$$$ – Currclick

Types of Volcanoes

Volcanoes Unit Study  or on Kindle

Simple Schooling All About Volcanoes (I love their units and I have this one.)

Volcanoes Lapbook

Make a 3 D Layered Volcano





online graphic

Volcano World

USGS – info and teacher resources

Just Montessori – activity ideas

No Time for Flash Cards – activities and craft

PBS – Volcano’s Deadly Warning

Earth’s Active Volcanoes 

Quia – vocabulary game

Brain Pop – game – make a volcano

neo K 12 – videos, activities

National Geographic

Scholastic – info

Discovery Kids– info

Kids Geo– info

A to Z Home’s Cool Homeschooling – videos, links and activities

wiki How – 3 ways to make a volcano

Squidoo – Volcanoes for Kids

Plate Tectonics and Volcano Lesson

Volcano Videos for Kids

Kids Investigate Volcanoes




other graphic

Volcano cakes – Refashionista    and  Celebrations at Home

Volcano snacks – Craft Interrupted  and   Parents Connect

Volcano science kits – we currently have the Smithsonian and the Young Scientist Club kits, but I have loved every Magic School Bus kit that we have done.

 Magic School Bus


Young Scientist Club







~~Fireflies Unit Study~~ with FREE Printables

Preschool Firefly Clip Art

Here it is!! The firefly unit that I promised my friend Eileen from Eileen’s Perpetually Busy.  She asked me to put one together shortly after her kids saw fireflies for the FIRST TIME!!!! 😀

Here you go, Eileen!!!

**********FREE NOTEBOOKING PAGES************* (made by me)

FirefliesStacySewsandSchools (1)


BOOKS blog pic done

Kindle Books Blog pic done

Printables blog pic done

Hoomeschool Share Connections – Insects (lapbook and report form)

Teaching Heart – activities and printables

Activity Sheets – Ready Set Glow

Coloring Pages –

Lapbook Lessons

School Express – Activity Sheets

At Home Mom Buzz – List of Coloring Sheets

Classroom Freebies – Firefly Unit

Lesson Planet – Worksheets and Lesson Plans

Teach With Me – Printables and Activities

Learn Create Love – Printable Craft

Online Resources blog pic done

Crayola – Lesson Plans and Crafts

Squidoo – Firefly Info

What Makes a Firefly Glow?

Lesson Plan Source – Art project

Nat Geo

Animal Planet

Science News for Kids

Craft Jr.

Smithsonian Insects

Hands on Homeschooler

Mr. Nussbaum – game


Kids Discover

There you got! Not much but at least enough for a mini unit! 😉 There are a lot more books than resources but then again, it should probably be more hands on anyway.

Don’t forget! If you have a request for a unit, just comment, email me (use the Contact Me button at the top of the page) or post on my Facebook!



Simple Machine Unit Study with FREE Printables

Simple Machines

I wanted to make more cute graphics for the blog BUT I am starting to run out of space…. YILES!!! Looks like I am going to have to upgrade sometime soon. So much for a free blog! 😉 So until then I might just reuse the ones I made for the pirate unit! LOL

I put together some notebooking pages for this unit. I am getting better at working Google Drive. 😉

************FREE NOTEBOOKING PAGES***************

SimpleMachinesNotebooking-StacySewsandSchools (7)

When I put a unit together, I try to include resources for a variety of ages. My kids are 19 (no longer homeschooled), 17, 16, 9 and 6 so I teach a variety of ages! LOL

Most of the books should be easily found at your local library, on Amazon or Paperback Swap. ALL homeschoolers should become familiar with Paperback Swap! Next to the library system, it’s a homeschooler’s best friend!!! 😉

I know that I have been posting a lot of homeschooling stuff lately and not so much sewing BUT we are gearing up for the new school year and that is about all my brain can handle right now! In a short time I should be more prepared and should be able to focus more time on sewing tutorials! 😉

BOOKS blog pic done

Product Details

Printables blog pic done

All printables are free unless marked with $$$

Notebooking Pages – Homeschool Helper Online (scroll down)

6 worksheets –

4 free worksheets – abc teach  (the rest are $$$)

Several worksheets- teach-nology

topic cards, banners, posters – Sparklebox

observations and report sheets – Scholastic

gears notebooking page – HSLaunch

activity sheets –

printable book – Raki’s Rad Resources

activity sheets – School Express

3 part cards – Montessori for Learning (scroll all the way down)

$$$ lapbook   – Hands of a Child

$$$ from Currclick

Simple Machines Unit

Simple Machines Picture Activity Cards

Online Resources blog pic done

Neo K 12

Ed Heads

Book Builder

The Teacher’s Corner

Lesson Pathways

YouTube – simple machines videos

Squidoo Lenses – 6 Part Simple Machines Lessons

Lesson Plans – Appliance Help

Museum of Science & Industry – Chicago


A to Z Home’s Cool Homeschooling

Learning Games for Kids

PBS Learning Media

Kids Konnect 

Brain Pop Jr


Simple Machines Links

Young Engineers’ Club

E Is for Explore

Simple Machines Science Kits

I couldn’t find a lot of printables for this unit BUT this should be more of a hands on unit anyway. 😉




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