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We Are Moving…. AGAIN!!!!


Yep. You read that correctly. We are moving, AGAIN!!!! But I can say that I am much happier about this move than I was the previous one. We are moving to the MOUNTAINS!!! YIPPPEEE!!! The Hubby is happy because we will be back in Tennessee. I am happy because we will be in the MOUNTAINS. Not to mention 3 hours closer to Jacob! We will only be 4 hours from my dad and my mother-in-law!

This time provides a different challenge, though. The job is set BUT we have no house!! We will be staying in a hotel until we can find a place. Now, I have been there and done that…. When we moved from Tennessee to Virginia (almost 7 years ago) we also had to stay in a hotel. OH MY GOSH!! 4 kids (this was before Colin was born) in 2 rooms (adjoining) for a month… I was going starkers by the end of it. The company there gave us 2 months to find a place… Yeah, there was NO WAY I was staying in a hotel with 4 kids for 2 months… The same goes today!! LOL

Not only will we have 4 kids in 2 rooms but 1 puppy, 3 cats and 10 kittens. Yes, you read that correctly. Pray for me, people! I’m obviously going to need it!!! LOL

A lot of people are shocked that we are moving again so soon. Well, if you check out the About Me button at the top, you will see that moving is NOTHING new to me! LOL I went to 11 different schools (not counting bouncing back and forth between the same schools)! I have lived in 6 different states! And I cannot possibly tell you how many times I have moved or how many houses I have lived in. LOL Yeah, I think I might have a bit of Gypsy in me. 😉

There’s a story that my dad’s family tells about how my grandpa came home one day to find the rest of the family had moved while he was work. Apparently a house that my grandma had been wanting came open that day. She didn’t wait around and moved everyone while grandpa was at work! LOL My grandparents had 9 children…. No clue how many were at home at that time. LOL

Now the WHY of the move. This job here was not what we were lead to believe it would be… The Hubby has had one issue after another there.  The working hours were different than was he was told (they said 4/10s and he has been working 5 to 6/10s). His job description changed… He wasn’t able to do the job he was hired for due to the hiring of a new manager than really had no experience with a millwork. :/ It’s just been a nightmare for him to see what needs to be done but not be able to do it because of poor management.

Anyway, WISH US LUCK!!! 🙂





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