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No Sew Notebook Cover

no sew notebook cover



More crafting for the new school year!

We had a couple of old composition books around that the kids didn’t use last year. I had an idea to pretty them up a little bit.



What I used :

Scrap fabric


Glue gun



I made a few mistakes here and there but I will tell you alllll about them in the steps! LOL


STEP 1 –


no sew notebook cover 001


Put your notebook on top of the fabric with the bottom of the notebook hanging over about 1/2″. Leaving 2″ on both sides of the notebook, cut around.



STEP 2 – 


no sew notebook cover 006


Cut 2 pieces of ribbon 2″ past the edges of the notebook.



STEP 3 –

no sew notebook cover 008


Cut a piece of ribbon about 4″ longer than the notebook (this will be the place mark).



STEP 4 –

no sew notebook cover 010


While your notebook is closed*, put some hot glue on the binding and attach the place mark.

*I had it open.



STEP 5 – 

no sew notebook cover 013


With your notebook closed*, add hot glue to the spin, center your fabric and attach it.



STEP 6 –

no sew notebook cover 014


Add hot glue around the edges of one side and wrap the fabric around. Do that to both sides.

(You should have some room at the top and bottom where the cover is longer than the fabric.)



STEP 7 –

no sew notebook cover 015


Open the notebook, hot glue the edges of the fabric and stick it to the inside.



STEP 8 –

no sew notebook cover 016


Close the notebook, add hot glue to the top edges and place your ribbon on top. *Do NOT mash the ribbon down. I think that’s why mine looks wrinkly.

Do the same to the bottom edges.

Open the notebook back up and glue the edges of the ribbon to the inside.






no sew notebook cover 017


I made this one for Cailey because she LOOOOVES SpongeBob!!!



no sew notebook cover 023


And I made this one for me! 😉


I am going to try my hand at adding the fabric to spiral bound notebooks. I’ll let you know how that goes. 😉






Sewing and Craft Ideas for Easter and Spring

I have a confession to make. I haven’t sewn a single thing this week! GASP!!!! I don’t know what has gotten into me! I do have tons of ideas floating around in my head but….. I think I need a trip to a fabric store. My stash just isn’t cutting it anymore.

Some of the ideas I’ve had are for Easter! It’s right around the corner!!!! Colin keeps reminding me because it’s on his Birthday this year!


Here are Easter sewing ideas from around the Web!


Little Girls Bunny Rabbit Vintage 1940s Apron Pattern

Little Girl’s Bunny Rabbit Apron – Etsy Shop




Bunny Pillow Made Using this Free Pillow Pattern

Bunny Pillow Pet




easter basket

Bunny Easter Basket from Disdressed




Free Pattern from Allsorts for this fabulous Fluffy Stuffy Bunny!

Fluffy Stuffy  Bunny from  Allsorts




Simple Simon & Company: The Cotton Candy Skirt--A New Tulle Skirt

The Cotton Candy Skirt from Simple Simon & Co.



Sheep Pillow  @Chris O'Rourke

Sheep Pattern – Count the Sheep




McCall’s M6642



simple and sweet bunny.  Site is in Italian but Chrome translates it.  Free pattern available.

Easter Bunny from Apine Industriose (It’s in Italian but Chrome will translate.)




A Kid Designed Dress from A Home, Made




Spring Wreath

A Spring Wreath from Four Girlies




Max Dress Sewing pattern for little girls!

Emmaline Dress Pattern – Violette Fields Threads




letters maybe make larger & cut out initials

Ruffled Easter Egg Tee – Positively Splendid




Modern Folksy Bunny Pattern – Gingercake




Spring Chick Skirt – iCandy Handmade




Cute quick dress

Simple Easter Dress – Mommy by Day, Crafter by Night




Tutorial for this cute little girls' dress

Easter/Spring Dress – Sew Dang Cute Crafts




This is so cute and so simple!!

Vintage Spring Dress – The Valencia’s 




Stitch a Basket of Marshmallow Bunnie Plushies

Marshmallow Bunny Plushies – We All Sew 




I need to check these out.... Time to decorate the casa for Spring!

101 Handmade Easter Craft Ideas – Everything Etsy 




Easter Egg topiary tutorial

Egg Topiary – She’s Kinda Crafty



DIY Too Stinkin' Cute: Bunny Wreath!

Bunny Wreath –  Too Stinkin’ Cute




Here’s a nice list from Dana Made It

A nice list from About.Com Sewing.






Flower Power outfit 1 - from my blog! :)

Flower Power – by me 😉



High-Low Dress – me 😉





Eyelet Tank – me 😉



Orange Crush 1

Orange Crush – me, again….




fox 1

Fox Trot Part 1

Fox Trot Part 2



Change the fabrics and the Gingerbread Dress turns into an Easter dress! 😉



Fab Mod Dress

Gosh, I miss our old house. :/


I hope these tutorials and patterns help to jump start your Easter and Spring sewing and crafting! 🙂


I have something coming up. Think eyelet and pink gingham.





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