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Norman Rockwell



Norman Rockwell’s birthday is February 3rd so I thought I would see what kind of resources I could put together for a little art study. Little is the right word because there really isn’t a whole lot out there! If I had more time I would have made some notebooking pages…. Maybe later. 😉


As always, I try to include resources for a variety of ages. All books can be found at your local library, on Amazon or Paperback Swap (you should really check out this link).

All printable resources are free unless marked with $$$.


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Product Details


Product Details


Product Details


Product Details


Product Details


Product Details


Product Details


Product Details


Product Details



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Product Details


Product Details




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Coloring Pages – eDogs

Coloring Pages – Super Coloring

Printable Activities – Teacher Vision (you get 5 free)



Teachers Pay Teachers  (some freebies)



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Activity –

Activity – Teach Mama

Info and Video –

Lesson Plan – Education World

Online Activities – Garden of Praise

Teacher Resources –



So, there’s not a lot out there at all. SIGH…… But maybe these few will give you some ideas.










Comments on: "Norman Rockwell Art Study Resources" (4)

  1. Eileen B. said:

    There may not be a lot, but what you did find is great! I never would have thought of doing a unit study on Normal Rockwell.

  2. mary cammack said:

    Stacy, I am a new follower and you have given me so much direction and materials with which to work.. I hope someday to be able to provide others with materials as you have done for me. I am homeschooling 2 little girls who have been abused and neglected and it is so great to show them that beauty does come from ashes. They have tremendous emotional and behavioral issues which takes up so much of my time and attention, I have little time to research these special days as Norman Rockwell”s birthday. .God bless you and prosper you and your family.

    • God bless and keep you, Mary!!! May He bless those 2 beautiful children!!
      I am more than happy to be helpful! This is exactly why I do what I do.
      I don’t have a large following but as long as I can help at least one person out there I will keep it up! 😀

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