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SQUEE!!! Look What I Bought!!

And another SQUEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! SOOOOOO excited!! I went to the sale at Hancock’s (of course) and look at what I bought!!!

Simplicity 1777
Vintage Vogue 8812
Vintage Vogue 1171
SQUEEEE!!!!! Aren’t they DIVINE??? Aren’t they AWESOME??? Hee hee hee!! I think I’m drunk on patterns…. Is that possible???
I also picked up some fabric, naturally. The remnants were $1 today only!! I got 4 yards of pink silk type stuff for $2!!! OMGOSH!!! Definitely going to use that for this
McCall’s 6467
to go with this
I got some great Tutti Frutti to make c1 a sundress. Oh!! And I got some blue knit to make this
McCall’s Fashion Star 6553
*Giggling like a crazy person*
Yep… Definitely drunk on patterns. 😉
Have a great 4th of July!  We are cooking out today!! YAY!! Time for The Hubby’s famous steaks! And let’s face it, any time that *I* don’t have to cook is AWESOME! 😉

Patterns, Patterns and More Patterns

SHEW!!! I am EXHAUSTED!!! And it was only the first night of VBS! LOL To quote d, “It was like trying to herd cats with ADHD.” LOL I think that’s an apt comparison.  We had nine 4 and 5 yr olds! NINE! But I had 3 helpers. I don’t even want to think about how it would have gone without them! LOL But it was FUN!!!! Tonight ought to be, too!

Music was our first stop after the opening BUT the music system wasn’t working properly. That led to the other ladies and me trying to think of every church song we ever sang as kids.  We sang “Jesus Loves Me” several times. 😉

OH! D got a compliment on the bag I made for her! YAY!! 🙂 She was thrilled!

A sweet friend from church gave me some patterns last night! YAY!!! Check them out!

Butterick 6843 VINTAGE Unisex Nightshirt Misses size S Mens size S M L

1981 Simplicity Jiffy Pattern 5098 Pullover Dress 2 Lengths Sizes 14-16

Butterick See & Sew Pattern 5164 Misses Jacket and Dress 6 8 10

Butterick 5658

Vintage 70�s Simplicity 6048 Jiffy Kimono Sleeve Robe Pattern Uncut Size 8-10

YAY!!! I ❤ retro patterns!! 🙂

I am HOPING to start cutting the fabric for the Retro Butterick ’47  B5209 tonight, BUT that will all depend on how much energy I have left over….. LOL

The cats are very put out with me. There’s been no sewing for them to sleep on or mess with! LOL

C1 isn’t wearing something made by me today. Is it crazy that I feel sad when she wears something store bought?? LOL She has tons of store bought clothes in her closet but I just LOVE it when she wears something that I made for her.  Oh, well…. Maybe tomorrow. 😉




Ooooh!! More Retro Butterick!!

Looky at what I grabbed at Hancock’s today!!!


The Retro Butterick ’60 – B5747 for $1.99


The Retro Butterick ’47 – B5209 for $1.99



The Retro Butterick  ’46 – B5281 – $1.99

I was in a hurry so I might have to go back and see if they have the other Retro Buttericks while the sale is still on!! :)) They also have the McCall’s patterns on sale for $1.99.

It’s been another busy day of running around like crazy!! I haven’t gotten a chance to do a bit of sewing!! WAH!!! But I do know what my next project will be….. AND there will be a tutorial if it turns out right. LOL Fingers crossed!!!

Have you all seen THIS???


SIGH…. Isn’t it GORGEOUS???? SIGH….. I think I will start making my Christmas list soon. It’s never to early, right??? LOL Simplicity has a retro line, too!! I NEED THEM!!!! LOL

Check this one out. It’s not retro but it has that certain look to it. Well, at least I think so… LOL

1779 Misses' Tops  Misses' blouse with collar and sleeve variations. Blouse with a V-neck tie, wide V-neck collar, flounces or trimmed neckline. Simplicity sewing pattern.      Printable Pattern Terms of Sale  $9.55

Another to add to my Christmas list! LOL

Here’s another modern pattern that looks like it walked straight out of history.

1776 Misses' Dress Project Runway Collection  Misses'/Miss petite lined A-line dress has square or jewel neckline, short or 3/4 sleeve options and pocket variations. Click here to watch video tutorial on how to sew an exposed zipper.  $10.75

For more vintage patterns, real or reissues, check out my Pinterest boards. My Crafting and Sewing Ideas board is FULL of them! 😉


Hoping to have a tutorial for you tomorrow, if I can get the cats off the fabric….




Easy McCall’s M6074 or My Sewing Machine Is Still Possessed




As you can see I made some changes to the pattern. LOL I left off the little elastic in the front and added lace trim all the way down instead. I think the style and the lace give it a definite 60’s feel. What do you think??

I have found that McCall’s I should cut a little big and Butterick’s I should cut a little small! Do you find that to be true, too???

Also, I cut mine in the length of the blue dress and STILL had to cut a couple of inches off. You can still it is still quite long! LOL


I didn’t finish the sleeves or the hem. I like the look when knit rolls a little. 😉 Plus my sewing machine was giving me FITS, AGAIN! GRRR!!! At first I tried reasoning with it… That didn’t work… So then I tried begging… Nope, that didn’t work either. Then I tried down right threatening it. That seemed to work a tad. 😉


Now I need to figure out my next project… I’m thinking green gingham capris for me…. 😉 I have some green knit that matches it perfectly so I think I’ll make a simple top to go with it. No pattern… I’ll just be winging it again!


What are YOU making???


Here are a couple of pics of me messing around with the classic Facebook bathroom shots. LOL


I need to clean that mirror! LOL



That’s my “I don’t know what the heck I’m doing” look. LOL


Pillowcase Dresses

All the pillowcases harmed in the making of this post were thrifted for 50 cents a piece!! These are such simple, easy, fast dresses to make. It takes about 15 -20 minutes to make one of them.

This is the one I made last night. C1 is trying to hide the fudge pop that she dropped down the front of it. LOL

Here’s another one.

And now for my FAVORITE!

Not only thrifted but VINTAGE!!! It had a tiny hole in the side so I patched it up and covered it with a gingham and eyelet (<3 <3) pocket! I just love green and pink together!!!

Next up for me is a one hour sundress. McCall’s Easy M6074-


In this fabric –

The fabric is light pink with SPARKLES!!!  Yes, I am a girly girl. I LOVE pink and sparkly things. 😉

A word to the short people out there that might want to make this….. If you are like me, 5′ even and you want a LONG dress cut it a little shorter than the 2nd longest view…. LOL Seriously…

So, anyone else think that pattern has a 70s feel to it?? It reminds me so much of the 70s maxi dress patterns that I have seen lately. But maybe that’s just me…. 😉

What kind of projects are YOU doing?? Leave a comment and I will check it out! I always follow back. 🙂

McCall’s M4769 and Vintage Pattern Finds

Making MUCH better progress on M4769! YAY!! I am hoping to finish it tonight! 🙂 Here’s where it stands now!



I can’t decide if I want to add the collar or not… I want to know how to so those collars so I may go ahead anyway. If I don’t like it I can always take it off!! That’s one of the great things about sewing your own clothing! You can MAKE it how you WANT it!!! It’s your own creation even if you are using a pattern!

I think the dress is definitely going to have a 1930’s/1940’s type feel to it. And I now find myself looking at modern patterns and thinking how I might be able to change them here and there to make look more vintage. LOL

Speaking of vintage and patterns… Have you seen this site???? OMGOSH!!! They have TONS of actual vintage patterns, not the re-releases but the actual vintage patterns!!

Mom’s Patterns

Here are some of the patterns I am drooling over!!

Hollywood 1007 Vintage 40's Sewing Pattern Sweet Versatile Girls Pajamas, Jacket Top & Pants, 4 Styles  Price:	  $6.50

Advance 2628 Vintage 40's Sewing Pattern SNAZZY Plus Size Swing Era WW2 Tailored Day Dress, Shirtwaist or Coat Style  Price:	  $22.99

And here’s another AWESOME site full of vintage yumminess!!!

Lanetz Living

And here’s a taste of what they have!

Simplicity 2003 Retro 1940's Girls Weskit Blouse Pants

Butterick 4208 Suit Jacket Skirt Retro 1960's

New York 1081 Retro 1940's Big Collar Wrap Dress 40

Simplicity 7099 Retro 1960's Mod Dress 40


Hey, Honey!! I need some money!!! Where’s the credit card???? LOL

Then Simplicity has a lot of re-released vintage goodness!!

B7253 Burda Style Dress & Jacket

B7248 Burda Style Suit

B7255 Burda Style Blouse

And here are some that have a vintage feel to them.

B7494 Burda Style, Jacket & Dress

B7517 Burda Style, Dress

B8072 Burda Style, Dress

Soooo, what are YOU working on??

Slow Progress – McCall’s M4769

It’s slow going on the sewing for the past couple of days. With everyone being sick I just haven’t had much time. I thought The Hubby and c2 were getting better but this evening they are both feeling worse. I think c2 is on his way to an ear infection. WAH!!!!!

Here’s how far I have gotten with the McCall’s M4769.




I had to run out and get some more thread and look for a new light bulb for my sewing machine. I went to 3 places and none of them had the type of bulb I need. Looks like I will have to order it. BUT look what I found for $2.30/yd at Hancock’s!!!


C1 fell in love with it!! I got 4 yds (all they had) and I think I will use the same pattern I used for her cherry dress AND make her this-

McCall’s M6064 – views B and D – the first girl.


Here is the pattern I used for the cherry dress (with a few alterations ;)) I used the view with the girl in blue.


A girl can never have too many vintage style dresses! 🙂

A Bit of a Medical Rant and McCall’s M4769

Soooo…. It’s been an awful weekend. Earlier in the week my oldest, j1 was sick. That led to c1 getting sick…. Now The Hubby, d and c2 are all sick!! c2 is my baby, my little fella and he’s the worst. Last night around midnight his fever spiked to 104. That’s go time! Off to the ER we went. When we pull into the parking lot we actually found a space by the ER which has always meant they weren’t busy and we should be in and out. When he gets called back to triage the children’s ibuprofen that I had given him before we left had already started working and his fever was down. The nurse asks me if we still want to see a doctor. Well, DUH!!! He had a fever for a REASON! Sure, it’s probably viral but it’s always better to be safe than sorry. So, we get sent back out to the waiting room (such an apt name!!) where we wait and wait and wait. Then c2 starts throwing up EVERYWHERE (BTW, I STILL had on the toothpaste/grape jelly shirt) including all over himself and me. Yep, now puke has been added to shirt. It takes forever but we finally get someone to help us clean him up and the surrounding area. They give him a gown and a blanket and we settle in to wait EVEN LONGER. We finally get called back to room where we….. WAIT some more. We were there for over 3 hrs and never saw a doctor. Every time I asked the nurse when she thought one might pop up she would say, “She is still with another patient that is sort of sick.” The 2nd time she said that I said, “Well, my 5 yr old son is also ‘”sort of sick”‘. He had 104 fever and was throwing up all over the waiting area.” I finally got fed up and we left. By that time it was close to 3:30am. I got him home and made him as comfy as I could. He had another fever this morning but the ibuprofen did its job so we will just watch and see.

I am really upset at the service we got at the ER. It was just ridiculous. At one point I heard a doctor (I guess it COULD have been a nurse, but I don’t think so) out in the hall just carrying on a long conversation with a bunch of other people. At the end of the conversation she says to someone, “Well, I need to go make my rounds. Hey, have you ever seen a snake bite? Well, come on and check it out!” Seriously??? OMGosh! Like she was all excited!

I really look up to nurses most of the time. I know they have a tough job. And most of the time we seem to deal with good doctors… But this was just NOT acceptable in my book. They are providing health SERVICES that we PAY for! Why should we be treated like we don’t matter? This is the 2nd time we have been treated this way at this particular ER….. The last time it was me with chest pains and we were there for 4 1/2 hours with only 15 mins of that being the actual doctor exam. I guess from now on we will be driving the extra 15/20 mins into the city if we think we can wait.

SHEW!! My goodness! J2 and I are taking bets as to which of will come down with it next.

In better news (LOL) I started cutting the fabric for this today!


Here are my pretty buttons!


I should get all the pieces cut today and will hopefully get started on the sewing!! YAY!! :))

My Sewing Machine Is Possessed


I have a happy little boy. c2 LOVES his Green Lantern PJs. Little does he know that I had to battle a possessed sewing machine to make it for him! My goodness!! The light kept going off and on and the buttonholer went berserk! Then the thread kept getting sucked up into the top! CRAZY! Maybe it’s saying it needs a break??? TOO BAD!!! LOL I plan on cutting out the pattern pieces for this today! I’ll be making the yellow dress.

Retro Butterick ’56 – B5603

And here is the material I am going to use. I have NO idea what kind it is. I found it in the clearance section. I guess I could check my receipt but I hid it…  No evidence. 😉


I can’t wait!!! Hee hee hee!!!

Afterwards maybe I can settle in to making my final skirt for Crafterhours Skirt Week! LOL

So, what kind of projects have YOU been doing lately?? Share with us! Leave a comment!!

Did you all get your 15% off coupon from Hancock’s in your e-mail today? Why must they mock me??? Don’t they know I already spent a fortune there the other day? Why taunt me with coupons?

Yes… I AM thinking of going back. LOL Wouldn’t you?

I finally figured out how to add buttons to the side over there. Now I just need to figure out how to make my own button! 🙂

I’ve also been considering make a Facebook page. What do you think?

Later this week I will be posting my list of favorite homeschooling sites, blogs and resources. Stick around!

Hancock’s Sale

Ooooh, my!!! I just got back from the Hancock’s sale and boy did I stock up! ;)) A lot of fabrics are 50% and they had a GREAT clearance section. They also have their Butterick’s and McCall’s patterns on sale for 99 cents! That includes the Butterick’s Vintage!!!

Here are the 4 vintage and one vintage look (*I* think) patterns that I got!


Butterick’s B4790

Butterick’s 5708

Butterick’s B5603

Butterick’s 5748

McCall’s 4769

It’s OK. You can be jealous. 😉

I stocked up on gingham! Pink, green, yellow!!!! OHHHH, how I LOVE gingham. I think it’s due to the cute Gingham Girls paperdolls I had when I was little.

Oh, I got some great Madras, too! I even picked up some Spiderman and Green Lantern for c2. BOTH were on sale!

I am all set for sewing for quite awhile. Of course that doesn’t mean I won’t hit any more sales if they come up… It is an addiction after all. ;))

I need to find something bigger to store my fabric in…. The milk crate overfloweth…..

On another note…..

I think I mention in my About Me section that we raise rabbits. These are NOT to eat. LOL Apparently that is a big thing in rural Virginia. Nope, we raise them as PETS!! I mean really!! Who could eat something so soft and fluffy???

Well, we had some of our little ones escape. We managed to catch a few but there are still one or two that we can’t get. That number has now been reduced. While the Hubby and kids were all outside they caught a glimpse of Wild Kingdom! Some sort of bird (Hubby says looks like an eagle without the white head) swooped down and snatched up a little black bunny!!! Right in the front yard!!! OMGosh!!! CRAZY!!!!

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