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The Hocus Pocus Skirt Tutorial


Here is it! My Big Idea… LOL I like it… It didn’t turn out EXACTLY how I wanted it to, but I’m satisfied… There is one part that I will probably go back and change, though…. I was trying to go for a multi-layer effect so instead of sewing the lace ON TOP of the underskirt hem, I sewed it to the back… I think I am going to grab my BFF , Sally the Seam Ripper, and go back and do that part over. It would look much nicer that way, I think….

Anyway! Here we go!

What I used

2 yards of print for the upper skirt

2 yards of solid for the under skirt

1 old lace curtain LOL

2 old lace valances LOL

1″ elastic


I got some new curtains for the dining/sewing room/library and I have been storing the old lace ones in the linen closest. LOL


Step 1 –


OK, let me first explain about my short legs… They are Hobbit short, people… Seriously. Actually, I have Hobbit feet, too, just minus all the yucky foot hair…. LOL ย Anyway, I cut the upper skirt at 23″. LOL S

So, cut 2 pieces, each the width of the fabric.

When you cut, make a curve at the bottom, like in the picture below.




Step 2-


I cut the underskirt at 27″. Cut 2 pieces, the width of the fabric and with a curve.


Step 3 –


I cut 6 1/2 ” off both sides of the curtains. You will need to cut the lace the width of the skirt fabric. So, you will also have 2 sections of lace.


Step 4-


Next, I cut the ruffles off both valances. ย I left about 3″ of the plain lace above the ruffles.


Step 5-


Sew one end of the lace strips together. ย Set aside.


Step 6-


Now, right sides together, sew ONE side of the underskirt together.

I promise that I ironed that fabric.. LOL I ironed and ironed and ironed and that is just as good as it would get. LOL But, really, I think it’s fitting for a Halloween skirt. LOL


Step 7-


Now, roll up 3/4″ of the bottom of the underskirt and press. The roll up 1″, press and sew your hem.

It would look MUCH better if you have brown thread… LOL I don’t. I probably should have used black instead of white, though…. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Learn from my goof ups! ๐Ÿ˜‰


Step 8-


Now, fold the 2 0r 3″ that you left above the ruffle over the lace strip, pin and sew together.


Step 9-


On this part, if I were you, I would pin the ruffle OVER the hem of the underskirt and attach it there, instead of behind…. Again, learn from my many mistakes! LOL ๐Ÿ˜‰

Set this aside.


Step 10-


Right sides together, pin and sew up ONE side of the overskirt.


Step 11-


Fold up 3/4″ ย of the bottom of the overskirt and press. Fold up 1″, press, pin and sew the hem.

This probably would have looked better with the black thread, too… SIGH… Live and learn. Or better yet, SEW and learn! LOL


Step 12-


Pin the right side of the underskirt to the wrong side of the upperskirt and sew them together with a finishing stitch. (zigzag, overlock)


Step 13-

Pin the sides of the overskirt together and sew the side seam. Do the same to the underskirt.



Step 14-



Fold over the top 1 1/2″ , press, pin and sew the elastic casing making sure to leave an opening to insert the elastic through. ๐Ÿ˜‰


Step 15-


Pin a safety pin to both ends of the elastic and insert the elastic into the casing.


Step 16-


Sew the ends of the elastic together using a zigzag stitch.

Now, sew your casing closed!


ALL DONE!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚



Here’s a close up of the bottom! ๐Ÿ™‚




Please, let me know what you think about this tutorial. If you make the skirt PLEASE let me know!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚



I may be a little quiet the next few days. We are going to be leaving to go to Georgia so The Hubby can check out at least one job, possibly two!!!


Fleur de Lis Maxi Skirt Tutorial

Here you go! Another tutorial!! 2 in 2 days! ๐Ÿ˜‰

This is for a very simple maxi skirt with a ruffle on the bottom.

I used 2 3/4 yards of fabric and a 9″ invisible zipper. That’s all you need! See? Very simple. ๐Ÿ˜‰

You are going to start by cutting your waistband. You want it your waist measurement +1″ and 4″ wide.

Next you are going to cut the fabric into sections. Cut 2 sections the length you want your maxi skirt to be -12″. I kept mine the width of my fabric which was 45″.

The picture shows 4 sections. I started by cutting mine all the same length… LOL

Next you are going to cut the remaining sections into 4 strips that are the width of the fabric long by 14″ in width. Make sense?? They will be the width of the fabric this way ———————- And 14″ inches this way





They will become the ruffles on the bottom of the skirt.

Now it’s time to sew the front panel to the back panel. Just pin them with right sides together and sew the seam.

Next you are going to sew a gathering stitch into the top of the skirt. To sew a gathering stitch on my machine I set the stitch length and the distance length to the highest settings. Then I pull slightly on the unsewn fabric as it goes through the machine.

Now you are going to create your waistband. Fold your strip in half length wise and press. Fold in one edge a 1/4″ and press.

Next you are going to open up the waistband and pin it to your skirt top adjusting the gathers as you go. I usually pin both ends and then pin the middle. Then I will adjust the gathers in between the pins.

Now, sew the waistband on. Don’t look tooooo closely at my stitches, please. My bobbin thread has been giving me all kinds of issues no matter what I do! GRRR!! I guess it’s time to oil it!

Next, you are going to take your 4 strips and sew them together. But don’t close them up. Leave the sides open.

And I forgot to take a picture of that part. Sorry!!

Now, you are going to sew a gathering stitch across the top.

Then with right sides together, pin it to the bottom of your skirt. ย Sew it together.

Remove the cat from your fabric. (There you go, Carol! LOL)

Now we are going to hem it! Fold up an inch and press. Fold up another inch and press. Pin it up and sew it up! ๐Ÿ™‚ ย (I actually folded mine 2 inches up and then another 2 inches, but you won’t have to do that… LOL)

Now pin one side of your zipper to one side of your skirt and sew. You don’t HAVE to have a zipper foot (I don’t) but they make this step SOOOO much easier.

Then pin and sew the other side!

Now we are going to do our side seam. Starting at the bottom of the zipper, pin the 2 sides together (right sides together). Sew it up!


As always, let me know if this is easy to follow and if you make it LET ME KNOW!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Tomorrow I will be working on a blouse to go with it. But first I need to get some fabric!! LOL I’m not sure if I want to go with the pink or the brown… What do you think??

I’ll be using this pattern.



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