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Packing, Packing and More Packing


It’s been a week since my last post. I have been packing and packing and packing….. ARGH!!!! Anyone want to come help me with this????  I am sooooo worn out and I still have TONS of packing to do!!!! The master bedroom is almost done. My sewing room is almost done. The books are about 1/2 way done. We are getting there but now we are out of boxes. I had a feeling that I should have kept all the boxes from the last move. I did have some still in the garage, thank goodness!  We are  going to have to find the U-Haul place and BUY boxes now, the stores around here just don’t keep them.


beach in april 009

We took a break on Monday and went to the beach for the last time. That’s about the only part I am sad about! LOL I am going to miss being this close to the beach!! But at least I will have the mountains to make up for that. I really ought to move to mountains that are BY the beach! LOL

beach in april 001



beach in april 005



beach in april 007



beach in april 019


They made 2 castles with a moat between them. Actually, Cailey says hers was an evil tower and Colin’s was the good castle. LOL


beach in april 024


Joshua managed to get away without a picture on this day, but I got The Hubby, Deanna, Cailey and Colin! 🙂

I want to go back to the beach. Where are the packing fairies??? They can come and finish it up for me, right????





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