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DinoROAR Tutorial Part 2

DinoROAR 1


Today we do the raglan tee and vest!! YAY!! In case you missed it, the shorts were yesterday’s tutorial. πŸ˜‰

What I Used

About 1/2 yard of plain blue knit

About 1/4 yard of the olive green knit

About 1/2 yard of the dino print

About 1/2 yard of blue cotton for the lining



dinoroar tut 2 010


I took one of Colin’s shirts and folded the sleeves back to give me the wider angle of a raglan sleeve.



dinoroar tut 2 012

Then I cut the neck. Both the back and the front of the shirt are exactly the same.

If you have ever made a peasant blouse this is VERY close!!! πŸ˜‰

It looks like I forgot to take a picture of how to cut the sleeves. I am SOOO sorry!! Fibro fog strikes again!!

It’s really easy to do. Just fold over your fabric for the sleeves and place the shirt part over it. Be sure to cut the angle of the sleeve in and a curve around the top part for the neck.



dinoroar tut 2 014


I found a picture of a dinosaur claw and printed it out to use as sort of a template for the applique.

Then I pinned the heck out of it! LOL Next, just zigzag all around the edges.



dinoroars tut 2 018


Weird… the olive green looks brown… EWWW!!!

Anyway, pin the sleeve to the shirt, right sides together and sew the one side.



dinoroar tut 3 004


Now attach the sleeves to the back of the shirt in the same way, right sides together.



dinoroar tut 3 009


Pin up the sides of the shirt all the way from the bottom to the end of the sleeve and sew it all up.



dinoroar tut 3 013


Now cut the neck! Β I cut the piece 5 ” wide and long enough to go around the neck with a little left over.

Fold the piece in half and press.



dinoroar tut 3 014


Pin the neck to the… ummm.. neck…. right sides together, and sew!

When you get the back, just pinch the ends and sew them together.




DinoROAR 4


I also hemmed the bottom of the shirt but no pics…. Just fold over by 1″ and sew!




dinoroar tut 3 017


I decided to make a pattern piece for the vest so that all the pieces would be exactly the same.

All I did was trace a shirt that was folded in half and then added in the curve at the bottom and deepened the neck.



dinoroar tut 3 021


You are going to have 6 pieces. 2 left sides, 1 main and 1 lining. 2 right sides, 1 main and 1 lining. 2 back pieces, 1 main and 1 lining.

Just follow the directions that I wrote on the pattern piece. πŸ˜‰



dinoroar tut 3 023


Pin the lining pieces to the main pieces, right sides together and sew them up, leaving the bottoms and the shoulders open.



dinoroar tut 3 028


Turn the pieces right side out and press.

Then pin the front pieces to the back, right sides together and sew up the sides and the shoulders.



dinoroar tut 3 030


Fold the bottom lining and bottom main in by about 1/2″ and press. Top stitch closed.



DinoROAR 2

You are ALLLLL DONE!!!

I thought about adding pockets, buttons and different things to the vest but in the end I liked it much better just the way it is. πŸ˜‰


I hope that this was easy to follow and I apologize for the pictures I forgot to take. Sometimes I just so deeply involved in what I am doing I forget to stop and document it! LOL


As always, if you have ANY questions AT ALL just click the Contact Me button at the top of the page and send me an email or just ask me in the comments section! πŸ˜€




DinoROAR Tutorial Part 1

DinoROAR 1


I decided to break this up into 2 posts since there is A LOT involved. Part 1 will be the shorts and Part 2 will the raglan tee and vest.

Now, there are a few things I would change about the shorts and I will be sure to tell you exactly what they are and help you avoid the same mistakes I did. πŸ˜‰


For the shorts I used –

About 1 yard of stretchy denim

Small pieces of dino print

Small pieces of blue cotton for lining

1″ elastic



DinoRoar Tut 002


These are the front parts of the shorts. The red circles show where I cut for the faux fly and the green circles show where I cut the pockets. Now, when I do this again I will be sure to cut the pockets bigger and lower!!! I think it would have looked MUCH better.

Now, I seem to have misplaced the pics of the back legs…. But you cut them normally, without the pockets and faux fly extension.



DinoRoar Tut 007


To cut the back parts of the pocket pieces, use the pocket cut out and make sure your pieces will be wider and much longer than the pocket cutout. πŸ˜‰



DinoRoar Tut 009


Now for the front part of the pocket. First, use the back of the pocket and cut the front part the exact same. Then take the piece of denim that you cut out to form the pocket on the shorts, place it over the front part of the pocket Β and cut that part out.



DinoRoar Tut 012


Take the front pocket piece and pin it to the right side of the shorts. Now, sew them together just at the part that is pinned.

Turn the pocket part in and press.



DinoRoars Tut 014


Pin the back part of the pocket to the front side and only sew the parts you see pinned.



DinoROAR tut 016

Pin the front of the pants leg to the back with right sides together. Sew up the seam.



DinoRoar tut 020


Cut your back pockets, turn in about 1/4″, press and then another 1/4″. Pin three sides to the back of the shorts and sew on!

I would also have made the back pockets a bit bigger and put them lower. πŸ˜‰



DinoRoar tut 023


Now, sew a finishing stitch across the bottoms of the legs, fold over about 2 1/2″ and press. DO NOT SEW YET!!!



DinoRoar tut 024


Pin up the inseam from the bottom of the leg to the start of the crotch curve. Β Sew the seam.



DinoRoar Tut 033


Fold the cuff half way on the outside of the legs and top stitch into place.



DinoRoar Tut 025


Turn one leg right side out and one leg inside out. Slide the right side out down into the inside out. Pin all the way around and sew them together, making sure to follow the curve of the faux fly.



DinoRoar Tut 029


Turn the shorts right side out and tuck the faux fly part in. Now, top stitch from the top and around the curve at the bottom.



DinoRoar Tut 2 002


Sew a finishing stitch across the top of the shorts. Fold and press over by 1 1/2″. Sew the elastic casing making sure to leave an opening to insert the elastic through.


DinoRoar Tut 2 003


Pin one end of the elastic and insert it through the casing.

Sew the ends of the elastic together using a zigzag stitch. Then sew the casing closed!



DinoROAR 3

You are all DONE!!!

Make sure to press every seam and every stitch that you sew! It helps to set them. πŸ˜‰


Be sure to come back tomorrow for the raglan tee and vest tutorials!! πŸ˜€


I hope you have found this helpful! If you have ANY questions AT ALL feel free to use the Contact Me button at the top of the page to shoot me an email!





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