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Cutie Patootie!

Here is the whole reason for the name of this post –


Isn’t he THE cutest little guy??? That is my 2nd cousin Liam and he is an absolute doll!!! He is wearing the Day of the Dead pants that I made for him! 🙂





I made them a little big. I had the measurements for shorts because that is what I had planned on making BUT I waited so long to actually make them that I made pants instead… LOL  But, I figure they will shrink a tiny bit and then he will just be able to wear them longer. 😉


I have Bags of Hope and Love news!! A GINORMOUS thank you to Regena!!! I want to show her what her donate bought! 😉


THANK YOU!!! And the boys and girls that get the bags that this stuff will be in thank you, too. AWESOME!!!! May God bless you!!!!

There are 3 shampoos, 4 body washes, 4 shaving gels, 2 pks of hand sanitizer, 3 note pads, 3 pks of snacks, 2 pks of drinks, 1 pk of razors and I think that’s it! LOL


Job search news!!! The Hubby called the guy back at the place in GA that we visited last week and gave him a salary number. The guy said it didn’t sound unreasonable and he would get back with us by Friday. I have to admit to being a little downcast. I know I should be happy and thankful, and I am, but I am also very, very sad. I don’t want to leave my church family and I don’t want to leave Jacob. He has said over and over again that if we move he won’t be going with us. This breaks my heard into a thousand pieces. I know he is 19 and he would be leaving us sometime in the near future anyway, but he will be SOOOOOOO far away!!! I can’t even imagine what it will like to not see his face

and hear his voice everyday. I know I will be able to talk to him on the phone but I won’t be able to hug him. SIGH….. Y’all pray for me, OK?? I’m going to need them. Just sitting here typing this has me fighting back the tears.

I guess I will need to see if I can find someone that can take over Bags of Hope and Love at my church. I will start another chapter of it if/when we move. I guess that’s good, right? Spreading it even farther??

Ok, enough of me blabbering… Let’s see if I can find some funny pictures to lighten the mood!

OH! That reminds me!!! Tomorrow I will have a VERY SPECIAL post…. Hee hee hee!! You don’t want to miss it! 😉

Who Let the Cat Watch 'Lord of the Rings' Again?

LoL by: Unknown (via Sofa Puzza)



Once Was Enough for Colonel Meow

LoL by: Unknown (via Daily Picks and Flicks)



I Has A Hotdog: Same Difference

LoL by: TuckerBentley



I Has A Hotdog: U r speshul!

LoL by: jennybookseller





Bible Verses glitter graphic


Bible Verses glitter graphic


Bible Verses glitter graphic


OK, I feel a little better now. 😉

Praise God! He is good ALL the time! He loves me ALL the time! He hears my prayers ALL the time! He will be with me, sustaining me in my sadness and in my joy.


Pattern Testing, Day of the Dead and AWESOME Readers!

LOL I love the long, crazy titles!!!!

I was offered a lovely opportunity to test a pattern for Squiggly Twigs Designs. I just finished testing the Simply Lovely Dress pattern and I LOOOOOOOOVE it!!!!! The instructions were very easy to follow and she adds in little helpful hints. AWESOME!! If you are a beginner, then I would definitely try this out!! If you aren’t a beginner, I would STILL try this out! LOL 😉

Here are my pics!


Please excuse the wrinkles. I had it ALLLLL ironed out UNTIL Cailey put it on. LOL 😉










Cailey is very excited about wearing this to church tomorrow!!! And I am wishing that I had bought enough fabric to make a matching skirt for ME! LOL


About a month ago I promised my cousin that I would make her SOOOOO STINKING CUTE son a pair of Day of the Dead shorts. Well…. It’s taken me THIS long to get around to it so I made pants instead. LOL Here they are!






I have never made anything that small!! LOL I sure hope they fit! I added a cuff at the bottom so that hopefully they can grow with him. 🙂


Now, on to AWESOME READERS!!!!! I was soooo amazed to learn that I was nominated for the Good Neighbor Award over at Pillows A-La-Mode.  SOOOOOOO amazing!!!! This award is basically from the readers! You should go read the lovely things that were said about all the nominees. It made me tear up. LOL I am such a softy!! So I want to say a great big, GINORMOUS THANK YOU to any readers that may have nominated or voted for me. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t for the life of me figure out WHY… LOL 😉


I am feeling MUCH better today! YAY!!!! I got enough sleep and made myself eat. That seems to have done wonders! LOL The tooth is still there nagging me but it has gotten better! SHEW!!!! Thank you all SO much for the prayers!!! We all know how much help they are!! I think since The Hubby has night shift again next week that we will take the week off from school. I can’t seem to deal well with only a few hours of sleep a day! LOL I was going to bed between 3:30 and 4:30 and getting up between 7:30 and 8:30. NOT good! Even with a nap here and there it just wasn’t cutting it.





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