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Easy Word Family/Sight Word Activities

Word Family Activities Collage



Colin is working on his first sets of word families. YAY!!! We have been using Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschooling for his reading (he is in the McGuffey Primer level right now). He seems to be doing well but I think he needs some extra practice, so I came up with a few ideas. 😉


Word Family Activities 027


First I made up some simple flashcards.




Word Family Activities 029


Then I made a memory game. He LOVES this!!!!






Then I made some of those sliding thingies. 😉

I think I may redo those…. It was 6 am and I was a little tired. LOL




Word family activities 028


This was his favorite. I wrote some of his words in white crayon on white construction paper and had him use his water colors. As soon as he found a word I had him read it to me.


These activities seem to be helping  him tremendously!!!


Here are a few links to other word family/sight word activities and printables.


St Aiden’s Homeschool – word family printable workbooks (I used these to teach Cailey how to read)

Creative Family Fun – Word Family Sort (making this today)

The Measured Mom – Word Family Houses – printables

The Educators’ Spin on It – LOTS of activities and a link up

Make, Take and Teach – 18 free word slide printables (so much prettier than my construction paper ones)

Kids Activities Blog – Word family flip chart




Easy Hands On Number Activities

Easy Number Activities

I bought a bag of foam pieces from the Dollar Tree a few weeks ago. We’ve been having some fun crafting with them, too bad someone threw those crafts away!!! ARGH!!!! Anyway, I was trying to think of some ways to improve Colin’s grasp of numbers higher than 20. So, I dug out those foam pieces and started writing the numbers 0-50 on them.

Easy Number Activities 004

Then I had him put them in order. Easy peasy!!! Cheap and fun, too!

Easy Number Activities 008

Then I had an idea of another activity he could do with those pieces! Count out beans!! Now he can see how many the different numbers represent as well as their placement in line.

Not bad for $1!

I have found that there are a lot of things out there for numbers 1-10 and a few for 1-20 but not many for any of the higher numbers. I will be trying to think of some more ideas! Wish me luck! 😉


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