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McCall’s 6467 and Upcoming Tutorials

I have been working on the McCall’s 6467 but I have hit a brick wall. I need more bias tape!! And I am so sunburned that I can’t even wear regular clothes so I can’t go to the store! Let’s just say that I have been celebrating No Bra Day for the past 3 days….LOL The seat belt is a real problem for me…. You see, I couldn’t quite stay out of the pool yesterday or today… I know, I know… Stupid move… But I LOVE the water!! And I wore a t-shirt and gobbed on the sunblock….. Yeah, it didn’t help much. I now have a blistered face and one hand. SIGH….. Will it keep me out of the water??? Probably not. LOL

Anyway, here is where I stand with the McCall’s 6467-

Dang, 3 yards of bias tape doesn’t go very far does it?? LOL I think it’s really helping the look of the blouse, though. The Hubby thought I was making a nightie…. LOL He says the bias tape makes look more like a blouse. 😉

Soooo, since I can’t work on the blouse I figured I would work on a couple of tutorials for y’all. 😉 Here are the fabrics that I put together. I have a plan for each set but I can’t figure out which one I want to do first!











And for Carol…..



Either way it goes, I hope to have a new tutorial up for you tomorrow!!! 🙂 In the mean time you can always check out my tutorials page or my Pinterest! There are tons of tutorials and free patterns and such on there!




McCall’s 6467 and Lobsters

Here’s the latest picture of the McCall’s 6467!



I just need to add the sleeves and figure out how to finish it off. I am all out of the lace hem tape so I am thinking about using some white bias tape instead. I think I have enough of it.

I have actually sewn a stitch today. All that was was done last night.


HERE is what I have been doing today! 😉






2 applications each of 50 SPF and we are ALL still as red as lobsters. SIGH… I knew I should have gotten the 100 SPF!! :/

We went out last night and bought the pool!! Then we called the water guy this morning to come out and deliver the water!! And then we spent 5 hours in the pool. LOL I am SOOOO tired and SOOOOOO red!!! LOL I think I could go to sleep now and not wake up for a week!!

Anything exciting going on in your world?? Any cool new sewing projects??


Silky Stuff and Bobbins Make Me CRAZY!!!

Well… SNOT! This silky fabric is making me a crazy person. I have ripped out the hem on the flounce 3 times!!! I replaced the whole flounce once already… SIGH… I think most of this is due to my bobbin thread going nuts. I have cleaned the little compartment out and changed bobbins but it’s still making the bottom stitches too loose. Anyone have any advice???

Here is what I have so far on the McCall’s 6467



SIGH… I have ironed and ironed and ironed and still can’t get the dang wrinkles out. :/


I think I am just going to cover the flounce hem with some lace hem tape and be done with it before I cause it bodily harm.

I am going to have to make a shell to go under it. It is SOOO thin! Luckily I still have enough of the fabric left (I think….).

SIGH…. Maybe it will look better once I get it all done….. You think???


On a GOOD note The Hubby bought me Wicked Business (Lizzy and Diesel, Bk 2) by Janet Evanovich today!!! WOOO HOOO!!!! Gotta love Carl the Monkey! 😉 I can’t wait to read it!


SQUEE!!! Look What I Bought!!

And another SQUEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! SOOOOOO excited!! I went to the sale at Hancock’s (of course) and look at what I bought!!!

Simplicity 1777
Vintage Vogue 8812
Vintage Vogue 1171
SQUEEEE!!!!! Aren’t they DIVINE??? Aren’t they AWESOME??? Hee hee hee!! I think I’m drunk on patterns…. Is that possible???
I also picked up some fabric, naturally. The remnants were $1 today only!! I got 4 yards of pink silk type stuff for $2!!! OMGOSH!!! Definitely going to use that for this
McCall’s 6467
to go with this
I got some great Tutti Frutti to make c1 a sundress. Oh!! And I got some blue knit to make this
McCall’s Fashion Star 6553
*Giggling like a crazy person*
Yep… Definitely drunk on patterns. 😉
Have a great 4th of July!  We are cooking out today!! YAY!! Time for The Hubby’s famous steaks! And let’s face it, any time that *I* don’t have to cook is AWESOME! 😉

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