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When a Book Takes You Hostage


Have you ever been taken hostage by a book?? From the first sentence you are hooked. You can’t put it down and when you are forced to put it aside, it stays in your mind. You can’t stop thinking about it. You feel as if you KNOW all the characters like you know your friends.

THAT is how I feel about Ken Follett’s  first 2 books in the Century Trilogy. I was hooked by the first one, Fall of Giants  and Winter of the World just kept my obsession going.

Once you start the Fall of Giants, you are on a whirlwind adventure, going back in time to just before WWI. In Winter of the World, the adventure continues, taking you to just after WWII. You see the ins and outs of everyday life in those times from the points of view of several members of families from Russia, England, Wales and the US. You see the points of view from coal miners, maids and the upper crust.

You are drawn in as much from the politics and fighting as you are the characters’ stories.

I absolutely cannot wait for the next in this series, Edge of Eternity. Unfortunately I will have to wait until the end of next year! WAH!!!!!!

I was taken hostage by Winter of the World on Wednesday and was just released this morning. LOL SIGH…. I guess now I can go back to regular life. 😉


Speaking of regular life, I have decided to make some cosmetic changes on the blog. See allllllllll of those blog buttons on the right side??? Yeah, I plan on taking most of those down. Most of them are from linky parties that I participate in. Bloggers are always trying to get new readers and linky parties are supposed to be great ways to do that, in theory. What usually happens is this: you link up your outstanding post to the party and it’s supposed to draw people to your site, generating new followers. You are supposed to click on other people’s links and comment on their posts. This rarely happens. What really happens is this: you link up your outstanding post and it gets lost in all the other outstanding posts. Very few people actually visit someone else’s blog. You don’t really generate new readers. SIGH…..  So, while I am cleaning up the side over there, I will also be looking for new and better ways to try to expand my readers. Any ideas??????

I will be leaving some of the buttons up. There are a few blogs that I feel I have a genuine friendship with the blogger and I will be leaving those up. 😉




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