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My Pick Your Plum Prize Box

Pick Your Plum Prize Box 1



Ever wondered about those AWESOME Pick Your Plum prize boxes???? Ever wanted to know what MIGHT be in them???? Guess what!! I won one!!! Yep! I won a $75 prize box when I entered my skirts for Skirting the Issue!!!  YAY!!!! And I am about to show you just what I received! 😉

When I found out I won, I was sooooo excited!! I Googled and Googled and Googled, trying to catch a glimpse of an idea about what I might get! LOL I found nothing. Well, I found tons of sites that were holding or had held giveaways, but nothing on what the people may have gotten in their boxes! I am here to fix that! LOL


Pick Your Plum Prize Box 2


A cute apron with matching oven mitt!!!



Pick Your Plum Prize Box 3


A pair of leggings for Cailey, 6 bows, 6 flowers and gold ribbon with white polka dots.



Pick Your Plum Prize Box 4


A package of take out boxes, green cupcake papers with white polka dots, 3 blackboard clothes pins, a notebook with sticky notes and rules, Washi tape, a package of pins with flags and an orange milk jug with white polka dots.



Pick Your Plum Prize Box 6



Hanging baskets, necklace and wrap watch.



Pick Your Plum Prize Box 8


A hobo bag and the ever present Laffy Taffy! 😉


Quite the haul! 😀


Thank you SO MUCH,  Pick Your Plum, Simple Simon & Co and Project Run and Play!!!





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