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15 DAY BLOGGER CHALLENGE – Getting to Know the Blogger – Days 12 & 13

12. What are a couple of your favorite blog tools that you use?

PicMonkey, hands down. I LOOOOOOOVE PicMonkey!!!! It is so much fun! You can add (oops had a typo there LOL) sooooo many cute and cool things to your pictures! I am thinking about using it if I make Christmas cards this year instead of buying them! LOL



13. Your top 5 posts and why you think they were successful.

My top posts are always my tutorials. I can submit them to so many different sites and get them out there. has a newsletter and a few of my tutorials have been featured in them. You also have and

I think my recent lack of tutorials is probably to blame for the deep fall in views. 😦 I haven’t added a new tutorial since September! YILES!!! I am SOOOOO sorry!!!!

BUT I will be making up for that this week. 😉

I finished my sewing room/library yesterday! YAY!!!!

I am sooooo excited to have my own space!!!! 🙂 I thought I might have to fight The Hubby for it but once I explained to him how I would need that space to possibly start my own business and therefore maybe make some money, he gave it up peaceably…. LOL


Here are the fabric choices for my new tutorial –



And here are the cut pieces –


Our old stained and beat up kitchen table is my new cutting table! 🙂 YAY!!!!!!


So, stick around! I hope to be posting the new tutorial tomorrow!!!!! I guess I need to get sewing… 😉


OH!! Here are a couple of pics of Bonnie and Cloud. They are now nicely adjusted to their new home.






Are you still out there, Carol??? I thought you might be wondering where my cat pics were. 😉


OH! It feels SOOOOOOOO good to get back to sewing!!! I freaked out a little when my all purpose foot went missing but Walmart saved the day! LOL They had ONE kind of foot. ONE!!! Praise the Lord, it fit my machine! LOL

Oh, and if you would like to check out my tutorials, just click the box at the top of the page!! I apologize, though… WordPress used to just have the links under the Tutorial Header but now it’s just a long line of the tutorial posts. :/ You now just have to scroll through them all. ARGH!!!!!!!


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Y’all Aren’t Gonna Believe THIS!!!


Well, we are moved. We are now Georgians. The moving company loaded us yesterday and delivered TODAY!!!!

So, we left Virginia around 5 pm and drove as far as Florence, SC last night. I go to plug my laptop up in the hotel room and BLEW A FUSE!!!! No power in the hotel room. SIGH… We call down to the front desk and they say to come up and get another room. As I was backing out to go to the front desk, BAM! I hit a big ole bush…. SIGH… No damage to the vehicle or the bush. SHEW!!!!!

So, we get into the new room and we let the cats out of the big box they were travelling in. They went INSANE!!!!!

This morning it takes 5 of us to try to get the cats back into the box and NONE of us were unscathed! I think I might still be bleeding!!

Anyway, we are driving down the interstate and all of a sudden Cloud figures out how to get out of the box! Then Bonnie and Pammy shoot out. We were then doing 80 on 95 with 3 cats loose in the van. SIGH……

OOOH!! And we passed a GIANT shoe driving down the road! I swear!! A GIANT SHOE!!! I made sure I wasn’t the only one that actually saw it. 😉

We are in another hotel tonight. Even though all our stuff was delivered today we have no utilities…. I will be taking care of all of that in the morning.

I have some GREAT pics of the house to show y’all!!



See the palm trees that I circled?? We have 4 of them in the yard!!

Colin is checking out the pea gravel in the driveway. 😉





My other 2 palm trees!!! 🙂




The wood underneath that circled part is cedar! It smells soooo good!!!!
















These are just a few of the pics that I took today. I will post some more tomorrow.

SOOOO tired and I still have SOOO much to do!!!


Praise the Lord for getting us safely to Georgia!!!!!


The Crazy Things My Kids Do

Ok…. So today we were driving back from picking up take-out, just Deanna, Joshua and me. Joshua starts throwing himself around in the front seat. For a moment I thought he might be having some sort of fit! I ask him, “What the heck are you doing???” This was his reply, “I wanted to know if there was a tractor-trailer that went sideways and was headed for us, would I be able to get my body under the height of the dashboard where I would be safer.” Ummm……. OK…… But he is 6″2″ and 240 lbs……. Yeah…..

That reminded me of some of the crazy and strange things my kids have said and done. And some of the crazy things that have come out of my mouth in reply to the crazy and strange things my kids have done.

For instance, I was chatting away with my cousin one day (Hi, Amy!!) while the older 2 boys were building a fire in our outdoor fireplace. I see Jacob heading toward it with a gas can. He has on ear buds, so I KNOW he can’t hear me. I start yelling to Joshua to tell his brother, “to NOT throw GAS on the fire!” Yeah…. Who would have thought that I would ever have to say that????

Here is a list of things that have come out of my mouth-

“Don’t set that on fire!”

“Don’t duct tape the cats ears!”

“No, cats do NOT like to swim in the toilet!”

“Do NOT glue your sister’s mouth shut!”

“Take that outside to shoot it!”

“Don’t melt that!”

“No, you can NOT shave the cats!”

“Untie your brother now!”

“Who threw your sister’s glasses out the window???” (This was as we were driving down the road!”

“Who cut off the monkey’s tail???” (It was a stuffed monkey, I swear!) (And I found out YEARS later that it was Joshua.)

“No, you can’t shoot your brother in the butt…Or anywhere else!!!!”

“Get that firecracker out of your nose!”

“No, you cannot ride the goat.”

“Guinea pigs do not like to wear clothes.”

“Do NOT grab the snapping turtle by the tail!”

Then there are the things that I cringe when hearing….. Any time a child is in the bathroom, flushes the toilet and says, “Uh, oh!”

Anytime anyone yells for a towel, QUICK!

I also know that if someone throws goop at the ceiling and you don’t get it down right away it will dry like CEMENT! Same goes for silly string. Also, if you spray silly sting in the shape of a smiley face on aluminum siding, the smiley face will stay there even if you wash the silly string off quickly…..

Jacob was 2 yrs old and climbed into the washing machine while it was filling up with water. He has soap suds all over him.

Another time, also when Jacob was 2, he climbed into the dryer and couldn’t get out. All I could hear were his muffled cries of help.

When Joshua was 3 he climbed on top of the washer and got a box of cakes out of the cabinet. He ate EVERY SINGLE ONE.

At Christmas time when the older three were small, I would have to sleep in front of the Christmas tree after we put their presents out to keep them from getting into them. One year when Deanna was 3, Joshua 4 and Jacob 6, it didn’t matter that I was asleep in front of the tree. The little boogers grabbed presents and sneaked out to the garage. Deanna woke me up to tell on them. I go out there and they had already opened several presents. I took the ones that were left in the packages BACK to the store. The other ones I took away and never let them have them back. Rotten, rotten, rotten.

Those are just a FEW of the crazy things my kids have said or done….

Now for some great pictures I have taken over the last few days. 😉

The first few are Cailey and Colin dancing in the falling leaves.

And the next couple are of Cloud, the crazy cat…. LOL

Hancock’s Finds


Well, the sale wasn’t as good as the lady led me to believe it would be but I still got 10 yards of fabric for less than $20. Not too bad at all! 😉 I picked up the fabrics above. Nothing that I’m SUPER excited about but I think I know what I’m going to do with each. 😉

I started sewing the bodice of the Retro Butterick ’53 today. I think the solid front upper bodice is going to work. SHEW!!!!!! LOL

And I know that SOME of you love to see what my rotten cats are up to…..




This is what they were doing when I was trying to cut out the pattern pieces for the Retro Butterick ’53. SIGH……..

They need a hobby. Oh, wait, they have one! Driving me crazy!!! LOL 😉

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