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I am SO SO SO exhausted!!! I feel like I have been running for DAYS!!!

We’ve been having our van worked on. Considering that we’ve had it for 8 years and have only had to replace the transmission I’m trying not to complain! LOL It still has some more work to come.


Cailey's Bday Cake

We’ve had Birthdays this week! Cailey’s was Sunday and mine was yesterday! She turned 10! My baby girl is now in double digits!!! WAH!!!!!





The Hubby bought Cailey and Colin early Birthday presents. Parakeets!! Cailey and Colin went crazy over them! They carry them all over the house! LOL The birds ride on their shoulders, heads and toys!

Colin’s is the green one. He named him Steve. Cailey’s is the white one, Coraline.


Bird on Car Bird on Laptop Birds and Cats

The cats are very fond of them, too……



New Sewing Machine

I turned the big 0-4. 😉 Yes, I will be switching the numbers around for a couple of years. Hey, it makes me feel better! Don’t judge! 😉

I got a new sewing machine!!! WOOOO HOOOO!!!! I have been playing with it and I am in LOOOOOOVE with it!! It’s a lot more quiet than my old one and it sews soooo well! There are so many more functions, too! I sat and played with it for a loooong time!!

I pushed and crammed and maneuvered until I made a space for some of my fabric. I left the winter weights and seasonals in the box.

You know what that means, right??? New tutorials will be coming soon!!! I’m thinking the first one will be for a sewing machine cover! LOL


Colin’s Birthday is 31st but we will be celebrating it this weekend!

Busy, busy, busy!!!!!





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