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I Have the CRUD! BLECK!



I have the CRUD. BLECK!! I have been fighting this thing since Saturday! It’s a tough one. Thankfully I am starting to feel a bit better. My throat isn’t as sore anymore but the old nose still doesn’t want to play nice. :/  I haven’t sewn a single thing since last Saturday and I haven’t written a single study unit since… I can’t remember. LOL  I just wanted to let you all know that I still here, just trying to get better.

We have a lot of Birthdays this month! YAY!! Cailey will be 9 on the 23rd, I will be ** on the 25th and Colin will be 6 on the 31st! LOL  On the 5th Deanna just couldn’t take the strain anymore and gave me my Birthday present from her. It was a $50 Visa card! YIPPPEEE!! It came with strict instructions to use it on myself and ONLY myself. 😉 So, I bought books. LOL I got Tim Gunn’s Fashion Bible, Fashion Design Course and Shadows (Ashes Trilogy, Bk 2).  I have been reading the first 2 off and on since I got them. I LOVE Tim Gunn! His book is not only informative but hilarious!!! I never realized how much I already knew about fashion history, but I guess since I love history it shouldn’t be that big of a surprise… LOL I have already learned a lot from the Tim Gunn book AND the Fashion Design book. I am SOOOOO glad I got them!!!

I have to mention that I already have my present from Joshua, too. LOL He gave it to me at the beginning of the month. He got me The Calling (Darkness Rising, Bk 2).

I have realized that my kids are just like me, they can’t hold onto a present once they have it. LOL

OH!! Project Run & Play has the theme list up for their All Stars season!!! Looks like it will be a lot of fun! I already have a few ideas running through my head and I plan to sew along again! 🙂


Hopefully I will be kicking this crud to the curb soon and will have some new stuff for you. I might try to work on some unit studies today and see what I can come up with. Wish me luck!!







PR&P Sew Along – Week 1 – Pattern Remix

I decided that I was going to sew along with the new season of Project Run & Play! It looks like SOOOOOO much fun and a great way to challenge myself at both designing and sewing! 😀

The challenge for this week is to remix the Party Dress from The Cottage Home.

Here is my version!


PR&P Sew Along - Wk 1 - Pattern Remix 001


I kept it very simple AND sleeveless. I figure with living in the deep south she will get more use out of something made for warmer weather. We will be in the 80s by the end of the week! It’s JANUARY!!!! LOL

I cut it a little less full as well. I wanted it to have more of an early 1800’s feel, sort of Jane Austen-esque… LOL



PR&P Sew Along - Wk 1 - Pattern Remix 003


I wanted to do something other than buttons or a zipper for the back so I added ribbon ties! 🙂 I love it!!! It reminds me of the Halloween costume I made for her!



PR&P Sew Along - Wk 1 - Pattern Remix 007


I also decided to fully line the dress and add the stripe of color to the bottom of the lining.

For the sash, I cut out a heart from the print and stitched it to the center.


For my first PR&P sew along it isn’t terribly creative but we like it. LOL  And I LOVE that print!!! I still have some left so I am sure you will see it again! 😉

I will be linking this post up to the linky party at  PR&P!  You should head over and check out all the others!






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