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C2’s Shorts, Goats and Rabbits

I am working on a tutorial for the gingham capris and knit peasant blouse. I am hoping to get that up tomorrow! 🙂 But until then I thought I would post a couple of pics of c2 actually wearing his pillowcase shorts. Then I decided to take some pics of Butch and Sundance and thought you might like to seem them, too. THEN I while I was taking pics I thought I might as well take a couple of our baby bunnies! SQUEEEE!!! They are so cute.

So here you go!







Here’s a little sneak peek of tomorrow’s tutorial.



Hancock’s Sale

Ooooh, my!!! I just got back from the Hancock’s sale and boy did I stock up! ;)) A lot of fabrics are 50% and they had a GREAT clearance section. They also have their Butterick’s and McCall’s patterns on sale for 99 cents! That includes the Butterick’s Vintage!!!

Here are the 4 vintage and one vintage look (*I* think) patterns that I got!


Butterick’s B4790

Butterick’s 5708

Butterick’s B5603

Butterick’s 5748

McCall’s 4769

It’s OK. You can be jealous. 😉

I stocked up on gingham! Pink, green, yellow!!!! OHHHH, how I LOVE gingham. I think it’s due to the cute Gingham Girls paperdolls I had when I was little.

Oh, I got some great Madras, too! I even picked up some Spiderman and Green Lantern for c2. BOTH were on sale!

I am all set for sewing for quite awhile. Of course that doesn’t mean I won’t hit any more sales if they come up… It is an addiction after all. ;))

I need to find something bigger to store my fabric in…. The milk crate overfloweth…..

On another note…..

I think I mention in my About Me section that we raise rabbits. These are NOT to eat. LOL Apparently that is a big thing in rural Virginia. Nope, we raise them as PETS!! I mean really!! Who could eat something so soft and fluffy???

Well, we had some of our little ones escape. We managed to catch a few but there are still one or two that we can’t get. That number has now been reduced. While the Hubby and kids were all outside they caught a glimpse of Wild Kingdom! Some sort of bird (Hubby says looks like an eagle without the white head) swooped down and snatched up a little black bunny!!! Right in the front yard!!! OMGosh!!! CRAZY!!!!

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