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Plants Unit Study

Moving right along, the next unit on my list for science will be plants! I hope you find the resources helpful!

As always, everything I use for our studies are either free or cheap! The books can all be found through your local library system, Amazon or Paperback Swap.





DK Eyewitness Plant

DK Eyewitness Tree 

What Happens When Flowers Grow?

What Shall I Grow?

Hungry Plants

From Bacteria to Plants

One Hour Nature Crafts

Flowers, Fruits and Seeds 

Insect-Eating Plants

World of Plants

The Magic School Bus Plants Seeds





Handbook of Nature Study – $2.99 (This is a WONDERFUL book to have in print, though.)

How to Draw Plants – Free for Prime

My First Book About Flowers – Free for Prime

Interesting Facts About Plants – Free for Prime


Kindle Botany Books for Older Kids (a good list and mostly free)





Plants Lapbooks and Unit Studies – Homeschool Share

Plants Lapbook – Homeschool Helper Online

Plants Lapbook – Squidoo

Plants Worksheets – Squidoo

Plants Worksheets and Notebooking – HS Launch

Plants Worksheets – Classroom Jr.

Plants Worksheets –

Gardening Pre-K Pack – Homeschool Creations

Tree ID and Coloring Pages – Little Schoolhouse in the Suburbs

Montessori Inspired Botany/Gardening Unit – Living Montessori Now

Botany Calendar Connections – 1+1+1=1

Learn About Flowers Paper Craft – DLTK-Kids

All About Plants – Montessori for Everyone

Plants and Tree Printables – Handbook of Nature Study

Botany Printables – Ellen McHenry’s Basement Workshop

Plant Worksheets – Have Fun Teaching

Plant Printables and Activities – A to Z Teacher Stuff

Flower PreK Unit – 2 Teaching Mommies

Plant Coloring Pages – Squidoo

Plants Curriculum – Hands of a Child – $9

Botany Curriculum – Hands of a Child – $9

Traveling Seeds Curriculum – Hands of a Child – $7

Get Ready to Garden Curriculum – Hands of a Child – $7

All About Plants Unit Study – Currclick – $3.50

All About Plants – Simple Days Unit Study – Currclick – 99 cents




30 Free Learning Resources for Gardening and Farms – Homeschooling Hearts & Minds

Botany & Plants Unit Study – Squidoo

Flowers in Art – Squidoo

50 Delightful, Edible Flowers – Squidoo

The Plant Kingdom – Squidoo

Creating a Terrarium – Teaching Tiny Tots

Nature Detectives

Plants for Kids – Science Kids

Plants – Biology 4 Kids

Plants Video – Nat Geo Kids

Plants – Kids Biology

Botany – Homeschool Escapade

The First Book of Trees – download

Plants – neoK12

Plant Videos – BBC

Plant Crafts – eHow



They Might Be Giants – Photosynthesis



Plant and Animal Cell Rap



Learn About Plants – Photosynthesis



Learn About Plants – Life Cycle



Parts of a Flower



I hope you enjoy the resources!!! 😀

Have fun learning!




May Flowers Skirt and Tutorial


May Flowers Skirt Tutorial –

I am sooooo excited to bring you this tutorial!! My very first!! 🙂 I dreamed this skirt up out of the blue and thankfully I was able to see it to fruition! I will be entering this skirt in the Crafterhours Skirt Week contest in the children’s skirt category so wish me luck!!!!


Fabric – 1 yd of cornflower blue satin – blue for sky (you can use any kind of fabric but blue in color would be best)
Fabric scraps in many colors – for flowers
Fabric scraps in green – leaves
Fabric scraps in yellow – sun
Fabric scraps in white – cloud
Stretch of green in width of the front panel –  grass
Scraps of ribbon –  flower petals, flower stems
Buttons – flower middles
Elastic – measured to child’s waist + ½ inch
White thread – I used white to give it the look I wanted. (D says it looks like a La La Loopsy LOL)

1 – I started by cutting the satin into an A-line. I cut it while still folded over and then cut the pieces apart after I had my lines. It’s easier to do it that way than to cut the back and front and THEN try to get an even line on the sides.


2- I put the green underneath the skirt and cut the angles.


Sorry… The pic is a little sideways. :/


3- I zig-zag stitched the entire perimeter of the green section.

4- Pin the green to the front of the front panel, make sure to turn up the bottom of the front panel and pin for the hem.

5- Straight stitch green to blue, creating a hem as you go.


6- Gather some round items to use as a guide for your flowers and sun.


7- Cut circles – 2 of each color


8- Draw out a cloud on the white scraps and cut while folded (but not ON the fold)


9- Cut ribbon into sections for flower petals


10 – Pin ribbon petals between flower sections

11- Zig-zag stitch all around

12- Continue to do that with the other flowers or leave on plain like I did.
13- Pin ribbon for stems in between the grass and skirt front panel. You can also pin the leaves.

14- Straight stitch together.

15- Straight stitch up both sides on all stems.

16- Pin flowers to the tops of stems.

Sorry! I forgot to take pics for these steps!

17- If you are using buttons for the middles, attach the flowers to the skirt by sewing the buttons through the flower middles into the front panel of skirt.

18- If you have a flower that won’t have a middle, straight stitch all the way around it to attach it to the skirt front.

19- Zig-zag stitch around both pieces of the cloud

20- Pin to the top corner of skirt panel, making sure to leave room for side seams and waist.

21- Zig-zag to skirt.

22- Zig-zag stitch around both pieces of the sun. (sewing them together)

23- Pin  to the top corner of skirt front.

24- Zig-zag stitch sun to the skirt front

25- Pin and hem back panel of skirt.

26- Pin sides of skirt together (right sides together) and sew side seams.


27- Leaving skirt inside out, pin over the top, leaving room for the elastic.

28- Sew elastic pocket but leave an opening to put the elastic through.

29- Pin safety pins to BOTH ends of elastic and thread through the elastic pocket opening. Be sure to hold firmly to both ends.


30. Sew ends of elastic together.


31- Sew the opening closed.

32- Turn right side out.

You are done!! Congratulations! You have made the May Flower Skirt!!!

This way my first tutorial so let me know if it was easy for you to follow. I am definitely open for constructive criticism. 😉

I will be putting another skirt together this week and I will be sure to add a tutorial for it as well! I can’t wait for you to see it!! Another one that is different and came straight from my mind (a very scary place! LOL).

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