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What We Did Last Week

Last week was another busy one!! Here are just a few of the things we did.




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We read that the emperors in Ancient China rode in elephant drawn chariots.

Cailey’s on the bottom, Colin’s on the top.



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We made Play-Doh Chinese dragons!  (In the background are the pictures they drew of things made in Ancient China.)

WOW! Cailey was having a bad hair day! 😉




24 26

These are their birds’ nest projects they did after reading Even an Ostrich Needs a Nest by Irene Kelly.

Colin’s is the construction paper picture and Cailey’s is the colored-pencil drawing.





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On Saturday we went to the Home Depot Kids Workshop. OMG! The kids had SO MUCH FUN!! We got to watch a helicopter land. Then they brought out the bomb squad’s robot! There was also a fire truck!!!

Then the kids made fire rescue planes.

They left with their planes, fire hats, goodie bags, balloons, popcorn, and juice! LOL

My next post will be about the dress Cailey is wearing in the Home Depot pictures. 😉 Just a little sneak peek.



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