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Oil Pastel Stained Glass Windows

Oil Pastel Collage



The other day I went into Big Lots looking for pillows. Cailey had complained that hers was too flat. While I was browsing through the store my eyes landed on a set of oil pastels for $4!! YIPPEE!!!! I had to grab them!! Cailey and Colin had never worked with them before!

So, I get home and I am thinking about art projects for history this week. We are still studying the Middle Ages. Then it hit me! Cathedrals! Stained Glass! Oil Pastels!! PERFECT!!!

Yesterday I Googled medieval cathedrals and let the Cs look through the beautiful pictures. Then we read about how they were made.

After that I showed them how to use the pastels and set them free to work on their “windows”.



Oil Pastel 004


Cailey created a beautiful butterfly window. She had such fun with this. She is such an artsy girl anyway.  She could spend hours drawing.


Oil Pastel 002


Colin’s is a knight! I had to correct The Hubby very quickly…. He was calling it a monster. GASP!! Couldn’t let Colin hear that!! 😉

Colin is 6, and as many little guys, he has a very short attention span. He has no patience for projects that take too long, no matter how much he enjoys them! LOL  I always try to encourage him to finish the projects, but I don’t push.





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