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Orange Crush Dress Tutorial

Orange Crush 1



Here is the tutorial I promised you!! 😀 This is dress that I sewed for the Project Run & Play Season 6 Week 2 Challenge – Stripes and Polka Dots Sew Along. If you scroll down the page you will find the link up where other bloggers have added their Week 2 outfits. You should check them out! There are some seriously talented ladies there!!!


What I used –

about 1 yard of main

about 1/2 yard of contrast

That’s it! Well, other than the obvious (thread, sewing machine, etc. LOL)



Orange Crush 004


Sew the sides together creating a long rectangle. Leave the top open a few inches. (The length and width of the rectangle will depend upon the size of your child and your personal preference.)

Press your seam open.


Orange Crush 007


Fold the sides of the opening in by 1/4″ and again by 1/4″. Sew in place.




Orange Crush 008


Now you need to measure and cut the arm holes. (Make sure to cut at an angle.)



Orange Crush 009


Cut 2 long strips about 2 1/2″ wide. Fold the sides in and press. Now fold in half and press.




Orange Crush 0010


Open up the strip and fold over the edges of the arm holes, pin and sew in place.



Orange Crush 012


Time to add the pleats at the neck line!

To pleat you basically fold the fabric behind itself, press and pin in place.

I marked the places where I put the pleats.




Orange Crush 015


Now put 2 rows of stitches across the top of the pleats to hold them securely.

It really is hard to see the pleats with the stripes! LOL



Orange Crush 014


Add pleats to the back and sew 2 lines of stitches across the top.




Orange Crush 018


Cut a long fabric strip (long enough to fit very loosely around your child’s neck AND tie a nice bow). The width of the fabric will depend upon how long your child’s neck is.

Fold over the edges by 1/2″ and press. Fold in half and press again.



Orange Crush 019


Open up the middle fold and pin in place over the neck line.

As you can see, I didn’t make mine long enough to tie at first. I had thought about making a button closure but when I tried it out I just didn’t like it. LOL I think the big bow adds more to the back. 😉



Orange Crush 024


Now, the bottom pleats!! This can take a little while…. LOL I used a strip that was 6″ wide by about 80″ long (2- 40″ strips sewn together).

Fold the strip in half and press making it 3″ wide.

Now start pleating, pressing and pinning until the whole thing is pleated!



Orange Crush 027


Pin the top of the pleats to the bottom of the dress (right side) and sew into place.

When you get to the edge of the dress, leave the rest of the pleated part unattached.

Press out the remaining pleats.

Fold the end edges in by 1/4 and sew closed. Now tie the remains!



Orange Crush Dress 3







Orange Crush Dress 2


The bow at the neckline was an afterthought but easy enough to make.

I used a 7″ x  5″ rectangle. Fold it over and sew 2 sides (right sides together). Turn right side out and press. Turn the raw edges in and top stitch around all 4 sides.  Take a small strip about 2″ x 3″ and fold in the sides by 1/4″ and press. Wrap it around the center of the rectangle and sew in place.


Orange Crush Dress 5




Orange Crush Dress 4




As always, let me know if this was easy to follow. If you have ANY questions feel free to use the Contact Me button at the top of the page and email me! 😀



My Homage to an Oscar Dress

Here is THE dress, not MY dress. The dress that inspired me. THE Valentino dress.


Now, here is MY dress!











So, what do you think?? It turned out just the way I wanted it to!! So, this will be the first of my designs that I will sell! 🙂 I am going to offer it in 3 different fabrics: cotton, crepe lined satin and velvet and they will be made to order. The white ribbon is satin but it wasn’t as hard to work with as I thought it as going to be. It is fully lined so it took almost 3 whole yards to make! LOL And an entire spool of ribbon!

SHEW!! It feels good to get that design out of my head and out into the real world. LOL


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