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Make a Medieval Tapestry

Make a Medieval Tapestry




So, I’ve been racking my brain to think of ideas for our Middle Ages unit that are NOT run of the mill and I think I may have hit on one!

Yesterday we made our own tapestries!! Well,  sort of…. We did break out a loom or anything like that. We did it OUR way. 😉

I dug out a couple of scraps of fabric that were sitting on top of one of my fabric boxes and decided they would work just fine.

Then I hunted down the dowel rods that I knew were here SOMEWHERE!

After that I hunted high and low for yarn or twine… ANYTHING to hang them with!! I got lucky and found some string.

When we got to our Middle Ages study I showed Cailey and Colin different pictures of medieval tapestries and explained how they were used.

Then I sat them in front of the fabric scraps with their paints and brushes and let them go.


This is what they came up with.


Medieval Tapestry 014



Colin went with a shield and knights.

The lighting for this pic was terrible and using the flash only made it worse! LOL


Medieval Tapestry 005


Cailey went with a unicorn and rose vines.


After the paint dried, I put a ton of glue at the tops and wrapped them around the dowels. Then I added the strings to end.

Viola! Medieval tapestries!!!

You could always have your child try their hand at a bit of embroidery.





Learn About Light – Resources for a Unit Study

Learn About Light




Science can be one of those scary things to teach but it doesn’t have to be! Science is all about hands on learning. Don’t be afraid of it! Have FUN with it!!!!! 

Science is one of my favorite things to teach and I think it’s one of the most natural things for kids to learn. Kids are so curious about the world around them and that’s exactly what science is all about. How many times have you heard your kids ask why?? Well, science answers most of those questions! LOL 

The resources I found for a light unit would be perfect to pair with an anatomy unit on eyes.

As always, I include resources for a variety of ages. All books can be found at your local library, on Amazon or Paperback Swap (you should really check out this link).

All printable resources are free unless marked with $$$.



books graphic























kindle graphics











printables graphics


Lapbook – Homeschool Helper Online

Printables and Activities – BBC

3 Free Printables – abcteach

Printable Worksheets – Primary Leap (sign up for free)

Worksheets –

Printables – Kid Friendly Homeschool Curriculum 

Science Terms Printables – Mrs Sandford’s 4th Grade Blog

Worksheets – Mr Collinson

Printables and Activities – Teach Engineering 

Worksheet, Coloring Page and Info – Science With Me


Teacher Book Bag Simple Science Unit – Sound and Light

Exploring Light Lapbook


online graphic

Science Net Links – info – activities

A to Z Teacher Stuff – Lesson Plans

Scholastic – Activities for Magic School Bus Gets a Bright Idea – info

Exploratorium  – Activities

Science Kids – Info and Activities

How Stuff Works – Info

WatchKnowLearn – videos

Physics 4 Kids – Info

Monster Sciences – Activities

Optics For Kids – Activities

YouTube – Learn About Light Video


other graphic


Magic School Bus Science Kit The Mysteries of Rainbows

Young Scientist Series – Light

Science Wiz Light Experiment Kit







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