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Upcoming Projects

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I have quite a few things in the works! I am soooo excited!!!

One – I will be making something very special for a very special friend of mine. That’s all I’m saying right now.😉

Two – I will be attempting to make a headboard out of a door. I know you all have seen them on Pinterest! We gave the girls our old bed frame and no we are on nothing but rails!!!

Three – I will be repainting the chest of drawers that I painted less than a year ago! LOL It no longer matches.

Four – I will be painting and updating an old cedar chest that was given to Colin for a toy box.

I LOVE painting and it’s been entirely too long since I’ve done any!!!

OH!! And I have been SUCH a slacker lately!! I still have to finish the last set of sewing for Sewing to Rebuild! I want to mail all of them out at the end of the week!

AND I still need to sew a couple of things for Colin. He’s been feeling a little left out. Poor fella.


I will be doing tutorials for the all the painting projects. Well, if they turn out…. LOL No matter what, I will still show you all the results! LOL I just hope they are GOOD!😉


We will also be having TONS of company in the next few weeks!! BUSY BUSY BUSY!! My goodness!:)



Retro Butterick ’56 Will Be the Death of Me!


SIGH… It has now taken me 2 days to figure that collar out! My goodness!!! GRRR!! The directions in the pattern aren’t clear at all. But that’s OK… I figured it out. I still need to pick out the threads and do a little tweaking but for now I will be moving on the skirt part! SHEW!!! I should have this finished up tomorrow! YAY!!! It has never taken me this long to sew a dress! LOL

The pattern called for interfacing for the collar and of course I didn’t have any so I came up with an alternative.😉 I had just bought a white sheet that I planning to turn into a petticoat. So this is what I did –


I cut it out of the sheet! It worked wonderfully!:)

I promised D that I would show off the cute manicure she did. Tiger stripes!


It was a no-go again on bottle feeding Butch and Sundance this morning but we spent a lot of time holding and loving on them. They are SOOOOO cute. c2 is a little afraid of them, I think. He would touch them but not hold them. I think he will come around, though.

Here are a couple of past projects I have worked on.

My fairy garden!!

It’s full of weeds right now. I guess I need to take care of that… Darn lazy fairies! You would think the least they could do is a little weeding after I took the time to make this for them!😉

Cupcake Soap –

Making soap is a lot of fun. There’s so many ways to do it! I haven’t made any in a while. More projects for Christmas presents! LOL

My coat rack!! We needed this in a BAD way!! Everyone would just hang their coats on the banister! It was driving me crazy!! LOL

It was very simple to make. I took a plain board and spray painted it almond. After that dried I stick some letters on. Then I went over it with a couple coats of terracotta rose. When it was dry I peeled the letters off. Then I took some 25 cent hooks and spray painted them with the almond. Once dry I had The Hubby help me hand screw them in. All-in-all it took 2 days.

My Harry Potter Nook cover! This was before my sewing machine so it was hand-stitched.

Well, that’s it for now! Wish me luck on finishing the dress!! LOL The darn light is still out on my sewing machine. GRR!!!



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