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Star Wars Shorts Tutorial

Star Wars Shorts 00001



I know, I know… It’s December. I should be doing more Christmasy type tutorials BUT I live below the Deep South…. LOL I live in the Bottom of the South! And it’s WARM here… Today I have windows and doors open to let the air in…. Definitely still shorts weather. Besides, these are LONG shorts. LOL  And you can always adjust the length and make yours into pants. 😉


What I used:

1 yard of Star Wars cotton

1/4 yard of black cotton for the pockets

1/2″ elastic



Star Wars Shorts 001


I took a pair of Colin’s pants and folded the legs up a few inches. I put the side of the pants on the fold of the fabric. Then I used them as a template, cutting wide around them for seam allowance.



Star Wars Shorts 002


Using the leg I just cut as a guide, I cut the second leg.



Star Wars Shorts 004



Fold up the fabric for the pockets into 4 layers. Cut out your front pockets. I just free style it. 😉 But this way they are all the same.




Star Wars Shorts 005


Now, while you still have 4 layers, cut out the back pockets.




Star Wars Shorts 009


Now, sew the 2 of the back pockets together, making one. Leave the top open! Turn right side out and press.  Keep going until you have 2 back and 2 front pockets.



Star Wars Shorts 012



Now, fold in the tops 1/4″ and press. Sew the tops closed.



Star Wars Shorts 013


Now, place your front pocket where you would like it to be.  Mine is 3″ from the top. Also, this helps to make sure both pockets are evenly placed.  Also measure the distance from the sides.



Star Wars Shorts 014


Now, pin your pockets in place and sew them on! 🙂



Star Wars Shorts 019


Now, fold one pants leg with right sides together, and pin up the inseam. Sew from the bottom of the leg up to where the curve for the crotch starts.



Star Wars Shorts 020


You are going to want to use a finishing stitch here. That way you won’t have threads all over the place after washing. 😉 Usually you want the finishing stitches to be closer to the edge but with my new foot, the feed dogs don’t want to work well unless there is fabric between them and the foot.



Star Wars Shorts 022


After you have both legs done, turn one right side out and slide it into the other leg. Pin around the crotch curve and sew your seam!



Star Wars Shorts 028


With the pants inside out, pin up the leg bottom by 3/4″ and press. Then fold up again by 1″ and press. Pin it and sew up the hem! 🙂




Star Wars Shorts 027


Still with the pants inside out, fold over the waist by 1/4″ and press. Then fold again by 1″ , press and pin. Now, sew along the edge, making sure to leave an opening to insert the elastic.




Star Wars Shorts 031

Now, pin the ends of your elastic with safety pins. You can either hold tightly to one end or pin it to the fabric or yourself.  You can also buy a handy dandy elastic inserter….. But seriously, the safety pins work very well.

Insert the elastic through the casing. Then pull out both ends.




Star Wars Shorts 032


Now, sew the elastic ends together using a zigzag stitch.



Star Wars Shorts 035


Sew your elastic casing closed!


Turn right side out and you will have a happy little boy!! LOL


Star Wars Shorts 1005





Star Wars Shorts 1004



Now, this was not one of the tutorials that I had planned… LOL It just sort of happened.  I’m also making him some more dino pants today! LOL


Anyway, I hope you like the tutorial!!! 🙂









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