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Reverse Applique Knee Patches Tutorial

Reverse Applique Knee Patches 034



Here is what I have been working on for so long…. A while ago my cousin (Sandra over at Rivas & Co.) commissioned me to make a t-shirt into short-alls and a pair of leggings with diamond shaped reverse appliqued knee patches with a matching bib. It took me FOREVER, or at least it felt that way!! I goofed SO many times on this…. I think I made 4 different sets!!! The first time my machine at the leggings. GRRRR!! The 2nd time I cut and/or sewed the patches in the wrong way. The print is a little crazy and the lines are not straight. I had to cut, pin and sew them JUUUST right. Then on the 3rd, I did every thing just right but when I went to cut the top layer over the patches, I cut the leggings instead!!! YILES!!!! Finally the 4th time was a charm! Good grief! LOL

So here is what I did.


Reverse Applique Knee Patches 020


The 2nd and 3rd attempts were made from this black t-shirt. The 4th attempt was from a different one. The 1st attempt was from some black jersey knit.

First I cut off the sleeves and collar. Then I cut the shoulders and sides. That left me with enough fabric to make 2 pairs of toddler leggings.



Reverse Applique Knee Patches 018


Then I cut the legs. These are for leggings so the legs are skinny and there is more room in the seat. 😉

When I cut them, I used the t-shirt hem for the leggings hems. 😉



Reverse Applique Knee Patches 025

Next, I cut the diamond shapes from 2 fabrics, 1 main and 1 for stabilizing.



Reverse Applique Knee Patches 029


Then I pinned and sewed the patches to the INSIDE of the leggings.

Next, I trimmed the excess from around the stitching. Be very careful here! THAT’S where I cut the hole in the leggings!!!



Reverse Applique Knee Patches 033


Now, I very carefully snipped the fabric from over the top of the patches and cut off the excess.

After that is done, you simply sew the leggings like you would any pair of pants. 🙂



Reverse Applique Knee Patches 037


This is the matching bib. 🙂 I hope she loves them!!!


If you would like a step by step tutorial for making the leggings, you can follow my tutorial for the T-shirt Tunic and Leggings.

If you feel that you would prefer a pattern, try SquigglyTwigs Designs Quick Pants (you might recognize the model over there), just be sure to cut the legs narrower. 🙂


My next few projects will probably be very hush-hush. 😉 I’ll be working on my Pay It Forward gifts for 2013! I can’t wait to get started!!




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