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Another Pattern Remix

Pattern Remix Me Sew Crazy Spring Fever Dress 023


Here is my version of Me Sew Crazy’s Spring Fever Dress! None too soon, the linky party opened yesterday at Project Run & Play!


Here is a picture of the original dress.



Here are some more pictures of MY version!


Pattern Remix Me Sew Crazy Spring Fever Dress 025




Pattern Remix Me Sew Crazy Spring Fever Dress 034


The little bunny is my very first attempt at making my own iron-on. I LOVE IT!!! Get ready for some more! LOL



Pattern Remix Me Sew Crazy Spring Fever Dress 029




Pattern Remix Me Sew Crazy Spring Fever Dress 028


This was also my first attempt at covering buttons. It was SO much easier than I thought it would be! 😀



Pattern Remix Me Sew Crazy Spring Fever Dress 016



I printed out the pattern in the largest size available and then set to making it a size 8.



Pattern Remix Me Sew Crazy Spring Fever Dress 017 Pattern Remix Me Sew Crazy Spring Fever Dress 018 Pattern Remix Me Sew Crazy Spring Fever Dress 019


Here are my pattern pieces upped to size 8.  (Please excuse the messy writing!)

I changed the back of the original dress to the front, left off the sleeves, and changed the skirt quite a bit. Instead of having 4 ruffles for the skirt I have one over a regular skirt. 😉 I didn’t mix it up a whole lot but I think I did enough to make it MY way.



Pattern Remix Me Sew Crazy Spring Fever Dress 021



Here are my pieces all pinned and ready to sew!!!


I had thought about using some of the eyelet trim for sleeves but then thought it might be a bit too much…. Still not sure about that. LOL


So, there it is! I hope you like it!!!


In other sewing news, I am STILL waiting on my shipment from Joann’s. GRRRR! Amazon is sooooo much faster! I ordered the owl pellets, Magic School Bus Electricity kit and 2 books a few days AFTER ordering from Joann’s and the Amazon shipment got here days ago! SIGH……




SEW Excited! Another Pattern Remix and Other Cool Stuff!

Project Run & Play is doing another pattern remix challenge!! YIPPPEE!! The pattern is from Me Sew Crazy.



I can’t wait to get started on it!!! I have so many ideas floating around in my head!! I was thinking that I wouldn’t have time to try it out but I just got confirmation YESTERDAY from Joann’s about the fabric I ordered. GRRRR! I ordered it LAST WEEK!! It’s for the outfit my cousin Sandra (Rivas & Co.) hired me to make.

ANYWAY, I have tons of ideas for this remix!! Now, I just have to get started! 😉


In other “exciting” news, our owl pellets arrived yesterday! YAY!!!!


Owl Pellets (Set of 5)

You get 5 for $9.95 and they come with a little pamphlet about barn owls. The pamphlet shows the different types of animals that barn owls eat and what those animals’ bones look like. Not bad for $10.  Our fake pellets from Hobby Lobby were more than that and we only got 2 (maybe 3).


We have A LOT of hands on stuff going on this week. We started owls, Spain, vikings AND rocks and minerals yesterday.


Young Scientist Series - Set 3:   Minerals (Kit 7) -  Crystal (Kit 8) - Fossils (Kit 9)

We will be using the minerals (kit 7) and the crystals (kit 8) from The Young Scientist Club.  We USED to get the monthly subscription until I realized that buying them from Amazon was MUCH cheaper. The monthly subscription is about $17 a month and you only get 1 kit where as at Amazon you can get 3 kits in one set for $24.97. Doesn’t take rocket science to figure that one out!


Yesterday Cailey was sick ( fever, sore throat and a headache) so we took it easy. She basically just watched videos on Discovery Streaming.  Speaking of Discovery Streaming, some states provide free access for homeschoolers!! It is SOOOOOOO very awesome! Georgia, Alabama, and South Carolina are the 3 I heard about. In Georgia, we access it through our PBS website.  You e-mail the education department and provide your DOI (Declaration of Intent). They will then email you with your user name and password. I have to say, if we ever move to a state where it isn’t free, I might just have to suck it up and pay for it. It is SUCH an awesome resource. Cailey watched Jeff Corwin in Spain, a video introducing the rock cycle, a video about vikings AND one about owls! On YouTube she watched Schoolhouse Rock Multiplication and Schoolhouse Rock Grammar. After that she read a couple chapters in The Hundred Dresses, copied her spelling words and called it a day. 😉

BUT today I promised that we would dive into the owl pellets and science kits. Colin was begging to get into them last night! LOL


It just occurred to me that I never write about what the big kids do for school. I guess because I no longer create the units for them. :/ I will start adding their stuff, too! Homeschooling high school can be so intimidating but it isn’t really much different than the younger years. 😉



PR&P Sew Along – Week 1 – Pattern Remix

I decided that I was going to sew along with the new season of Project Run & Play! It looks like SOOOOOO much fun and a great way to challenge myself at both designing and sewing! 😀

The challenge for this week is to remix the Party Dress from The Cottage Home.

Here is my version!


PR&P Sew Along - Wk 1 - Pattern Remix 001


I kept it very simple AND sleeveless. I figure with living in the deep south she will get more use out of something made for warmer weather. We will be in the 80s by the end of the week! It’s JANUARY!!!! LOL

I cut it a little less full as well. I wanted it to have more of an early 1800’s feel, sort of Jane Austen-esque… LOL



PR&P Sew Along - Wk 1 - Pattern Remix 003


I wanted to do something other than buttons or a zipper for the back so I added ribbon ties! 🙂 I love it!!! It reminds me of the Halloween costume I made for her!



PR&P Sew Along - Wk 1 - Pattern Remix 007


I also decided to fully line the dress and add the stripe of color to the bottom of the lining.

For the sash, I cut out a heart from the print and stitched it to the center.


For my first PR&P sew along it isn’t terribly creative but we like it. LOL  And I LOVE that print!!! I still have some left so I am sure you will see it again! 😉

I will be linking this post up to the linky party at  PR&P!  You should head over and check out all the others!






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