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Sewing Machine Cover Tutorial

Sewing Machine Cover Tutorial


I got a new sewing machine for my Birthday!!! YIPPPEEE!! It was KILLING me to not be sewing!!! I managed to finagle some room in this teeny tiny house to put some of fabric and supplies!

New Sewing Machine

This is my new machine and I LOVE IT SOOOOOO MUCH!!! It’s so easy to use! I would recommend it for beginner and intermediate sewists alike. It has so many functions. I’ve been having a blast playing around with it and seeing what it can do.

It’s also much quieter than my old one. That is a major plus! I can set my playlist on YouTube and listen to music while I sew, never missing a note.

OK, enough gushing over this miraculous machine!

I decided that it would be really nice to make a cover for it. Y’know, keep it from getting dusty (like I’ll let it sit idle long enough for THAT).









Then I took a large sheet of paper and marked the height and width of my machine, turning it into a pattern of sorts for the sides.




Next, I cut the fat quarter in half for the front and back.



Then I cut the fat quarter for the top.



Next I cut the pieces for the border on the front and back.



The last pieces I cut were the sides.



Then I pinned the top to the front (or back).

Sew the seam together.

Then do the other side (front or back) the same way.

Next sew the border pieces to the front and back.




Press your seams. Not only does it look better but it helps the seams to set.


SMC 10


Next, pin the sides to the front/back. Only pin the top and one side.

Sew the seam.


SMC 11


Then you can pin the other side.

Sew the seam making sure to not leave an opening!


Do the other side.


SMC 13

Next, fold over the bottom by 1/2″ and press.

Fold over another 1/2″, press and pin.

Sew your hem!

I used the decorative clover one mine. 😉



This is how it looks on my machine.

BUT I wasn’t thrilled with the results.





Sewing Machine Cover 2

I pinched the edges and sewed! Now it stands so nice and pretty! 😀


I hope you enjoyed this!!

Let me know if you try it out!!




Gosh, it feels SOOOOOOOO good to be sewing again!!!



Tutorial ~ Make a Chair Buddy

Chair Buddy Collage

This year Colin will be doing full time Kindergarten. He isn’t all that thrilled about it to tell the truth. So, I decided to make him something to help get him into the spirit! A chair buddy!!

I had some Hot Wheels fat quarters sitting around and figured they would be perfect!

This project is super fast and easy!  Thank goodness, because now Cailey wants one! LOL She has decided not to use her little desk this year. Maybe Colin will use both the desk and the chair buddy!

What I used for Colin’s:

4 fat quarters

1 scrap (for the little pocket)

What I used for Cailey’s

2 pieces of flannel – 21″ x 23″

1 piece of yellow cotton – 21″ x 19″

1 scrap (for the little pocket)

Step 1

Chair Buddy 005

Take the scrap piece for you little pocket, fold it in half and press. Next, fold over the top ends by 1/4″ and press. Fold over again by 1/2″ and press. Sew in place.

Then, with right sides together, sew up the sides, creating the pocket.

Chair Buddy 009

Turn right side out and press.

Step 2 –

Chair Buddy 011

Take the fat quarter that you are going to use for the large pocket and fold over the top by 2 1/2″ and press. Fold again by 2 1/2″ and press again.

Sew in place and press.

Step 3 –

Chair Buddy 014

Pin the small pocket in place on the front of the fat quarter you will be using for the large pocket.

Sew in place and press.

You should now have 2 small pockets on the front.

Step 4 –

Chair Buddy 016

Take the 2 fat quarters you will be using as the body and sew the tops together.

Open it up and press the seam.

With right sides out, fold in half and press the seam from the outside.

Step 5 –

Chair Buddy 022

Take your last fat quarter and cut it in half. Fold the halves in the half and press (with right sides out).

Place your pockets on one side of the body and pin down the sides.

Take one of the halves and pin it with the raw edges against the raw edges of the bottom of the large pocket and main body. Pin in place.

Now sew all three pieces together.

Fold the bottom part down and press.  (On the wrong side, press the seam up.)

Take the remaining half and sew it to the bottom of the other side of the main body, Repeat the pressing.

****If you are NOT using the fat quarters, you will lay the pocket fabric on top of the main and fold over 1/2″ and press. Fold over another 1/2″, press and hem.

Step 6 –

Chair Buddy 025

Now, fold the body in half with right sides together and pin the sides,

Sew the sides up!


Chair Buddy 028

Turn right side out and press again!

You are ALL DONE!!!

Chair Buddy 027

You now have yourself a Chair Buddy!!! YAY!!!

Here is Cailey’s!

Chair Buddy 037

Chair Buddy 034

Let me know what you think! Have any questions? Just comment or shoot me an email by clicking the Contact Me button at the top of the page.

You can also find me on Twitter or Facebook – the links are over on the right side.



Fat Quarter Skirt Tutorial

I was perusing the fabric aisle at Walmart the other day when I found PINK PANTHER fat quarters!!!! OH MY GOSH!!!!! They were on sale for $5 a pack!!!! So I grabbed 2… LOL I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with them though. UNTIL the Cs had a sleepover. Then I knew! Cailey and her 2 BFFs could have matching skirts!! PERFECT!!! And you get a new tutorial! 😉





What I Used-

1/2  a package of fat quarter




Step 1 –


Take one piece of each design or 3 pieces. Set the unique piece aside (to use as a waist band). Then cut the fat quarters into thirds.



Step 2 –


Take the fat quarter that you set aside for the waistband and cut it into fourths. Set 2 aside for the waistband.



Step 3 –


Go ahead and stack the pieces in the order you want to sew them in.


Step 4 –



Pin your first 2 pieces together, right sides touching, and sew the seam!

I usually do a finishing stitch first and then do mu straight stitch, but I’m weird like that. 😉



Step 5 –


Continue pinning and sewing until you have used all your pieces! 🙂



Step 6 –

Apparently, I forgot to take a picture of this step… SIGH… Sorry about that!!!! It’s easy, though. You need to gather the top of the skirt!

On my machine I set both of my stitch settings to the largest number and run 2 lines of straight stitches. Then I pull on the bottom thread on one side and gather, then I pull on the bottom thread from the other side and gather.



Step 7 –


Now, take your 2 waistband pieces and sew one end to one end.


Step 8 –


Now, turn in 1/4 inch at the top and press. Then a 1/4 inch at the bottom and press.


Step 9 –


Fold in half and press!



Step 10 –



Open up the waistband and pin the skirt inside, leaving at least 5″ on each side for the ties.



Step 11 –


Run a straight stitch from one of the waist band to the other. This will leave the ends as ties and enclose the top of the skirt inside of the waistband.



Step 12 –


Fold over the ends of the ties, press and stitch across.



Step 13 –


Fold over the raw edges of the side of the skirt 1/4 inch and press. Fold over another 1/4 inch, press and pin. This will enclose those raw edges.


Step 14 –


Pin the sides together and sew the seam but be sure to leave 3 or 4 inches from the top of the waistband down. That will leave room for your child to get the skirt on and off.


Step 15 –


Fold over the bottom of the skirt 3/4 inch and press. Fold over another 3/4 inch, press and pin.

Sew your hem!



Press and you are all DONE!!!! YAY!!!!


















I will be making one skirt with a button closure and one with an elastic waistband, that way the girls will be able to tell which one belongs to them. 😉


As always, let me know what you think! Was this easy to follow??? And definitely let me know if you make one!! I would LOVE to see the pictures! 🙂





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